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Build in the Cloud Dr. Brand Niemann Director and Senior Data Scientist Semantic Community March 7, 2011 (Update with,

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1 Build in the Cloud Dr. Brand Niemann Director and Senior Data Scientist Semantic Community March 7, 2011 (Update with, March 11, 2011) 1

2 Preface This is a “clickable” prototype – actually a fully functional application that will be finished for the April 27 th Go Viral to Improve Health Challenge. Narrative description of how the app should work – the app puts data within three “clicks”: see the data, search the data, and download the data (see Spotfire Web Player Tutorial). Next steps for a fully developed product – more team members and databases have been added and this is being linked to Value Added Services for VIVO (see Section 6). 2

3 Overview 1. The Challenge 2. The Cloud Tools 3. The Team 4. The Process 5. The Results 6. The Next Steps 3

4 1. The Challenge An app that will maximize stakeholders’ ability to improve the health of those they serve with a personalized application of that draws from multiple health data sets. For example, a challenge might highlight a specific health care problem and ask for new ways to solve it. Or you might offer a data set and ask developers to show the most interesting use of it. 4

5 1. The Challenge 1. Start a Developer Challenge blog! – This Wiki. See And build-healthypeople-gov-in-the-cloud build-healthypeople-gov-in-the-cloud 2. Customize your blog – Yes, this Wiki. 3. Send us a logo – Done. 4. Recruit team members – Done. 5

6 2. The Cloud Tools I found out about the Healthy People 2020 Challenge on March 4 th and the March 7 th due date so I had to use my “cloud tools” and build on previous work. I use two “cloud tools”: – The MindTouch OnDemand Technical Communication Suite Hosted in the Amazon Cloud. – The TIBCO Spotfire Professional, Metrics, and Network Analytics Software Hosted in the Cloud. 6

7 2. The Cloud Tools 7 With the power of MindTouch DReAM, MindTouch products excel at loading, transforming and re-mixing data from web services, databases and enterprise applications.MindTouch DReAM

8 2. The Cloud Tools 8

9 2. The Cloud Tools 9

10 2. The Cloud Tools 10

11 2. The Cloud Tools TIBCO Spotfire US States 11

12 2. The Cloud Tools TIBCO Spotfire US Counties 12

13 3. The Team How BI and Data Analytics Professionals Used Twitter in February: – Brand Niemann, a retired (Note: I am not retired but still working hard every day) senior enterprise architect at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency made our Twitter list for his cool visualizations on government data. Here’s one visualization on the number of Tweets mentioning the International Open Government Data Conference. Niemann partners with Mills Davis, another data scientist to extract, transform, and load a number of EPA and federal databases to produce more transparent, open and collaborative business analytics applications. Brand NiemannvisualizationMills Davisbusiness analytics 13

14 4. The Process Surveyed the entire web site for databases that I could build on and integrate with. – Found: spx spx – Specifically: – Added column with link to topic: – Then build a database of the state plans: s.aspx and the goals and objectives they have selected s.aspx – And a databases of the Healthy People Coordinator in your State or Territory: rs.aspx rs.aspx – And then import them into Spotfire and link and visualize them. NOTE: There are a lot more steps than I wrote down here! 14

15 5. The Results 15 Turn all of this into the next slide.

16 5. The Results 16

17 5. The Results 17 In addition, turn these three additional web sites into the next slide for this and Other challenges!

18 5. The Results 18

19 5. The Results 19

20 5. The Results 20

21 5. The Results 21 PC Desktop Spotfire

22 5. The Results 22 Spotfire Web PlayerWeb Player

23 6. The Next Steps Add Team Members and Databases: – Jaz-Michael King, iPRO Senior Director: – Dan Wendling, Systems Librarian at National Library of Medicine: ir.htm?print=yes& ir.htm?print=yes& Value Added Services for VIVO: – – NIH_Workshop_on_Value_Added_Services_for_VIVO NIH_Workshop_on_Value_Added_Services_for_VIVO 23

24 Pellucid – Health Care Transparency 24

25 Pellucid – Health Care Transparency 25

26 Pellucid – Health Care Transparency 26

27 Pellucid – Health Care Transparency 27

28 Pellucid – Health Care Transparency 28

29 Pellucid – Health Care Transparency 29

30 Pellucid – Health Care Transparency 30 Result for Export to CSV

31 Pellucid – Health Care Transparency 31

32 Pellucid – Health Care Transparency 32 PC Desktop Spotfire

33 Welcome to Data.Medicare.Gov! – Data.Medicare.Gov has been created to allow users to access data in an interactive format. Within each dataset, a user can sort and filter with multiple criteria and share the information using various web sources. Primarily used by health policy researchers and the media, this site is not intended to be used as a search tool. – This site should not be used as a means of obtaining an official Medicare Number, and is not intended for the exchange of Personal Health Information (PHI) such as your Medicare Number. – To help you get started with Data.Medicare.Gov, here are some helpful browse links: Hospital Compare Dialysis Facilities Home Health Agencies Helpful Contacts Nursing Home Medical Equipment Suppliers 33

34 34

35 35

36 36 PC Desktop Spotfire Inventoried the Datasets at (see table to right) and used it to pick one of interest (see table below) and did a plot of several variables. Average Percent of Patients by State Who Reported YES, They Would Recommend the Hospital. Filter by Hospital Name, City, State, etc. and see results in tables. Mouse – Over for Details.

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