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Planning For A Successful Future With Help From McDowell Technical Community College.

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1 Planning For A Successful Future With Help From McDowell Technical Community College

2  For unemployed individuals who need to train for a new job or career.  For employed workers who want to upgrade their skills to keep pace with technology or changes in the workplace.  For employed workers who want to advance within their chosen profession.  For individuals who want to change careers for personal or professional reasons.

3 Degree HeldAverage Annual Salary 2007 Doctorate Professional Degree Masters Bachelors Associate Some College High School Diploma Less Than High School Diploma $ 95,565 $ 120,978 $ 70,186 $ 57,181 $ 39,746 $ 33,009 $ 31,286 $ 21,484 Source:

4 Educational Costs Vary While there are many fine private and state-supported educational institutions offering degree programs in North Carolina, not all are affordable to the average McDowell County resident. McDowell Technical Community College offers an affordable solution for those seeking the first two years of undergraduate education or a terminal degree at the associate, diploma or certificate level.

5 Consider These Differences in Tuition College Duke University Wake Forest University UNC Chapel Hill Western Carolina University Appalachian State University Mars Hill College Montreat University UNC Asheville UNC Charlotte McDowell Technical Community College 2010 Tuition (Annual, Full-time)* $ 40,575 $ 39,544 $ 6,487 $ 5,001 $ 5,174 $ 21,997 $ 21,812 $ 4,678 $ 5,064 $ 1,808 *State-supported colleges and universities: NC Resident Rate. Private college: no difference for in-state and out-of-state students.

6 McDowell Tech offers a variety of associate, diploma and certificate programs to meet individual needs and personal interests. Photos by John Rountree, except as noted. Above photo by John McHone.

7 Accounting and Related Students prepare for careers in business and finance offices with specialties in areas such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bookkeeping, General Ledger, Payroll Accounting, Income Tax Preparation and related subspecialties.

8 Advertising and Graphic Design Students develop artistic skill and technical knowledge in graphic design and learn the concepts of advertising. Photo by Michael Lavender

9 Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Preparation for careers in air conditioning, heating and refrigeration begins with technical knowledge and instruction, but quickly progresses to hands-on fieldwork.

10 Automotive Systems Technology Students receive comprehensive training in all aspects of automotive repair.

11 Basic Law Enforcement Training Students prepare for a variety of law enforcement positions with municipal, county and state agencies. Photo by Matt Dymond

12 Biotechnology McDowell Tech has partnered with AB Tech to provide training in the expanding field of biotechnology. Students complete a portion of their degree at McDowell Technical Community College before finishing their degree at AB Tech.

13 Carpentry Students in carpentry learn a variety of techniques in residential construction, cabinetry and general carpentry.

14 Business Administration Office Administration McDowell Tech offers students broad training in general business administration, as well as specialized training in Marketing and Retailing, and Operations Management. In addition, students can prepare for careers in Office Administration within a variety of small and large businesses.

15 College Transfer General Education Students who want to complete a four-year degree in a variety of fields may complete an associate degree in General Education or College Transfer at McDowell Technical Community College. Our graduates routinely do as well during their junior and senior years of college as students who attended all four years at the same institution. Our students succeed, in part, because of the individual instruction and smaller class sizes at MTCC. Credits for all classes designated as college transfer classes will be accepted at all state-supported colleges in North Carolina, as well as most private colleges and universities.

16 Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology Students learn the latest techniques for repairing and refinishing automobile bodies.

17 Computer Information Technology Networking Technology Web Technology Students with an interest in computer- related technologies may choose from three academic paths at MTCC: Computer Information Technology, Networking Technology (designing, building and maintaining reliable systems for computers to communicate with each other), and Web Technology.

18 Cosmetology and Cosmetology Instructor Students learn principles and techniques associated with cutting, styling, perming and coloring hair. Additional instruction is provided in skin and nail care, and related cosmetic arts.

19 Cosmetology- Manicuring/Nail Technology Cosmetology- Esthetics Technology Two areas within the broad study of Cosmetology have specialized degree programs at McDowell Tech. Students may take the Manicuring/Nail Technology program or the Esthetics Technology degree, which is concerned with skin care and treatment.

20 Dialysis Technology This career path prepares students for employment in kidney dialysis centers and related medical facilities.

21 Early Childhood Education Early Childhood-Special Education School-Age Education Infant-Toddler Care There are four academic programs at McDowell Tech which may lead to employment in a variety of Early Childhood, School and Special Education settings. Students may choose one path or take additional classes for degrees in more than one area. One of the major goals of all four programs is to prepare children to be successful in their first few years of school.

22 Electrical/Electronics Technology Students train for electrical careers in residential, and business and industrial settings. Graduates are also prepared to work in facilities specializing in electronics manufacturing, repair and design.

23 Health Information Technology Health Informatics Medical Coding Students may choose to study the broad area of Health Information Technology, which deals with management of health information, such as medical records and billing information, or they may specialize in Health Informatics or Medical Coding. Health Informatics is a branch of Health Information Technology dealing with computerized storage, sharing analysis and exchange of health information. Medical coders transform disease and treatment information into numeric or alphanumeric codes for healthcare providers. Doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies rely on computer records to better serve their patients and clients. Properly coded health information is critical to receiving proper care and timely payments for medical professionals.

24 Industrial Systems Technology The Industrial Systems Technology curriculum is designed to prepare or up-grade individuals to safely service, maintain, repair, or install equipment. Instruction includes theory and skill training needed for inspecting, testing, troubleshooting, and diagnosing industrial systems.

25 Machining Technology Machining students train on both traditional machining equipment, as well as computer numeric controlled (CNC) machines.

26 Nursing-Associate Degree Nursing-Practical Nursing Education (LPN) Nursing Assistant McDowell Tech offers three levels of Nursing training. The Associate Degree Nursing (AND) program prepares students to become Registered Nurses. The Practical Nursing Education Program leads to work as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN). Nursing Assistant students may become Nurse’s Aide I or Nurse’s Aide II, depending on the level of training.

27 Physical Therapy Assistant MTCC partners with a neighboring community college to offer a physical therapy assistant program, with basic education classes taken at MTCC and specialized training taking place in a neighboring county.

28 Photographic Technology Students learn both the art, craft and science of photographic technology, using both film and digital technology. Primary emphasis has shifted to digital technology and photographic printing.

29 Surgical Technology Students are trained in a consortium with two other local community colleges for careers in the operating room assisting physicians and surgeons.

30 Welding Technology Even in tough economic times there is a demand for welders. McDowell Technical Community College offers complete training in the various types of welding, including TIG and MIG.

31  Whatever path you want to pursue, McDowell Technical Community College is ready to help.  Stop by Student Services to talk with a counselor or set up an appointment to see an advisor.  More detailed information about degree programs can be found in the MTCC online catalog at 2011catalog.pdf 2011catalog.pdf

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