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Transzplant Information Portal ( TPWeb) OM IKTA 68/2001.

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1 Transzplant Information Portal ( TPWeb) OM IKTA 68/2001

2 TPWeb VARIMED Variable Medicine PLC Budapest Hungarian Transplant Society, Budapest Fresenius Medical Care Dialízis Center PLC., Budapest MEDANINFO PLC, Miskolc Praxis Medical System PLC., Miskolc Kancellária PLC., Budapest

3 Transplant procedure organisation in Hungary Donor report Donor procedure Tissue typing Recipient selection Transzplantation Follow up

4 Organogram in Hungary TX TTL TX TTL Donor hospitals Dialysis centres Hungarotransplant

5 Kidney Tx organogram Transplant centre Donor hospital Hungarotransplant Tissue typing lab Dialysis centre

6 Data 1.Donor 2.Tissue typing 3.Recipient data 4.Transplant data 5.Hospitalisation 6.Follow up details

7 Recipient selection 1.Tissue typing details (HLA, PRA) 2.Selection list ranking- minimal data 3.Selected for transplant- all relevant data

8 Minimal data Original kidney disease Waiting time Type of kidney replacement therapy Viral test results complications Present physical exam BMI Infection during last 6 weeks Tumor ? cardiopulmonary state cooperation

9 Relevant data Selected for transplant: –All medical details –All hospitalisation data –Previous examinations( CT, US, pathology) All data on-line necessary

10 IT SOLUTION TRASPLANT WEB HLA LABS, Dialysis centres Donor Hospitals, Transplant Centres IT solution for: WEB based patient file(TPWeb XML) SELECT 4 & 5 a Tissue Typing Labs Professionals Smart Card for WEB access (MOK) High security patient card- patient smart card (PSC)

11 Software background Windows NT Server 4.0 Internet Information Server Operating system Exchange server Mail server Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Database Allaire’s ColdFusion Server 4.5 Application server

12 2000.01.01 Dialysis ST:NO 2000.01.07 Hematol.ST:yes 2000.01.10 Transplantation 2000.01.08 Phys.ex.ST:yes 2000.01.03 Dialysis ST:yes 2000.01.08 Dialysis ST:yes 2000.01.11 Phys.exam 2000.01.12 Phys. exam STATE : available : YES/NO change

13 Electronic patient file Main Addresses, chronic diseases risk factors,allergy… Epicrisis Dialysis, lab tests, transplantion…

14 Main menu or electronic patient dossie The most important datas of the currently selected patient List of selected page from patient dossie, Main screen for selected patient

15 Important „Own” Deleted Data details

16 TPWeb

17 TPWeb

18 TPWeb

19 TPWEB Advantages of TPWEB well defined structure of data developed by users, based on international standards easy to use user friend WEB based application quick access to data changeable user interface easy to translate to any language using standard libraries ICD 10 codes, ATC codes, WHO codes

20 RECIPIENT Conclusion DONOR Biopsy Tissue typing Recipient selection Donor procedure Transportation Transplantation The transplantation is a challenge for IT Diagnosis Lab tests

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