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NxStage Kidney Care Encourage,Enhance,Empower Crystal Dean RN

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1 NxStage Kidney Care Encourage,Enhance,Empower Crystal Dean RN
Center Director NxStage Kidney Care Jacksonville

2 Agenda Compare and contrast: More Frequent/Traditional/Peritoneal
Specify the benefits of more frequent treatment Explore patient experiences with NxStage Kidney Care

3 More Frequent vs Traditional Dialysis
More Frequent Dialysis Traditional Dialysis Short daily Tx:2-3 hours/day Recovery time reduced to about 20 minutes Less heparin Remarkably less dietary and fluid restrictions No need for home altering water systems Increase incident of access issues due to more frequent use Usually 3 x week, 3-4 hrs/day +time regarding transportation Less access issues Recovery time of hours or days for some patients Dietary and fluid restrictions

4 Peritoneal Dialysis Advantages Considerations
Flexible lifestyle and independence Fewer diet restrictions Less visits to the clinic Does not use needles Therapy is done daily, which is gentler and more like your kidneys Easy to travel with Simple form of dialysis Need to schedule exchanges into your daily routine, 7 days a week Have a permanent, external catheter Risk of infection Need storage space in your home for supplies Need designated space for treatment and equipment

5 Benefits of More Frequent Treatment
Improvement in three year survival rates More likely to receive a kidney transplant Reduced left ventricular hypertrophy Reduced blood pressure and a decreased use of BP meds Significant reductions in post-treatment recovery time Improvements in measures of depressive symptoms Improved appetite and food intake Improvements in quality of life measures Improved sleep quality Decrease in symptoms of restless legs syndrome Improvements in physical intimacy

6 Reasons for Choosing More Frequent Dialysis
Ability to take control of one’s own care. Greater freedom to travel and freedom from specific time constraints. Greater ability to work and participate in “normal” life activities. For the home patient, reduced need to travel to and from dialysis facility.

7 Risks and Responsibilities
The systems used for home dialysis are prescription devices. All forms of dialysis, including treatments, performed in center and at home, involve some risks. In addition, there are certain risks unique to treatment in the home environment. Treatments at home are done without the presence of medical personnel and on-site technical support. Patients and their care partners must be trained on what to do and how to get medical or technical help if needed. Furthermore, when hemodialysis vascular access is exposed to more frequent use, infection of the site and other access-related complications may be potential risks. Patients differ and not everyone will experience the reported benefits of home dialysis.

8 Explore Patient Experiences

9 Thank You Feel free to contact me with any questions:

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