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1 Bringing healthcare to those most in need! Pakistan Kidney Center (PKC) Abbottabad, Pakistan Pakistan Welfare Society Trust

2 Kidney Diseases in Pakistan Number of deaths due to Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKDs) globally: 1,000,000 No of patients with kidney-related diseases in Pakistan: 10 million No National Health System Lack of Dialysis Facilities Lack of Awareness about CKD Poor Screening at BHU No Evaluation for Kidney Transplant

3 Cost of Dialysis in a Poverty Stricken Society Weekly Cost of Dialysis: PKR 10,000 to 15,000 (SAR 360 to 530) Monthly Cost of Dialysis: PKR 45,000 to 65,000 (SAR 1600 to 2300) Annual Cost of Dialysis: PKR 560,000 to 780,000 (SAR 20,000 to 28000) Population

4 Pakistan Kidney Centre (PKC) Site Location

5 Inauguration Ceremony of PKC Foundation laid by Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan On December 02, 2012

6 Key Operational Dates of PKC Fully Functional: June 2015 Out Patient Dept. (OPD): March 2015 Mobile Field Hospital: April 2015

7 Key Facilities at PKC State-of-the-art medical facilities Out Patient Dept. (GPs and Specialists) Dialysis Mobile Field Hospital

8 Expected Patients Per Day Target Population: 10 millionWalk-in patients in OPD: 90Patients for Dialysis: 60Total: 150 per day or 4,500 per month

9 Estimated Cost of Dialysis No. of Dialysis Machines: 20 Expected Dialysis Sessions: 60 per day / 1,800 per month / 22,000 per year Cost of Dialysis / Year: 22,000 x 1,500 = PK 33Million / SAR 1.22 Million

10 Summary of Expenditure (per month) Dialysis: PKR 2.75 Mil. / SAR 102,000Medical / General Staff: PKR 0.85 Mil. / SAR 31,000 Overhead (lab, medicine, etc): PKR 0.3 Mil / SAR 11,000 Utilities (electricity, water, etc): PKR 0.26 Mil. / SAR 10,000 Total Expenditure (per month): PKR 4.16 Mil. / SAR 154,000Total Expenditure (per year): PKR 50 Mil. / SAR 1.90 Million

11 Operational Cost Model 30% operational cost met by paying patients 50% operational cost raised through fundraising 20% operational cost raised through Waqf Investment

12 Project Cost (PKR 200 Mil/ SAR 7.5 Mil / $ 2.0 Mil) Construction PKR 70 Mil / SAR 2.6 Mil / $ 0.70 Mil Operation (1 st Year) PKR 50 Mil / SAR 1.90 Mil / $ 0.50 Mil Medical Equipment PKR 80 Mil / SAR 3.0 Mil / $ 0.80 Mil *Estimates land value is PKR 10 mil / SAR 370,000

13 Medical Equipment Cost (PKR 80 Mil / SAR 3.0 mil /$ 0.8 Mil) 1 Mobile Field Hospital: PKR 5.0 Mil / SAR Mil 2 Ambulance: PKR 2.0 Mil / SAR 74,000 X-ray plant: PKR 1.0 Mil / SAR 37,000 Laboratory: PKR 8.0 Mil / SAR 0.30 Mil Ultrasound: PKR 5.0 Mil / SAR Mil Lithotripsy: PKR 15.0 Mil / SAR 0.55 Mil Haemodialysis machines (20 x 1.5Mil): PKR 30.0 Mil / SAR 1.11 Mil Miscellaneous: PKR 10.5 Mil / SAR 0.40 Mil Pharmacy: PKR 3.50 Mil / SAR 0.13 Mil

14 Construction Expenditure Foundation & Super Structure by March 2014: – PKR 35 Mil / SAR 1.3 Mil / $ 0.35 Mil Est. to Complete Construction by Dec 2014: – PKR 35 Mil / SAR 1.3 Mil / $ 0.35 Mil

15 Commitments and Pledges 5 Dialysis Machines Establishment of the Laboratory Annual Fundraising Dinner (2012)Annual Fundraising Dinner (2013)

16 PKC Recent picture June 2014

17 Audit Report Year 2013

18 Board of Management Dr. Khalil ur Rehman, King Faisal Sp. Hospital, Jeddah, KSA Dr. Faisal Shaheen, Director, SCOT, KSA Dr. Farooq Rashid Ahmed Farooqi, Jeddah, KSA Engr. Khalid Mehmood Zia, Jeddah, KSA Engr. Mohammad Mansha, Jeddah, KSA Mr. Sharif Zaman, Jeddah, KSA Mr. Anwar Anjum, Printopack, Jeddah, KSA Dr. Shams ur Rehman Toor, Islamic Dev. Bank, Jeddah, KSA Mr. Malik Saleem Advocate High Court, Islamabad, Pak Mr. Ayyaz Gul Kiani, CEO, DevNet, Islamabad, Pak Dr. Anas Khalil, Services Hospital, Lahore, Pak Dr. Naqi Idrees, King Faisal Sp. Hospital, Jeddah, KSA

19 Patronage from the Pakistan Consulate, Jeddah, KSA

20 PWS Approved as Non-Profit Org. by the Govt. of Pakistan

21 Project Sustainability Plans to develop a Waqf for the PKC running Expenditures Option 1 Build a Waqf in Pakistan Option 2 Purchase an existing Building as Waqf in Pakistan Option 3 Build / Purchase an existing building as Waqf in KSA / UK / US Financing from an Islamic Bank / Waqf Investment Fund Waqf Project for Pakistan Kidney Centre Initial Capital Contribution to the Waqf

22 Call for Support Bank Account Bank Name: Allied Bank of PakistanAccount Title: Pakistan Welfare Society TrustAccount No: Swift Code: ABPAPKKAISL Bank Address: G-10 Markaz Branch (0750), Islamabad, Pakistan

23 Special Ramzan Plea

24 Lorem Ipsum Street 122 State, Country Phone Website Facebook Twitter (KSA) (PK) Contact Page Address Pakistan Kidney Center Shahrah Resham, Abbottabad, Pakistan. Pakistan Kidney Center (PKC) First Charitable Project Of Pakistan Welfare Society

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