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1 © 2012, Gambro Lundia AB IQD Solutions for You and Your Patients.

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1 1 © 2012, Gambro Lundia AB IQD Solutions for You and Your Patients

2 2 © 2012, Gambro Lundia AB The Value of Individualized Quality-assured Dialysis

3 3 © 2012, Gambro Lundia AB Because Every Patient is Different … Because Every Session is Different … For over 48 years our employees have worked with dialysis specialists, pioneering new therapies for dialysis clinics and their patients. With you as our inspiration, we are constantly seeking new ways to advance the science of dialysis.

4 4 © 2012, Gambro Lundia AB The Dialysis Population is Growing … Incidence of ESRD patients 1980-2007 (USA) by age group 1980 2007 - 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 Thousand patients 1980 736 4 701 6 949 3 644 1 305 2007 1 245 13 504 41 239 24 986 27 917 0-1920-4445-6465-7475+

5 5 © 2012, Gambro Lundia AB And it’s also getting … Older mean age increasing, approaching 70 years More diabetic prevalence approaching 50-65% in many countries More hypertensive prevalence 80-90% More cardiac disease prevalence 50-90% Increased Body Mass Index mean BMI close to 28 in USA, 25 in EU

6 6 © 2012, Gambro Lundia AB Low Survival. High Cost. Mortality for patients on dialysis is 10-20 times higher than that of the general population of the same age and sex. In most countries, the expenditure per ESRD patient per year is 10-20 times greater than the per capita health expenditure.

7 7 © 2012, Gambro Lundia AB Only 50% of Treatments on Target Clinic variability in delivering Kt/V On target Insufficient treatmentInefficient use of resources

8 8 © 2012, Gambro Lundia AB Optimizing the Delivery of Kt/V On target

9 9 © 2012, Gambro Lundia AB A New Approach is Needed Individualized Dialysis—Because Every Patient is Different Too often a ‘One therapy fits all’ approach despite multiple groups of patients with different diagnoses and different clinical characteristics. All patients are basically treated the same Quality-assured Dialysis—Because Every Session is Different High variability in dialysis care from clinic to clinic, patient to patient, treatment to treatment due to complexity of treatment delivery systems and lack of adequate quality assurance tools

10 10 © 2012, Gambro Lundia AB Delivering Individualized Quality-assured Dialysis

11 11 © 2012, Gambro Lundia AB Your Patients in Focus Patient well-being is at the heart of Individualized Quality-assured Dialysis. IQD gives you a choice of innovative treatment tools to help you provide the best care for every single patient. In every single session. Solutions for Patient Well-being

12 12 © 2012, Gambro Lundia AB Smooth, Trouble-free Delivery With IQD, the easier the delivery, the better the treatment for your patients. It also helps staff, freeing up their time and energy to focus on quality care in a comfortable atmosphere. Solutions for Staff Satisfaction

13 13 © 2012, Gambro Lundia AB Optimal Dialysis Prescription and Delivery IQD gives clinicians the vital assurance that your patients are receiving the best care. You can be sure of the most suitable therapy and delivery of the treatment, as prescribed. Solutions for Clinical Excellence

14 14 © 2012, Gambro Lundia AB Putting Resources to the Best Use IQD helps you with the day-to-day running of the clinic. Optimize your resources by making the most of each patient’s time in the chair. Solutions for Operational Efficiency

15 15 © 2012, Gambro Lundia AB Clinical Excellence Patient Well-being Operational Efficiency Staff Satisfaction

16 16 © 2012, Gambro Lundia AB Individualized Quality-assured Dialysis Individualization of the Therapy: First give each patient the right prescription, taking into account any special needs Quality Assurance of the Delivered Treatment: Then deliver that prescription every session through quality assurance


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