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PERITONITIS PREVENTION Baxter. Germ Warfare!!! 1.2 Continuing Education Units.

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2 Germ Warfare!!! 1.2 Continuing Education Units

3 YOU are the first line of defense in preventing infections!!

4 What is a GERM? Germ, 1. any microorganism, especially one that causes disease. Excerpted from Mosby's Medical Encyclopedia (c) 1997 Mosby's Medical Encyclopedia (c) 1997

5 Ü The end of your transfer set Ü Around catheter exit site Ü The connection between the tubing and the bag of dialysate 3 Areas where germs are more likely to enter the peritoneum

6 What is Aseptic Technique? aseptic technique, 1. any health-care procedure in which added precautions are used to prevent contamination of a person, object, or area. Mosby's Medical Encyclopedia (c) 1997

7 What is Infection? infection, 1. the invasion of the body by germs that reproduce and multiply, causing disease by local cell injury, release of poisons, or germ-antibody reaction in the cells. 2. a disease caused by the invasion of the body by germs. Mosby's Medical Encyclopedia (c) 1997

8 Germs live on skin, especially between fingers and under nails

9 You won’t be able to see these germs

10 Good handwashing can prevent infections

11 The Problem with One Germ is that it becomes A LOT of germs!!

12 A single germ can turn into over a million in just 5 hours!! In 15 minutes 1 germ divides into 2 In 30 minutes 2 germs divide into 4 In 45 minutes 4 germs divide into 8 In 60 minutes 8 germs divide into 16 In 75 minutes 16 germs divide into 32 In 90 minutes 32 germs divide into 64 In 105 minutes 64 germs divide into 128 In 120 minutes 128 germs divide into 256 In 135 minutes 256 germs divide into 512 In 150 minutes 512 germs divide into 1024 In 165 minutes 1024 germs divide into 2048 In 180 minutes 2048 germs divide into 4096 In 195 minutes 4096 germs divide into 8192 In 210 minutes 8192 germs divide into 16384 In 225 minutes 16384 germs divide into 32768 In 240 minutes 32768 germs divide into 65536 In 255 minutes 65536 germs divide into 131072 In 270 minutes 131072 germs divide into 262144 In 285 minutes 262144 germs divide into 524288 In 300 minutes 524288 germs divide into 1048576!!

13 Wash your hands before every exchange and before touching your catheter or supplies

14 Good handwashing takes one to two minutes each time

15 Anti-microbial soap, water and a lot of friction Anti-microbial soap should be liquid in a pump dispenser

16 Dry hands completely with a paper towel after washing them

17 Do NOT touch anything after you wash and rinse your hands

18 Do NOT contaminate your dialysis equipment

19 Masks are a barrier between airborne germs and your connections


21 To prevent infection, it is important to: Ô Do your exchanges exactly as you’re taught every time. Be careful not to sneeze on sterile supplies or touch sterile parts. Ô Keep yourself clean Ô Do your exchanges in a clean and quiet area Ô Avoid constipation

22 Dentist visits or GI Procedures Notify your Nephrologist and PD Nurse if you are scheduled to see the Dentist, Dental Hygienist, or a Gastro-enterologist Keane p.567

23 Signs and Symptoms of Peritonitis Infection Ü Cloudy fluid Ü Fever Ü Abdominal pain Ü Fibrin

24 Signs and Symptoms of Catheter Infection * Fever * Redness or pain at exit site or along tunnel * Drainage of pus from around the catheter * Abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting * Extrusion of catheter cuff

25 Peritoneal Catheters are most commonly infected by  skin  hands  cough/sneeze

26 Keep your exit site clean and healthy

27 Catheters must be immobilized

28 ACTIVITIES HARMFUL TO THE EXIT SITE Tension & Tugging ScratchingIrritation from clothing DirtSubmersion in waterCrust Powder Non-prescribed ointment/ cream Alcohol Avoid the following:

29 Thanks Baxter Ind. Pvt. Ltd

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