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Roundtable Board Meeting Summary, January 10, 2011 Senator Mikulski: “This is where I am supposed to be.” Despite the tragedy in Arizona this past week,

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1 Roundtable Board Meeting Summary, January 10, 2011 Senator Mikulski: “This is where I am supposed to be.” Despite the tragedy in Arizona this past week, United States Senator Barbara Mikulski never planned to miss the Roundtable Board meeting. The longest serving woman in U.S. Senate history said, “We must be open, visible and accessible to the public despite the shootings.” With the latest legislative session in Annapolis beginning this past Wednesday,Mikulski says she sees her role as a coach for the state delegation. The Senator believes the state must lead in public/private partnerships that leverage federal assets in order to create jobs that will never leave Maryland. Senator Mikulski said the county must follow the checklist for the Andrews National Defense & Technology Corridor in order to reclaim high tech fields of work. The five -term Senator concluded her remarks by saying she wants a follow-up workshop with the GPGBR to determine what has worked and what hasn’t in the county.

2 The New Air Force District of Washington Commander meets the Board Major General Darren McDew introduced himself to the Roundtable Board by having nothing but high praise for the organization. McDew said some communities only care about their bases when BRAC occurs, “but it is clear this group cares a great deal, all the time.” The two-star General said the Air Force will continue to invest in this community and make the National Capitol Region a better place. General McDew touched on the opening of the Smart Center on Andrews saying the center will allow the President of the United States to start hosting meetings at the base. The Roundtable introduces its newest member Thomas Graham President of Pepco Region, a subsidiary of Pepco Holdings, Inc., was voted in unanimously by the Board. Over his 24-year career with the company, Mr. Graham has held numerous leadership positions including ; Regional Vice President, as well as being a key cog in designing and implementing Pepco’s Customer Advisory Board. As a four-year letterman in soccer at the University of Tampa, Mr. Graham earned a Bachelor of Science degree as an honors student in Business Management. Mr. Graham also completed the Executive Education Program in Financial Management at the University of Michigan, as well as the Senior Executive Leadership Certificate Program at Georgetown University.

3 State Senator Douglas J.J. Peters said it has been a privilege to work with the Roundtable, and with the organizations help, among others, 83% of local legislation was able to be passed last year. Senator Peters says that the state was bailed out the last two years to the tune of $4.2 billion from the Federal Government, and that Maryland’s General Fund is hurting. The Senator did focus on some good news as well, including positives for small businesses, including $100 million being raised from insurance companies for Venture Capital. House Delegate Chair Melony Griffith was next saying she was preparing for one of the most difficult legislative sessions of her career. The Delegate praised the legislature, saying that some of the brightest minds in the country were working together. Griffith said as long as we communicate before we vote, positive results occur, including bringing back an additional $18 million to the county last year.

4 Meet the new County Fire Chief Mark Bashoor is the county’s new Acting Fire Chief, bringing with him 23 years of experience in the department. The Prince George’s native started as a volunteer member at Bowie Fire Station 39, and rose through the career ranks receiving the department’s Silver Medal of Valor in 2004. In addition to his county achievements, Chief Bashoor serves as an adjunct instructor with the Texas A&M University National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center. “The Chief’s Own” 11 th Wing Report 11 th Wing Commander Colonel Kenneth Rizer said he was always honored to be with the Roundtable, and he was very pleased with the outstanding support the Base receives from the group. Rizer made special acknowledgement of Jim and Nancy Estepp for helping serve food to the Airmen on both Thanksgiving and Christmas Days. Colonel Rizer says the charter school is on track to open this fall, and he thanked the Roundtable for sponsoring Airman Leadership School graduations.

5 Colonel Jacqueline Van Ovost, commander of the 89 th Airlift Wing, gave special thanks to Board Chair Tim Adams, CEO, M.H. Jim Estepp, and the entire Roundtable for their constant support to the mission at Andrews. Colonel Van Ovost also added, because of the support of this organization, we have a new AMC family room at the air terminal. (See video) Double click picture to start video

6 The Roundtable Says Thank You to a Great Leader! Outgoing Roundtable Chairman Timothy J. Adams received an award of appreciation for his service during the last two years. Mr. Adams said he was proud of the work the organization has accomplished, and looks forward to what we will accomplish in the future. Introducing the new Board Chairman Bill Chesley assumed the position as new Board Chairman saying that following Tim Adams was going to be tough. He joked that he was elected too late to extend Tim’s term. Mr. Chesley said he was looking forward to the challenge as well as working with the entire Roundtable. (Hear Mr. Chesley’s comments on the accompanying video) Double click picture to start video

7 The elected representative on the County Council for the communities of District 6 from 1994 to 2002, the Honorable Ronald V. Russell was a great leader for all of Prince George's County. He served as Council Vice-Chair in 1996 and Council Chair in 1998 and 2001. A truly dedicated public servant, citizens and residents could always count on him for assistance. His legacy will certainly recall him as a champion for education, as he was instrumental in helping to build county schools near parks and recreation facilities. He was also a strong proponent for growth management initiatives, contributing significantly to the creation of Commission 2000, which recommended broad policies to manage growth in Prince George's County. An inspiring and effective leader, Ron Russell will be truly missed. County Council Chairwoman, Ingrid Turner, from the county’s website


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