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2013 NAFDPIR Conference USDA Food and Nutrition Service General Session June 10, 2013.

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1 2013 NAFDPIR Conference USDA Food and Nutrition Service General Session June 10, 2013

2 Laura Castro Director FDD Dana Rasmussen Chief Policy Branch Janice Fitzgerald Chief Household Operations Branch Peggy Cantfil Chief Special Nutrition Operations Branch Laura Walter Chief Program Support Branch Dennis Sullivan Chief Systems Branch Organization of Food Distribution Division

3 FDPIR PRIORITIES Laura Castro Director, Food Distribution Division

4 Food Distribution Division Priorities for FDPIR Implement final rule to establish parity between SNAP and FDPIR eligibility requirements Move forward with regional vendor pilot Implement work group’s priority recommendations for the FDPIR food package Promote efficient inventory management

5 Food Distribution Division Priorities for FDPIR Improve FDPNE grants process Move forward on FDPIR Study Move forward on FDPIR outreach initiative, working with NAFDPIR Marketing Committee

6 Status of Prioritized Items Requested by Food Package Work Group in December Butter –Deliveries began in February Lite Spam –Product that meets sodium target not available commercially 3.Fruit and Nut Mix –Added to package May 2012

7 Status of Prioritized Items Requested by Food Package Work Group in December Frozen Pork Chops & Pollock –Pork chop deliveries are expected to begin as early as August –Pollock scored low on a participant survey, so FNS prioritized pork chops 5. Tanka Bars –Single vendor, high cost; but, may be able to look at for regional vendor pilot.

8 6.Wild Rice - High cost. May be an option for the regional vendor pilot. 7.Vegetable Juice –AMS/FNS researching available commercial options. 8. Almonds -Incorporated into fruit and nut mix Status of Prioritized Items Requested by Food Package Work Group in December 2012

9 9.Blue Cornmeal –May be an option for the regional vendor pilot 10. Frozen Fruits & Vegetables –NAFDPIR assessing freezer space in ITO warehouses before moving forward. Status of Prioritized Items Requested by Food Package Work Group in December 2012

10 Efficient inventory management is critical Team effort between FNS and FDPIR ITOs 3-month inventory limit for each food package category Products with the earliest expiration or best-if-used by dates must be distributed first Inventory Management

11 FNS-Sponsored Study of FDPIR Began in October 2011, being conducted over a 3-year period by Urban Institute and its research partners. Will help FNS identify ways to improve the program for participants and ITOs. 25 Tribes participating Data collection, including site visits, expected to begin as early as August 2013

12 FDPIR Outreach Initiative In 2012, FNS began work on an outreach initiative to broaden the scope of outreach materials for FDPIR, working with the NAFDPIR Marketing Committee Working to create a brochure, banner, posters, and other applicable resources A photo shoot was held this spring and a second is being planned Materials will be developed in the next few months and are targeted to be released as early as this year

13 Outreach Initiative Sample Photos



16 Agency Consultation Schedule Upcoming sessions ―August 21, 2013 (3:00 pm – 4:30 pm EDT) ―November 6, 2013 (3:00 pm - 4:30 pm EDT) The 2014 schedule will released soon.

17 POLICY UPDATES Dana Rasmussen Chief, Policy Branch Food Distribution Division

18 Provides $ million in total appropriated funds for FY 2013 Includes $ million for administrative expenses $971 thousand for FDPIR Nutrition Education (FDPNE) Grants Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 Funding

19 Proposes $ million in total appropriated funds for FY 2014 Includes $ million for administrative expenses Also requests $998 thousand for FDPNE Grants President’s FY 2014 Budget Request

20 Farm Bill and FDPIR The 2008 farm bill expired in September 2012; Congress passed a one year extension, which is in effect until September 30, 2013 Congress is currently working on a new Farm Bill The House and Senate Agriculture Committees both passed bills in May which would reauthorize FDPIR through 2018

21 Final rule published on August 23, Ensures fair distribution of FDPIR administrative funding to FNS Regional Offices Based in large part on input from a workgroup comprised of Tribal and State-appointed FDPIR Program Directors, and input from Tribal and State officials Funding methodology in the rule had been piloted since FY 2008 Administrative Funding Allocations Rule

22 Proposed rule was published in January 2012 It would: ―Provide an expanded medical deduction ―Establish a standard deduction for shelter and utility expenses ―Eliminate the household resource test for eligibility determination Income Deductions & Resource Eligibility Rule

23 Requests that USDA remove or raise the 10,000 population cap on urban places outside a reservation where FDPIR can be administered –FNS recently streamlined and standardized the process urban waiver application process and created an updated sample application template. –FNS is reviewing the legislative requirements and authorities, costs, and program impacts associated and is considering options in this regard. Responses to NAFDPIR Resolutions Res

24 Requests that USDA establish an FDPIR budget line item for marketing and education, including the development of an FDPIR Marketing Tool Kit –FNS has obtained dedicated resources for the FDPIR Outreach Initiative –FNS will continue to work closely and collaboratively with the NAFDPIR Food Package Workgroup and the NAFDPIR Outreach/Marketing Committee to complete this important project Responses to NAFDPIR Resolutions Res

25 PROGRAM SUPPORT UPDATES Akua White Nutritionist Food Distribution Division

26 FDPIR Nutrition Education Initiatives INITIATIVES Food Distribution Program Nutrition Education (FDPNE) Funding FDPIR Recipe Book

27 FDPNE Funding - Overview Est. $1 million available since FY 2008  subject to appropriation of funds by Congress each year ITOs submit applications for project funding Project activities based on nutrition goals outlined in the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans

28 FDPNE Funding - Overview Examples of Activities Funded Food demonstrations for participants Nutrition, cooking, and food preservation classes for participants Video recording of demonstrations/classes Cookbooks, calendars, ChooseMyPlate materials

29 FDPNE Funding – Fiscal Year 2013 Programs Funded Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma Chippewa Cree Tribe for the Mountain Plains Region Advisory Committee Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Nation Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

30 FDPNE Funding – Fiscal Year 2013 Programs Funded Lac Du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin Pueblo of Zuni Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa for the Midwest Nutrition Advisory Committee Sherwood Valley Band of Pomo Indians

31 FDPNE Funding – Fiscal Year 2013 Project Summaries: - click on FDPIR Nutrition Education Grants on the left side of the page

32 FDPNE Funding – Fiscal Year 2014 Evaluation of FY 2013 Process Further simplification of the application template Longer performance period

33 FDPIR Recipe Book

34 FDPIR Recipe Book – Features Colorful photos Recipes created and tested by a chef Recipes contributed by FDPIR program staff or participants Nutritional Analysis

35 FDPIR Recipe Book - Features List of USDA Foods

36 FDPIR Recipe Book – Tips Use recipes to: conduct food demonstrations conduct cooking classes encourage participants to try unfamiliar foods Note: Let us know how you are using the book

37 Thank You. Akua White USDA, FNS, Food Distribution Division (Voice) (Fax)

38 OPERATIONS & SYSTEMS UPDATES Janice Fitzgerald Chief, Household Operations Branch Food Distribution Division

39 TOPICS Food Availability Review & 2013 Crop Outlook National Warehouse Contracts Warehouse Management & Replenishment Vendor Pilot Update Systems Update

40 FOOD AVAILABILITY 2012 Review 2013 Crop Outlook Able to meet demand for the majority of all Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) products Apricots in limited supply Currently no anticipated issues w/quarterly products Purchase of new food package items

41 FOODS PURCHASED IDIQQuarterly ApricotsRemaining Vegetables Mixed FruitJuices PeachesApple & Dried Fruit Products PearsBeans Green BeansSoups Whole Kernel CornLivestock PeasFSA Products (Grains, Peanuts, Oils, and Dairy) Diced Tomatoes Carrots Vegetable Mix Sliced White Potatoes

42 NATIONAL WAREHOUSE CONTRACTS Transition to new warehouses Nampa Paris Brothers

43 WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT Contracts now require on-line access to inventories Warehouse managing inventories & shipping product based on use-by dates rather manufacturing dates Automatic hold for any product w/less than a 2 month use-by date

44 WAREHOUSE REPLENISHMENT Products are ordered in advance (quarterly or IDIQ) - Quarterly: for July-September delivery, orders are placed in mid-April. - IDIQ: orders for September 2013 – August 2014 are placed in March 2013.

45 VENDOR PILOT UPDATE Initial Contract awarded September, 2012 Protest filed November, 2012 New contract awarded March, 2013 Deliveries began May, 2013 Issues with meeting product specifications Deliveries to resume as early as July, 2013

46 SYSTEMS UPDATE WBSCM: Added Nampa to the WBSCM system Looking to upgrade the core components of WBSCM in coming year On Line Help topics under ‘Help’ link Continue to support help desk requests

47 SYSTEMS UPDATE FFAVORS: USDA/FNS assumed technical ownership August of 2012 Introduced the eAuthentication ID and Passwords to FFAVORS DLA staff still the day-to-day business operations support Support at and

48 CONTACT INFORMATION Janice Fitzgerald Matthew Martin Todd Griffith

49 Questions?

50 Thank You!

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