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New Member Orientation

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1 New Member Orientation
Presented By: Eric Jordan, NHA NASVH Vice President 2014 Winter Conference Washington D.C.

2 History of the State Veterans Home System
After the Civil War, a large number of indigent and injured soldiers had no place to live. Like-minded concerned citizens banded together to create “Old Soldiers’ Homes”. 1864: First State Home established in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. August 7, 1888: First federal aid made available to veterans residing within state homes. Origin of Federal Per Diem Program Approximately $ per veteran annually.

3 History continued 1930: The V.A. was established. State programs were expanded, including an increase in per diem payments. 1952: The National Association of State Veterans Homes (NASVH) was founded. The state homes joined forces to promote legislation at the national level. Problems and experiences common to all state homes were able to be discussed and plans developed to address those concerns.

4 More History… 1964: The State Home Construction Grant was initiated.
State Veterans Homes may apply for grants that assist the states with construction costs for construction of new State Veterans Homes and for significant renovations of existing facilities. The grant assumes 65% of the cost of the project. The state must contribute the remaining 35%. February 24, 1986: A memorandum of understanding between the V.A. and NASVH was signed, formalizing the mutual goal of providing quality care to veterans.

5 Even More History… 1988: President Reagan signed legislation creating a new federal Cabinet-level Department of Veterans Affairs to replace the Veterans Administration. In both its old and new forms, the VA drew its mission statement from President Abraham Lincoln’s eloquent second inaugural address. The specific phrase quoted is: “ care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and his orphan.”

6 SVH’s and the VA The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs oversees the State Veteran Home program through the Office of Geriatrics and Extended Care. The VA assures Congress that their appropriations will be used accordingly to ensure that quality care is provided in the state homes. This is accomplished via inspections, audits, and record reviews conducted by the VA medical center of jurisdiction.

7 State Veterans Home Program 2013
State Veterans Homes are the largest provider of long-term care to veterans. Provide approximately 7 million days of nursing home care and 1.5 million days of domiciliary care. There are 146 State Veteran Homes across all 50 States and the commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Totaling more than 30,000 beds.

8 NASVH’s Membership The association’s membership is comprised of the administrators and staff representing the state operated Veterans Homes throughout the 50 states of the union, its districts and commonwealths. NASVH works closely with the Federal government, state governments, service organizations and any other entity that directly or indirectly affects the care of services provided to America's Heroes. Constitution and Bylaws are included in your handout.

9 NASVH’s Mission “The National Association of State Veterans Homes' primary mission is to ensure that each and every eligible U.S. veteran receives the benefits, services, long term health care and respect which they have earned by their service and sacrifice. The organization also ensures that no veteran is in need or distress and that the level of care and services provided by state veterans homes meets or exceeds the highest standards available.”

10 NASVH Officers and their Duties
President: one year term Executive head of the association Chairs the executive committee, the association’s winter and summer conferences Appoints committee chairs Acts as the official representative Current President: Brad Slagle, Administrator D.J. Jacobetti Home For Veterans, Marquette, MI

11 Officers and Duties First Vice President: one year term Eric Jordan
Director of Operations, Mississippi Veterans Affairs Board

12 Officers and Duties Second Vice President: one year term
Bill Peterson, Administrator Delaware Veterans Home, Milford, DE

13 Officers and Duties Secretary/Treasurer: three year term
Custodian of the funds Custodian of all official documents and contracts Keeps records of all meetings and proceedings Jason McArthur and Business Mgr. Jack Tarter, WY Oregon Veterans Home, The Dalles, OR

14 Officers and Duties Judge Advocate/Historian: three year term
Advises on protocol and legal matters of NASVH Interprets Constitution and Bylaws Compiles records, maintains history of NASVH Lourdes “Alfie” Alvarado-Ramos Washington State Department of Veteran Affairs

15 Officers and Duties Legislative Officer: three year term
Responsible for the Legislative agenda Monitors current & proposed legislation related to the association. Recommends appropriate actions Works with and educates others involved in similar legislative efforts Is a member of Joint Liaison Committee Fred Sganga, Executive Director Long Island State Veterans Home, Stony Brook, NY

16 Officers and Duties R. Roy Griffith
Joint Liaison Chairperson: three year term Oversees the business & activities of the Joint Liaison Committee Maintains the MOU with the VA Pursues NASVH’s legislative agenda with congressional members, their staff & other stakeholders Recommends and encourages support of NASVH’s initiatives from Dept. of V.A. leadership R. Roy Griffith Oklahoma Veterans Home, Talihina, OK

17 Officers and their Duties: Regional Directors
NORTHEAST REGION - Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. Melissa Jackson (802) Vermont State Veterans Home

18 Officers and their Duties: Regional Directors
NORTH CENTRAL REGION – Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Steve Dunkin (620) ext. 201 Kansas State Veterans Home at Winfield

19 Regional Directors SOUTHERN REGION - Alabama, Arkansas, Canal Zone, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virgin Islands and Virginia. Kim Justice (334) Alabama State Veterans Homes

20 Regional Directors Van Moore (503) 428-5232
WESTERN REGION - Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Van Moore (503) Oregon State Veterans Home 

Chair: Terry Wilkerson, Oklahoma SVH Fiduciary oversight of the fiscal affairs of the Association Chair of this Committee is appointed by the President Serves a three-year term Composed of the Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, and three other members

22 Constitution, Bylaws and Resolution Committee
Chair: Kelley Kash, CEO Maine Veterans’ Homes Maintains current and workable Constitution and Bylaws Ensures that the Association operates within the Constitution and Bylaws Prepares and presents any recommended changes to the Constitution and/or Bylaws to the membership at the Summer or Winter Conference Defines the actions that the Association should consider undertaking by promulgating, evaluating and preparing in written form, resolutions for consideration and action by the membership at the Association’s Summer and Winter Conferences. The Chair of this Committee shall be appointed by the President and serve for a three-year term. The Committee shall be composed of the Chair and at least three members.

23 Education Committee Chair: Jonathan Spier, Long Island SVH
Responsible for organizing and coordinating all educational programs Uses internal and external resources, at its discretion, to provide the Association’s members with a relevant, high quality and timely CEU earning curriculum Committee chair will be responsible for planning all educational offerings in conjunction with the President and Executive Committee The Chair of this Committee is appointed by the President and serves a three-year term Composed of the Chair and three members

24 Executive Committee Composed of the President (Chair), First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Chairs of the Association’s Standing Committees, Joint Liaison Committee Chair, Legislative Officer, Judge Advocate/Historian, and the four (4) Regional Directors Responsible for the policy-making and strategic planning of the Association Other members include: past Presidents who are currently administrators of a State Veterans Home or who have served as an administrator of same and are still an active member of the Association Communicates monthly via conference call All official actions taken by this Committee require a simple majority vote

25 Home Enhancement Committee
Chair: Colleen Rundell, Arizona SVH Initiates and implements programs which promote new State Veterans Homes or new programs which enhance the quality of life of veterans residing in existing State Veterans Homes Assists states through the process of developing, constructing and certifying new State Veterans Homes Develops and implements initiatives with other related organizations to conduct joint programs which are mutually beneficial to both organizations Researches, identifies and develops grant or gift income which further promotes the quality of life and optimal care of veterans living in State Homes Develops and implements a public relations program for the Association The Chair is appointed by the President and serves for a three-year period Composed of the Chair and three members

26 Joint Liaison Committee
Chair: R. Roy Griffith, Oklahoma State Veterans Home Proposes and promotes legislative and related initiatives in the best interest of the veterans of the United States and the State Veterans Home program Serves as the liaison to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Implements and upholds the MOU between the Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Association of State Veterans Homes Communicates and meets with State and Federal officials, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and Congress, to present and pursue related goals and objectives of the Association Maintains close working relationships with veterans service organizations and other related groups sharing pursuits of mutual interest Implements, recommends, and encourages support of U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs initiatives when those initiatives are in concert with Association objectives; analyzes proposed legislation to determine probable impact on the State Veterans Home program, and educates concerned parties relative to this legislation’s effects Plans and coordinates the Association’s Winter Conference Composed of the Chair, Legislative Officer, and three other members – all of whom shall be past Presidents

27 NASDVA Liaison Committee
Composed of the President of the Association (Chair), immediate Past President, and two other Past Presidents Serves as a liaison between the National Association of State Veterans Homes (NASVH) and the National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs (NASDVA) Works with NASDVA to develop and implement activities and programs which are mutually beneficial to both organizations The Chair or designee shall represent the Association at appropriate meetings or proceedings conducted by or in concert with NASDVA

28 Networking Committee Chair: Gary Yun, Ohio SVH, Sandusky, OH
Responsible for facilitating communications within the Association and with related external parties Develops, implements and maintains communication networks including web site, , newsletter, directory, bulletin board and other means Responsible for establishing and maintaining both internal and external communications links The Chair of this Committee shall be appointed by the President and shall serve for a three-year term This Committee shall be composed of the Chair and three members

29 Nominating Committee Chair: Fred Sganga, Long Island SVH
Develops and presents a slate of officers for the Association. The Committee shall prepare and present its recommendations to the membership for approval at the Association’s Summer Conference This Committee shall make every effort to select recommended officers on a regional and rotational basis Composed of the Immediate Past President (Chair), and three other past presidents appointed by the standing President

30 Summer Conference Committee
Chair: Sharon Mattia, Maryland SVH Plans the Association’s Summer Conference; locates conference meeting sites; coordinates the event with the host state and site Establishes, plans, and negotiates the Conference particulars including date, time, hotels and activities Works with other Association Committees during the planning process The Chair of this Committee shall be appointed by the President and shall serve for a three-year term This Committee shall be composed of the Chair and three members

31 NASVH Dues Best Bargain in town! Flat $900 per SVH
Invoice sent in September by Jack Tarter for the following calendar year. Prompt payment appreciated!!!

32 NASVH Conferences Two yearly conferences Our conferences allow for:
Winter Conference always in Washington D.C. Summer Conference - rotating location 2014 South Carolina 2015 Sandusky, Ohio Our conferences allow for: Continuing Education Credits Networking Learning Best Practices Leadership Development

33 Check Us Out @ NASVH Website Complete listing of SVHs
NASVH Leadership VA Contact Information Regulations NASVH Resolutions Conference Presentations Employment Opportunities Timely & Pertinent Information

34 NASVH Directory Complete listing of all SVHs Great Resource Hard Copy
Updated Annually You are responsible for updating content! (Including your most current photo…)

35 Survival Tips for the State Veterans Home Administrator
Know the key players at VA Central Office and your VA of jurisdiction. New VA website for State Homes Get to know your Senate and House Representatives as well as State Representatives Know their staff and develop relationship Invite them to your Home often. Keep them informed! Know your regulations. All of them. (Federal, State, & local) Know what a sentinel event is and how to report it.

36 More Survival Tips… We are not all the same.
Governance & Sponsorships vary. Be proactive in managing media involving your Home. Your Regional Director is your new best friend. Don’t underestimate the importance of the hospitality suite. Get Involved in NASVH!!! Ask questions. We are here to help!!!


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