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ODOT Design to Dozer Bentley OnSite V8 i Alvie Griffith.

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1 ODOT Design to Dozer Bentley OnSite V8 i Alvie Griffith

2 Bentley OnSite Administrator Bentley OnSite Client Bentley OnSite Applications

3 What Can OnSite Do? Inspection Daily Reports Surface Analysis Create As-Builts Quantity Management Stakeout Data Collection

4 Preferences Setup

5 Slide 5 Preference Options Users User Roles Setup Complete Preferences

6 Slide 6 Preference Setup Preferences Preferences > Enterprise Coordinate System (ORGN) PayItems & Units Equipment (Leica GPS) User Roles

7 Slide 7 Coordinate Systems (ORGN)

8 Slide 8 PayItems and Units

9 Equipment (Leica GPS) Slide 9

10 Slide 10 Bentley OnSite File Types Geometry Project File (.xml,.alg) Surface File (.xml,.tin,.gsf,.dtm) Quantities (.mdb) Drainage Files (.xml,.gdf,.sdb) CADD Files (.dgn,.dwg)

11 Slide 11 OnSite Keywords Design Archive (DA) Read only Database used to store design data for use in the field Field Product Data Base (FPDB) Read/Write Database that stores all field activities Preferences XML file that contains all user defined settings including Master PayItem list and units.

12 Project Creation

13 Slide 13 Conversion of Design Data for Use in OnSite Client Project Creation

14 The Bentley OnSite Administrator Interface Menu Bar Commands Feature/Spatial Tabs Feature Tools Controls Display

15 The Bentley OnSite Administrator Interface Navigation Commands Selection Commands FPDB Display

16 Slide 16 The OnSite Client Interface

17 The Bentley OnSite Client Interface

18 Inspection

19 Inspection – Each Quantity Manager Slide 19

20 Inspection – Linear Quantity Manager Slide 20

21 Inspection – Area Quantity Manager Slide 21

22 Inspection – CADD Element CADD (DGN or DWG) Slide 22

23 Data Collection Each Linear Area Surface Slide 23

24 Slide 24 Linear and Each Data Collection

25 Slide 25 Surface Data Collection

26 Surface Analysis

27 Slide 27 Surface Options Surface Merging Surface Volumes Grade Checks

28 Surface Analysis Surface Review Surface Volumes Surface Merging Slide 28

29 Grade Check Anywhere there is a Surface Live Cut and Fill to ALL Active Surfaces Slide 29

30 Project Review

31 Slide 31 Lesson Objectives As-Built Review As-Built Creation Project Transfer

32 Follow Me As-Built Creation Slide 32

33 Follow Me As-Built Review Slide 33

34 ODOT Design to Dozer Bentley OnSite V8 i

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