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Blue/Green Kick-off Fall 2014. KALEIDOSCOPE: See things in a new way MAGNIFYING GLASS: See things more deeply TELESCOPE: See what is on the horizon.

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1 Blue/Green Kick-off Fall 2014

2 KALEIDOSCOPE: See things in a new way MAGNIFYING GLASS: See things more deeply TELESCOPE: See what is on the horizon




6 How many generations are sitting at your table? A. Just One B. Two C. Three D. Wow – we are totally represented at my table with FOUR!

7 What percentage of our full time faculty and staff are millennials? A. 10% B. 25% C. 5% D. 13%

8 What percentage of our full time faculty and staff do you think are Boomers? A. 25% B. 55% C. 47% D. 65%

9 NLC Blazers at Work Silent Generation2% Baby Boomers47% Gen X’ers36% Millennials13%

10 Boomers and Millennials

11 What percentage of our students are Gen X’ers and Millennials? A. 45% & 50% B. 80% & 17% C. 35% & 52% D. 28% & 60%

12 NLC Blazer Students Silent< 1% Boomers3.2% Gen X’ers16.9% Millennials79.6%


14 Talk & Tweet What are the benefits and challenges of this multi-generational environment? #BlazerGenerations

15 The total population of Dallas increased 5% between 2010-2012. What was the change in the poor population? a. 41% b. 18% c. -2% d. 23%

16 By 2030, what percentage of all jobs will require a degree or credential beyond high school? A. 50% B. 60% C. 35% D. 75%

17 What percentage of students graduate from high school ready for college? A. 25 % B. 13 % C. 56 % D. 8 %

18 What percentage of business leaders believe college graduates have the skills their businesses need? A. 25% B. 78% C. 49% D. 11%


20 Talk & Tweet Review the infographics depicting Demographic, Poverty, and Workforce & Economic Development Issues. What strikes you, surprises you? #NLCCommitted2MakeADiff

21 New Ideas, Directions, Perspectives Focus on Solving Problems Start with the WHY Individuals, Employers, Communities DCCCD as “convener” Improve “Nimbleness” Focus on Non-Consumers Remove obstacles & barriers Allocate resources to targeted programs & initiatives Reclaiming the middle class Lift people out of poverty

22 NLC Strategic Priorities 1. Student Success & Completion 2. Community Engagement 3. Institutional Effectiveness 4. Employee Engagement

23 Start with the Why: The Golden Circle


25 Excellence We seek to exceed expectations and achieve exceptional results; foster student success in and outside the classroom; advocate professional development for all our employees; and provide a high quality teaching and learning environment.

26 Integrity We are committed to the principles of honesty, responsibility, and accountability. We inspire trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words, and communicating with openness and transparency.

27 Innovation We champion new ideas and encourage creativity and informed risk-taking. Whether it’s a new program or a new process, we strive to continuously deliver outstanding opportunities, with the understanding that forward-thinking agility and nimbleness will shape our best future.

28 Inclusiveness Our community is built on respect. We appreciate our diversity and believe in the value of varying opinions, perspectives, and styles because this benefits all of us even as it challenges us to grow and think differently. We are kind to those in our community and welcoming to newcomers.

29 Perseverance We have the tenacity and determination to work as hard and long as it takes to achieve success in spite of obstacles that may stand in our way. We model this grit for our students and for each other.

30 Which one speaks to you most? A. Excellence B. Integrity C. Innovation D. Inclusiveness

31 Twitter Challenge What do you think about the values? Weigh in. Anything missing? #BlazerValues The September 2014 Listening Box is dedicated to feedback about our Values.

32 Master Planning


34 Twitter Challenge What problem could we solve or what difference could we make through master planning? #Blazer2024

35 Update from Faculty President: John Hitt

36 Happenings SECC Common Book Blazer Effect Leadership transitions Great Colleges survey DCCCD Compensation Study

37 Special Recognition Chief Drake: Police Department Award Recognition

38 2014 – 2015 North Lake College District Award Winners

39 Minnie Stevens Piper Award Nominee Dr. Linda Long, Speech

40 Excellence in Teaching Award for Adjunct Faculty Dr. Bethany Pereira, Biology

41 Jean Sharon Griffith Student Development Leadership Award North Lake College Educational Planning Center (De’Aira Holloway, Anabel Juarez, Howard Green, Mitchel James, Leigh Poston, Nadia Rodriguez, Kiara Smith, Kamilah Willis)

42 Innovation of the Year Trail Blazer Orientation (Virginia Jones, Beth Nikopoulos, Adrienne Settles, Debra Jenson, Emily Turner)

43 Administrator of the Year Lynne Smith-Brush

44 Professional Support Staff Employee of the Year Kathleen Stockmier, News-Register advisor

45 Professional Support Staff Part-Time Employee of the Year Tom Unterburger, Video Technology


47 Perspectives:

48 Congratulations Christa

49 Perspectives “What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be.” -anonymous

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