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Ghislain Roy Safety Unit Accelerators and Beams Department CERN.

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1 Ghislain Roy Safety Unit Accelerators and Beams Department CERN

2 Legal Status of CERN CERN = Intergovernmental organisation (IGO) National laws are not applicable Rules and regulations derive from international law CERN has own set of safety rules inspired by European directives or national laws Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 20072

3 Host States CERN territory across FR-CH border Concern for Safety : Radiation Protection Committee Need for informal discussions : Tripartite Committee Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 20073

4 Convention = Treaty Agreement or contract between two or more States and/or IGOs. With obligations on both sides Penalties can be foreseen Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 20074

5 Convention Signed 11 July 2000: Convention between CERN and the Govt. of the French Republic regarding the safety of the installations linked to the LHC and the SPS Added to the scope : Interim storage of radioactive materials. Parts of the CNGS installation. Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 20075

6 Convention Ipso-facto defines the CERN – FR relationship partners on equal footing not « operator vs authority » …although the wording contradicts this CERN is not one of the French basic nuclear installations (INB) Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 20076

7 and Switzerland ? Swiss authorities are informed by CERN and/or FR authorities, and closely followed the licensing process CH is usually more pragmatic and less doctrinal than FR Tripartite Convention being discussed Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 20077

8 Actors CERN Safety Commission and Chef d’installation FR - Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire FR - Institut de Radioprotection et Sûreté Nucléaire CH - Office Fédéral de la Santé Publique Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 20078

9 « Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire » Nuclear Safety Authority Oversees all civil nuclear activities in France Nuclear safety and radiation protection Being helped by a technical body (IRSN) Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 20079

10 « Institut de Radioprotection et Sûreté Nucléaire » Radiation protection and nuclear safety institute Stems from Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique Technical expertise Also an expert for military installations Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 200710

11 Instruction 1. ASN mandates IRSN to analyze the Safety Documents (access safety, radiation protection, environment) 2. IRSN and CERN exchange information 3. IRSN delivers report to ASN in a contradictory meeting with CERN ASNCERN IRSN convention instruction saisinerapport Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 200711

12 Documents  Safety Report  General Operating Rules  Waste Study  Internal Emergency Plan Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 200712

13 Document lifecycle  Preliminary Safety Report As designed  Provisional Safety Report As built  Final Safety Report As operated  Decommissioning Safety Report Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 200713

14 Instruction over 2 years with regular meetings in Paris or at CERN. Submission of the report one year ahead of contradictory meeting Faxes back and forth… 300 pages in total Questions / requests Answers / additional documents There is a cost to this ! Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 200714

15 Structure of Safety Report (832 pages) Part 1 : Descriptive Part 2 : Demonstrative 1 – Introduction6 – Waste and effluents 2 – Site7 – Inventory of risks 3 – Surroundings8 – Past experience 4 – Detailed description9 – Decommissioning 5 – Operation 1 – Nuclear risks5 – Quality Assurance 2 – Management of waste and effluents 6 – Safety tests 3 – Impact from operation7 – Referential for Radiation protection 4 – Worst case scenarios Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 200715

16 Structure of Operating Rules (135 pages) Operational document or handbook similar to « conduct of operations » in some ways 0 – Introduction6 – Operation consignes 1 – Installations7 – General safety consignes 2 – Organisation of CERN8 – Criticity consignes 3 – QA organisation9 – RP consignes 4 – Operational envelope10 – Conduct of incidents 5 – Operation documents11 – Periodic controls and tests Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 200716

17 Licensing of LHC No formal recommendations from IRSN A first ; success story for IRSN. Contradictory ? We agreed on all major points. Did we « give » too much, too easily ? Not a commercial negotiation, Agreeing on Safety is GOOD! Except for « doctrinal » issues… Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 200717

18 Followup Regular visits by ASN and IRSN « inspection » against our Report and RGE Annual « Operation and Safety Report » Many chapters have been agreed upon in the final round of discussions. Final Safety Report by 2013 Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 200718

19 Conclusions Safety Documentation needs to be done Sound process and comprehensive outline Concept extended to other projects and installations Management of this documentation requires a culture of QA in operation… Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 200719

20 Conclusion on principles An IGO should be watchful of its rights and never waive them, for example by agreeing to abide by a national licensing scheme. Sometimes it means walking a fine line… « what are the INB requirements ? » is still heard too often. Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 200720

21 Thanks for your attention! Questions and comments are very welcome… Ghislain Roy - AB/SU3 September 200721

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