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MALGER Inc Our Family This Family Has a History That Needs to Be Expounded Upon. With Your Help We Will Try to Explain It in This Presentation. There Are.

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1 MALGER Inc Our Family This Family Has a History That Needs to Be Expounded Upon. With Your Help We Will Try to Explain It in This Presentation. There Are Many Aspects to This Family and One Thing for Sure the Roots and Foundation That Were Put in Place Are Strong. Let’s Put It All Together for All of Us in This Great Family

2 MALGER Inc Hello My Name Is Malcolm A. Williams I undertook this project to present a families past, present and future and hope that when you view it, you will give your input to ensure that the history of our family lives on.

3 MALGER Inc Come Join Us The reunion of the family has been and probably always will be one of the most important events a family can have. With this in mind we have set out to make this a reality. Togetherness is all we need

4 MALGER Inc This Is What I Ask of You The families of Chilcott – Gourick – Holder and all descendants. As you know my name is Malcolm A. Williams, my father’s name is Claude H. Williams and my mother is Theresa Agatha Williams nee Holder. In an attempt to establish a family tree and possibly a family reunion, this list and request for further information is being sent to you.

5 MALGER Inc Continued I have compiled this information and need further assistance to ensure that we have an accurate family tree. Please review and make any additions that you may have knowledge of and return to me. I will compile and distribute all the information about our roots, which extends over a large geographic area. Please contact any family member that may have information to add to this all-important FAMILY TREE. My contact information is listed on the next page; please feel free to contact me at anytime. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance for you cooperation.

6 MALGER Inc Contact Information Malcolm A. Williams 3460 Laurel Springs Cove Villa Rica, GA 30180-3388 Phone: (770) 456-1563 Fax: (770) 456-1868 MalcolmWilliams Family SiteWebmaster Web Site: Family Web Site:

7 MALGER Inc This Is What I Have So Far Please take some time to read the following pages, it will explain what information is available and what is missing. Please send any and all information you have so I can update this website as well as my data bases.

8 MALGER Inc The Chilcott – Gourick Families Daddy’s Family – Claude H. Williams Great-Great Grand Mother - (Mamma)– Ursella Great Grand Mother - Lillian Daniels - (Mammy) Nee Chilcott - nee Gourick Great Grand Aunt Dricella Hart Hamilton ChilcottSendal ChilcottEdith Chilcott Chester ChilcottIvy Helena ChilcottHerbert Chilcott Frederick GourickRuby GourickJoseph Gourick Gertrude GourickCharles GourickMaurice Gourick Eric Gourick

9 MALGER Inc The Chilcott – Gourick Families Cont. Grand Uncle Hamilton Chilcott Grand Uncle Sendal Chilcott Grand Aunt - Edith Ursella Chilcott nee Shury Children Vibert Alexander Shury MD Rachael Stewart nee Shury, Philomena Sahay nee Shury, Armin nee Shury Czerney Shury

10 MALGER Inc The Chilcott – Gourick Families Cont. 1 Grand Uncle Chester Chilcott Grand Mother - (Mud’s) - Ivy Helena Chilcott nee Williams/Lloyd Cecil Horatio WilliamsJames Theopolus Lloyd Children Claude Horatio WilliamsByron Eustace Lloyd

11 MALGER Inc The Chilcott – Gourick Families Cont. 2 Grand Uncle - Herbert Chilcott Grand Uncle - Frederick Gourick Grand Aunt - Ruby Gourick nee Harris Grand Uncle - Joseph Gourick Hendricks Children Donald Gourick, Malcolm Gourick, Noland Gourick, Carol Gourick, Jennifer Gourick, Colin Gourick

12 MALGER Inc The Chilcott – Gourick Families Cont. 3 Grand Aunt - Gertrude Gourick Grand Uncle - Charles Gourick Carol Gourick nee Bailey

13 MALGER Inc The Holder Family Mommies Family Great-Great Grand Mother Great Grand Mother Children Wilbert Holder, James Holder, Christina Holder, Marie Holder nee Pohle, Robert Holder, Theresa Agatha Holder nee Williams

14 MALGER Inc Family of Claude & Theresa Williams Claude Horatio and Theresa Williams Theresa Agatha Holder nee Williams Children Esther Helena WilliamsMalcolm Augustine Williams Patricia Elizabeth WilliamsClaudette Ann Veronica Williams Cecil Anthony WilliamsKatherine Delores Williams Grand's Amanda Williams, Stephanie Williams, Yolanda Boone, Dwayne Allen, Keith Riley, Renee Dansby, Andre Dansby, Juanita Dansby, Kevin Dansby, Terrance Dansby, Michael Dansby, Dwayne Dansby, Lawrence Dansby, Cherice Monique Williams, Marcel Horatio Williams, Anglique Buffalo, Robert Lee Wilson III, Chaz Anthony Wilson, Charnel Theresa Marie Wilson, Briana Denise Williams.

15 MALGER Inc Family of Esther Williams Esther Helena Williams nee Boone nee Allen William Boone, Joe Allen Children Amanda WilliamsStephanie Williams Yolanda Boone Dwayne Allen Grand's

16 MALGER Inc Family of Malcolm & Geraldine Williams Malcolm A. Williams and Geraldine Williams nee Riley nee Dansby Children Keith RileyRenee DansbyAndre Dansby Juanita DansbyKevin DansbyTerrance Dansby Michael DansbyDwayne DansbyLawrence Dansby Cherice Monique WilliamsMarcel Horatio Williams Grand's Shawn DansbyLatricia DansbyAnthony Dansby Judah Ben Judah DansbyChari Dansby Talik Dwayne WilliamsIsaiah Williams

17 MALGER Inc Family of Patricia Buffalo Patricia Elizabeth Williams nee Buffalo Ernest Buffalo Children Anglique Buffalo Grand's Damani Buffalo

18 MALGER Inc Family of Claudette A. V. Wilson Claudette Wilson nee Williams Robert Lee Wilson Jr. Children Robert Lee Wilson III Chaz Anthony Wilson Charnel Theresa Marie Wilson

19 MALGER Inc Family of Cecil A. Williams Cecil Anthony Williams - Paula Williams nee Griffith

20 MALGER Inc Family of Katherine D. Williams Katherine Delores Williams - Michael Albert Ponton Children Briana Denise Williams

21 MALGER Inc Picture Gallery Grandfather Cecil Williams Grandfather Ivy Lloyd Uncle Jimmy Lloyd Great Aunt Ruby

22 MALGER Inc Picture Gallery 1 Great Aunt Ruby Great Aunt Pearl Great Uncle Jim Holder and family Yvonne & Johnny Villafana

23 MALGER Inc Picture Gallery 2 Dad Claude Horatio Williams Mommy Theresa Agatha Williams Aunt Marie Pohle Uncle Byron Lloyd

24 MALGER Inc Picture Gallery 3 Esther Helena Williams Malcolm Augustine Williams Patricia Elizabeth Williams nee Buffalo Claudette Ann Veronica Williams nee Wilson Cecil Anthony Williams Katherine Dolores Williams

25 MALGER Inc Picture Gallery 4 Amanda Williams Stephanie Williams Ulanda Williams Dwayne Allen

26 MALGER Inc Picture Gallery 5 Michael Dansby Dwayne Dansby Lawrence Dansby Cherice Monique Williams Marcel Haratio Williams

27 MALGER Inc Picture Gallery 6 Angie Buffalo

28 MALGER Inc Picture Gallery 7 Robert Wilson IIIChaz WilsonCharnelle Wilson

29 MALGER Inc Picture Gallery 8 Briana Williams

30 MALGER Inc Picture Gallery 9 Michael’s Children Dwayne’s Children Renee and Children

31 MALGER Inc Picture Gallery 10 Yvonne Villafana Audrey Holder Bryant Villafana Renee and Children Martin Villafana

32 MALGER Inc Picture Gallery 11 Nana Marjorie Riley Dennis Riley Faye BowieSonny BowieSharon

33 MALGER Inc Picture Gallery 12

34 MALGER Inc Picture Gallery 13

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