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Diabetes Mellitis inadequate secretion of insulin

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1 Diabetes Mellitis inadequate secretion of insulin without insulin, blood glucose levels are extremely high, and excess glucose remains in the nephron.

2 The high osmotic gradient prevents water re-absorption and increases urine production.
Sugar is found in the urine

3 Diabetes Insipidus lack of ADH production
urine output increases up to 20L/day no sugar in urine

4 Nephritis inflammation of the nephrons
Protein in the urine is a common symptom The osmotic gradient also causes an increase in urine production. Nephritis can lead to irreversible kidney damage and eventual kidney failure.

5 Dialysis Hemodialysis
Artificial kidney machine connects to a vein and pumps blood through semipermeable tubes submerged in a solution to remove waste

6 Dialysis Peritoneal dialysis-a catheter is inserted through abdominal lining. Fluid is injected to collect waste and is drained


8 Kidney Stones Crystallized oxalic acid and/or calcium and/or phosphate

9 Kidney Stones Treatment: Surgical removal Drugs to dissolve
Lithotripsy-shock waves

10 Kidney Transplant In 2002 there were 48 transplants done in Edmonton.

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