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The Game Makers Toolshed – Tools for Creating Serious Games Tamara Eyster.

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1 The Game Makers Toolshed – Tools for Creating Serious Games Tamara Eyster

2 Abstract While a wide variety of ready-to-play games can be found online, seldom is a game a perfect fit for the concept the instructor would like students to master. When a good fit is not readily available, there are tools instructors can use to create their own digital games. Different tools can be used at different stages of the design process from concept to completion. We will look at some of the tools through the spectrum of price and required programming skills, starting with QuizGame Master, eToys, and Scratch to GameMaker, Unity and Flash.

3 Effective Game Design for Learning Support active learning Engender engagement, with explicit and achievable goals Appropriate for the learning context Provide opportunities for reflection Equitable experience for all users (learning & learner differences) Ongoing support, from start to finish for both technical & education standpoints (Whitton, 2009, p. 99)

4 Quick Comparison Program/AppPriceOnline/Download eToysFreeDownload ScratchFree Online Download (beta) UnityFree (or pro - $$$$)Download Kodu Game LabFree (PC) / xBox ($5)Download QuizGame MasterFree - $40/per license Online Download (paid) ProProfs GamesFreeOnline Gamestar MechanicFree can buy add-onsOnline GameMakerFree - $$$$Download Flash/ Game Developer Tools $20/mo Some Free Online Some Download StarlingFreeDownload

5 eToys

6 Scratch

7 Unity 3D

8 Kodu Game Lab


10 Quiz Game Master Free: Online Download: $40 for 1; $120 for 5 (licenses)



13 ProProfs Games


15 Gamestar Mechanic

16 GameMaker


18 Flash Game Developer Tools Starling



21 A Short Overview for Planning 1.One- to Two-sentence Description 2.Game screen wireframe and flow 3.List of game mechanics 4.List of assets 5.Technical requirements (Griffith, 2010, p. 33)

22 Program/AppWebsite Kodu Game QuizGame Master ProProfs Games -game/ Gamestar Mechanic Flash html Flash Game Developer Tools

23 References Griffith, C. (2009). Real-World Flash Game Development: How to Follow Best Practices AND Keep Your Sanity. Amsterdam: Focal Press. Whitton, N. (2009). Learning with Digital Games: A Practical Guide to Engage Students in Higher Education (The Open and Flexible Learning Series). New York: Routledge. Pictures are either from tutorial pages or screenshots I took.

24 Contact Information Tamara Eyster

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