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© Copyright 2007 – Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy - Entrepreneurship education in a EU- perspective Christian Vintergaard,

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1 © Copyright 2007 – Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy - Entrepreneurship education in a EU- perspective Christian Vintergaard, PhD

2 © Copyright 2007 – Good and bad in entrepreneurship education

3 © Copyright 2007 – Good Entrepreneurship education is a global phenomenon and is continuing to grow –Growth in provision; activity; engagement –Growth in demand by students and the business community The universities and waking up from their beauty sleep Governments and European Commission are starting to speak the language We know that entrepreneurship education is the key driver for national and regional development, but did you know that only that less than 5% of young people in Europe have access to entrepreneurship education in school?

4 © Copyright 2007 – Bad Students believe that higher education will not contribute to achieving their aspirations - teaching does not reflect business Narrow use of pedagogies; lack of curriculum which include: –Theory and practice –Cross disciplinarily Lack of entrepreneurial experience from educators Focus on teaching/content rather than learning processes Too little government support!! Growth in demand from high tech, humanities and social science subject areas, but only few that can teach the subjects Entrepreneurship is often marginalized and fragile at universities –Individual universities have difficulties in carrying out the task alone

5 © Copyright 2007 – One Region has started to take action

6 © Copyright 2007 – A history of war and peace Denmark lost Skåne to Sweden in 1676

7 © Copyright 2007 – The Øresund Bridge July 1, 2000

8 © Copyright 2007 –

9 Denmark2.4 million Sweden1.2 million Total3.6 million East Denmark + South Sweden

10 © Copyright 2007 – Profile of Øresund Knowledge based industry Highly educated population Well developed infrastructure High quality of life Good foundation for entrepreneurship activities

11 © Copyright 2007 – Knowledge based industry Ranked 7th among EU regions in the fields of high- tech manufacturing and knowledge intensive services Scandinavia’s largest clusters in the fields of ICT, Life Science and foods Innovations such as the Bluetooth technology, ultrasound scanning and dialysis.

12 © Copyright 2007 – Highly educated population 12 universities with 150,000 students 6,500 PhD students 14,000 researchers 85 % of the population speaks English

13 © Copyright 2007 – Well developed infrastructure Gateway to the Baltic Market Well developed intermodal infrastructure with little congestions Copenhagen International Airport – Northern Europe's largest airport

14 © Copyright 2007 – High quality of life 60 theatres and 130 art galleries Northern Europe’s largest music festival – The Roskilde Festival 6 symphony orchestras 90 golf courses 10 restaurants in the Michelin Guide Two well-developed welfare systems Free education

15 © Copyright 2007 –

16 An competence center (in entrepreneurship education) and fund for the 12 member universities in the Øresund region. Physical presents in Copenhagen and Lund Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy will unite and develop strong competencies and best practices in entrepreneurship education for the universities in the region. –Unite and develop new entrepreneurship courses –Close collaboration with regional and international business and other innovative organizations The Øresund regions large potential is in: –Start-up companies –Corporate entrepreneurship (and spinn-offs) The academy will also help to fulfill regional and national goals: to be among the leading growing regions of the world About Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy

17 © Copyright 2007 – Vision All university students in the Øresund region are offered entrepreneurship courses that fit their wants and needs. –Broad coordinated offering –Intensive marketing of the offerings Mission The Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy will support the development of entrepreneurship courses and market the offerings broadly. Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy will be an well respected international academy for entrepreneurship education. Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy contributes to regional and international growth by increasing the number of students who create their own firms and who increase the level of innovation in established.

18 © Copyright 2007 – The “Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy Education Matrix” Intrapreneurshi p Entrepreneurshi p Financing La w Practic e Interactiv e Multi- disciplinar y Internation al Idea Beginnin g Growth Running Entrepreneurship Content Entrepreneurship Pedagogies Project Maturity Business- plans Seed Capital Creativity In large firms Creativity Spin-offs IPR Private equity International operations Business- planning Pre-seed Capital Many different pedagogies for teaching the subjects

19 © Copyright 2007 – News and events Search for entrepre- neurship courses

20 © Copyright 2007 –

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