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Unité 3-Leçon B Au café. a drink une boisson a cheese sandwich un sandwich au fromage.

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1 Unité 3-Leçon B Au café

2 a drink une boisson

3 a cheese sandwich un sandwich au fromage

4 a ham sandwich un sandwich au jambon

5 a hotdog un hot-dog

6 a hamburger un hamburger

7 a steak with fries un steak-frites

8 an omelet une omelette

9 a quiche une quiche

10 a chocolate ice cream une glace au chocolat

11 a vanilla ice cream une glace à la vanille

12 a crepe une crêpe

13 a coke un coca

14 a mineral water une eau minérale

15 a coffee un café

16 an orange juice un jus d’orange

17 an apple juice un jus de pomme

18 a grape juice un jus de raisin

19 a lemon-lime soda une limonade

20 What would you like (to order)? Vous désirez?

21 I would like a salad. Je voudrais une salade.

22 please s’il vous plaît

23 And for dessert? Et comme dessert?

24 Give me a coffee too. Donnez-moi aussi un café.

25 What is the main street of the Latin Quarter? Le boulevard Saint- Michel. (Boul’Mich)

26 What is the most famous university in France? La Sorbonne

27 Where did frites originate? in Belgium (la Belgique)

28 What do they eat frites with in Belgium? mayonnaise!

29 What are Vittel, Perrier, Vichy, Contrex, and Evian? brands of mineral water

30 what is a lemon-lime soda with mint syrup? un diabolo menthe

31 what is a strong coffee, served black? un express

32 what is coffee with cream? un café crème (un crème)

33 Is coffee drunk during a meal or after a meal? after a meal

34 Where did crêpes originate? Brittany (la Bretagne)

35 Are crêpes only served for dessert? No, galettes(made with buckwheat) are also served.

36 What is always posted outside a French café or restaurant? the menu

37 Where might you sit if not inside a café or resto? on “la terrasse”

38 What are Les Deux Magots and the Café de Flore and Fouquet’s? famous cafés Les Deux Magots=> existentialists (Camus, Sartre)

39 What is a specialty of Alscace? choucroute garnie (sauerkraut w/ pork)

40 What is a specialty of Nice? salade niçoise (tuna, egg, lettuce, olives, tomatoes...)

41 What is a specialty of north Africa? couscous (semolina grain with a meat and vegetable stew)

42 What is a tourtière? a meat potpie made in Quebec (Canada)

43 What is an hors d’oeuvre? an appetizer

44 What are crudités? raw vegetables which are sliced or shredded

45 Put in order: dessert, meat course, salade, hors d’oeuvre, fromage hors d’oeuvre, meat course, salade, fromage, dessert

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