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Chair – SC Board of Education

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1 Chair – SC Board of Education
Traci Young Cooper, Ed.D. Chair – SC Board of Education 5th Judicial Circuit


3 The South Carolina State Board of Education’s Mission is to:
SBE Mission The South Carolina State Board of Education’s Mission is to: Provide a leadership role in helping South Carolina set policy and direction to transform teaching and learning Ensure that students are prepared with the necessary knowledge and skills, including innovation, to compete globally and live a productive life.

4 History of the SBE 1896 - Statute enacted creating SBE
First Superintendent of Education on record (*SCDE) - J.H. Hope (Chairman – Governor Ransome J. Williams) 1946 – SBE Members were Appointed 1964 – Start of the Elected Board (Legislative Delegation)

5 SBE GOALS (FY 2015) Promoting and elevating the teaching profession
Enhancing the conditions for teaching and learning throughout our system Garnering private support for public education, and Profiling, encouraging and supporting innovation and emerging technologies throughout the educational system.

6 SBE Composition SBE Members represent the 16 Judicial Circuits
17 Total Members (16 Appointees by the Legislative Delegations and 1 Appointee by the Governor) Board Members represent the Education, Business, Faith-based, Political, etc. Sectors

7 SBE Representatives Dr. Traci Young Cooper, Chair (5th Judicial Circuit) Mr. Michael Brenan, Chair-Elect (Governor’s Appointee) Dr. Samuel Alston (1st Judicial Circuit) Mr. Jim Griffith (2nd Judicial Circuit) Mrs. Lonzena Harry (3rd Judicial Circuit) Mr. Gerald Reeves (4th Judicial Circuit) Mr. James Stroman (6th Judicial Circuit) Ms. Jane P. Harmon (7th Judicial Circuit) Dr. Ivan Randolph (8th Judicial Circuit) Mr. Richard Kizer (9th Judicial Circuit) Mr. Jeff Kubu (10th Judicial Circuit) Dr. Sharon Wall (11th Judicial Circuit) Mr. Tom Ewart (12th Judicial Circuit) Dr. Danny Varat (13th Judicial Circuit) Dr. Rhonda Edwards (14th Judicial Circuit) Dr. Tom Short (15th Judicial Circuit) Ms. Sharon Bynum (16th Judicial Circuit)

8 Molly M Spearman State Superintendent of Education
Elizabeth Carpentier – Chief Operating Officer Julie Gore Fowler, Ph.D. – Deputy Superintendent Molly M Spearman State Superintendent of Education Cathy L. Hazelwood, Esq. – Deputy Superintendent for Legal Affairs Angela H. Bain, Ph.D., SPHR – Deputy Superintendent Emily Heatwole – Director of Legislative Affairs Virgie R. Chambers, MPA – Deputy Superintendent

9 Committee Structure (5 Committees)
Standards, Learning and Assessment (SLA) Educator Professions (EP) Innovation and Finance (IF) Teacher Certification Cases Policy and Legislative (PL)

10 Specific Duties of the SBE
Grant state teachers’ certificates and revoke them for immoral or unprofessional conduct, or evident unfitness for teaching Appoint Committees as needed to carry out the orderly function of the Board Cooperate with the State Superintendent at all times in efforts to constantly improve the state’s public education system Assume other responsibilities, exercise other powers and perform other duties as assigned by law or as the Board may find necessary to aid in carrying out the purpose and objectives of the Constitution of the State. Adopt policies, rules and regulations for the governance of the state’s public elementary and secondary schools Annually approve a budget request to be submitted to the Budget and Control Board and to the General Assembly Adopt standards for any phase of education considered necessary to aid in providing adequate educational opportunities and facilities Prescribe and enforce rules for the examination and certification of teachers Approve textbooks and other instructional materials


12 Earning Potential Profile

13 Earning Potential Profile

14 “K-12 Schools – Where Entrepreneurs Are Created” – The Coming Jobs War
There are more than 75 million students enrolled in schools in the United States – nearly 50 million in the 5th through 12th grades. They are successors of today’s business leaders. 30% of those students will drop out or fail to graduate on schedule. If this problem isn’t fixed fast, the United States will lose the next worldwide, economic, job-based war because it’s players can’t read, write, or think as well as their competitors in a game for keeps .

15 Profile of the SC Graduate

16 “….our nation’s success depends on strengthening America’s role as the world’s engine of discovery and innovation….leadership tomorrow depends on how we educate our students today – especially in science, technology, engineering and math. We know how important this is for our health. It’s important for our security. It’s important for our environment. And we know how important it is for our economy.” - President Barack Obama

17 21st CCLC Job Opportunities (Preparing for the Jobs of the Future)
STEM Occupations Management (Architectural and Engineering Managers) Computer and Mathematics Architecture and Engineering Life, Physical and Social Sciences Education, Training and Library Sales and Related (Sales Engineers – Manufacturing, technical and scientific products)

18 K-12 Schools – Where Entrepreneurs Are Created “What Leaders Have To Do…”
“Failing the coming jobs war will be easy, and winning will be hard. Creating and keeping jobs will require a war. There will be no bystanders, but there will be victims. I don’t want America to lose this war. This country is the beacon for the world’s most talented people, the men and women who create the best jobs and continue to advance human development for the benefit of everyone.” – Jim Clifton (Chairman and CEO of Gallup)

19 Chair – SC Board of Education
Traci Young Cooper, Ed.D. Chair – SC Board of Education 5th Judicial Circuit

20 Trivia? Which two (2) South Carolinians have served as BOT a Governor and Chairman of the SBE? Governor Strom Thurmond Governor Ernest Hollings Celebrating 15 years of the SBE – Name the 6 State Superintendents of Education. 1979 – 1990 (Superintendent Charlie Williams) (Superintendent Barbara Nielsen) (Superintendent Inez Tenebaum) (Superintendent James Rex) (Superintendent Mick Zais) – (Superintendent Molly Spearman) Most immediate CHAIR of the State Board of Education? Barry Bolen

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