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Radford University Dietetic Internship Kate Hunter 2003-2004.

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1 Radford University Dietetic Internship Kate Hunter 2003-2004

2 Contents Personal Information Food Service Rotation Community Rotation Clinical Rotation Interest Blocks RU Clinics Clinical Upskills Professional Activities Leadership Projects Internship Projects 2003-2004 Internship Class

3 Personal Information Hometown –Powhatan, VA Undergraduate Education –Virginia Tech –B.S. Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise

4 Mission Statement “I strive to be a knowledgeable, compassionate, and dependable dietitian committed to lifelong learning. I desire to be encouraging and supportive and provide excellent care in all circumstances.”

5 Food Service Rotation Lynchburg General Hospital Virginia Baptist Hospital 8/25/03 - 9/25/03Preceptor: –Flossie Bailey

6 Food Service Activities Menu Modification Created Employee Interview Questions Cafeteria Survey for Quality Improvement “Kick-off to Fall” themed meal Walk through Inspections Mock JCAHO Inspections 2004 Budget Creation Attended departmental meetings Safety and Sanitation In-Service Created HAACP Temperature Logs Nutritional Supplement Tasting Employee Scheduling Supervised Delivery and Storage of Purchases

7 Employee Ice Cream Special Nutritional Supplement Tasting

8 Community Rotation Lynchburg Health Department WIC Clinic WIC Clinic 9/29/03 – 12/3/03 9/29/03 – 12/3/03Preceptor: –Ann Holland, M.S. Senior Nutritionist Senior Nutritionist

9 Community Activities Nutrition Counseling with WIC Clients Breastfeeding Promotion Task Group Nutrition Education –Family Meal Times –Kids Dental Health “WIC Helps” Bulletin Board Suggestion Boxes “Healthy Eating” Bulletin Board WIC Promotion to Local Lamaze Classes Waivered Point of Care Lab Work –Ht/Wt –Hemocue –Lead Restaurant Inspection Living a Healthy Life Presentation

10 Nutrition Counseling with WIC Clients Annual Holiday Party “WIC Helps” Bulletin Board

11 Clinical Rotation Lynchburg General Hospital Virginia Baptist Hospital 1/12/04 – 5/12/04Preceptor: –Ida Proco, R.D., M.Ed.

12 Clinical Activities Medical ICU Surgical ICU Neurological ICU Cardiac Care Unit Cardiovascular Recovery Unit Rehab Skilled Care PulmonarySurgical Diabetic / Renal OrthopedicOncology Med / Surg Adult Psych Child Psych Nutritional Assessment and Follow Up for patients on all units including:

13 Clinical Activities Outpatient Counseling Inpatient Counseling Diet Education Nutrition Support In-Service on Acid- Base Disorders Case Studies Enteral Formula Comparison and Cost Analysis Women’s Health Presentation Carbohydrate Fact Sheet Wound Care and Hyperbaric Chamber Attended Eating Disorder and TPN In- Service Girl Scouts Community Outreach

14 Clinical Activities Diet Education on following diets: –Cardiac –Diabetic –Renal –Hemodialysis –Weight Loss –Low Sodium –Gestational Diabetes –COPD

15 Interest Blocks Diabetes Care Center Chippenham- Johnston Willis Hosptial Chippenham- Johnston Willis Hosptial Richmond, VA Gambro Dialysis Center Richmond, VA Richmond, VA

16 RU Clinics Nutrition Counseling –Nutrition Assessment –Medical Nutrition Therapy Community Health Fairs and the Mobile Unit –Craig County Health Fair –Grayson County Health Fair –Radford Employee Health Fair –Education Materials

17 Clinical Upskills Blood Glucose & Cholesterol Monitoring Indirect Calorimetry Nasoenteric Tube Placement Physical Assessment

18 Professional Activities Journal Article Reviews Southwest Virginia Dietetic Association Meeting “The Glucose Connection” Virginia Dietetic Association Annual Meeting and Poster Session

19 Leadership Projects Public Service Announcements –Presented at the VDA Conference Poster Session –Sent to local and regional radio stations in Southwest VA Nutrition Counts for Living a Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition Counts for Living a Healthy Lifestyle -What is a Dietitian - Weight Loss -Good vs. Bad - Don’t Exclude -Buyer’s Beware - Importance of Exercise

20 Leadership Projects Weight Control Clinic –Radford Staff and Employees –Brief Presentations on Healthy Eating –One on One Counseling

21 Internship Projects “The Leftover Nightmare” Food Safety Video –For Introduction to Nutrition Classes

22 Dietetic Internship Class 2003-2004 Ellie Davis, Kate Hunter Monica Dickenson, Allison Hawley

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