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CFE’s Faculty Showcase Let’s Hear from the Entire Class

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1 CFE’s Faculty Showcase Let’s Hear from the Entire Class
11/2/12 CFE’s Faculty Showcase Let’s Hear from the Entire Class David Smith Physics and Astronomy Rita Balaban Economics Adam Persky Eshelman School of Pharmacy

2 Clicker Question 1 Which of the following best describes your experience with classroom response systems (clickers)? A: I use clickers extensively in my courses. B: I use clickers sparingly in my courses. C: I am familiar with clickers but have not yet used them in my courses. D: I’m completely new to clickers and their use in the classroom. 11/2/12

3 Introduction My experience with clickers
Effective use of clickers in the classroom Administrative overheads 11/2/12

4 Experience First experience in graduate school (Ireland ~ 2008) but no personal experience. Extensive use during my postdoc at the University of Washington Use was motivated by recent physics education research, in addition to personal preference. 11/2/12

5 Physics Education Research
“Interactive-engagement versus traditional methods: A six-thousand student survey of mechanics test data for introductory physics courses,” R.R. Hake, Am. J. Phys. 66, (1998). Significant findings included that courses that used interactive-engagement methods had much larger gains that courses using traditional methods 11/2/12

6 Physics Education Research
Understanding How Physics Faculty Use Peer Instruction,  C. Turpen and N. Finkelstein, PERC Proceedings, Peer Instruction: A User's Manual,  E. Mazur; Publisher: Prentice Hall - Book Designing effective questions for classroom response system teaching,  I. Beatty, W. Gerace, W. Leonard, and R. Dufresne, Am. J. Phys., 74 (1), (2006). 11/2/12

7 Clicker Question Example
Two gliders, A and B, collide on a level, frictionless track, as shown below. The mass of glider A is less than that of glider B (i.e., mA < mB). The final speed of glider A is greater than that of glider B (i.e., vAf > vBf). Is the magnitude of the final momentum of glider A, |pAf|, greater than, less than, or equal to that of glider B, |pBf|? A: Greater than B: Less than C: Equal to D: Not sure 11/2/12

8 Clicker Question 3 11/2/12

9 Clicker Question 3 11/2/12

10 Effective Use Clicker questions should ideally foster discussion, and challenge student ideas. Effective questions often address conceptual difficulties. Other questions can be useful in judging the effectiveness of the lecture, by gauging the level at which students understand the material. 11/2/12

11 Administrative Considerations
Should I award course credit for clicker responses? If yes, how much? Should I award credit for correct responses? Shared responsibility between instructor and student. 11/2/12

12 Let’s Hear from the Entire Class!
Rita A Balaban Senior Lecturer Department of Economics










22 Audience Response System
Turning Point, Turning Technologies

23 History of VTC at UNC Elizabeth City State University (circa 2005)
Historically underserved part of the state Asheville (circa 2011) Class size upon admission 10 to 15 students (ECSU) 142 students (CH) 25-30 students (Asheville)


25 Primary Uses Knowledge checks (Beginning, Middle, End)
More Common Knowledge checks (Beginning, Middle, End) Conversation starters Attention Maintainers Team-Based Learning Student presentations Grade Quizzes Less Common

26 Conditional Branching
How do you want to treat the patient? Stop Meds Do Nothing Hemodialysis Meds are stopped, now what? Pt is hypotensive, now what? Get BP up Hemodialysis Patient Dies Do Nothing Pt BP is normal but refuses dialysis, now what? Patient Dies

27 Class response system support
CFE’s Poll Everywhere accounts Developing activities for class response systems Center for Faculty Excellence Contact: Bob Henshaw

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