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2 What is it really? The Personal Education Plan is a process that students participate in, which results in an actual plan for your future. Process: grade level required and recommended activities Plan: 1.student’s career cluster or pathway goal 2.student’s goal of which type of post secondary institution 3.student’s four-year high school plan, including courses

3 So what are the 8 th grade activities? How to choose a high school (September) Planning for high school success (Spring) Explore individual skills & talents (January) Review career & interests (October 1-5) Attend career fair (October 12) Practice interview skills (October 6) Start resume’ (March) Explore college information (fair on October 13)

4 What did you ask for? Anger management Helping someone thinking of self-harm Knowing how I’m changing Improving my test scores How to get better grades Learning more about high schools and college

5 Today’s main topic- Career Fair A Quick Review: 1.October 12 (next Wednesday) 2.Stay in period 2 class, get fair book, name tag 3.Sit with someone who is an international student and ask the questions in your career fair book. 4.Dress appropriately! Act appropriately! Use your manners and act professionally!

6 5. Know your bus color and teacher! Don’t leave anything on the bus! 6. You will have 1 hour at the fair to interview 3 businesses, one college, and one high school. 7. Be sure to watch for the Merrill stoplight to turn yellow! Go to the goodbye area!!! 8. On the bus ride home, fill out what you learned (your teacher will give you this page), and give it back to your teacher with your career fair book as you leave the bus!

7 SO, WHO’S GOING TO BE THERE? Get your planner ready so you can write down the three businesses you want to talk to! You can put these into your career fair book next Wednesday before we leave!

8 AGRICULTURE CLUSTER Butterfly Pavillion Colorado Parks & Wildlife Denver Botanic Gardens Denver Water Denver Zoo King Soopers Grocers US Forest Service Water Quality Management (Emily Griffith Technical College)

9 AGRICULTURE, FOOD, AND NATURAL RESOURCES--ENERGY iCAST ((International Center for Appropriate & Sustainable Technology) Newfield Rocky Mountains (Oil Exploration) Noble Energy (Oil and Natural Gas Exploration) State Energy Sector Partnership (energy efficient or renewal energy fields)

10 ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning-- Emily Griffith Technical College Architectural Technology (Career Education Center) Colorado Cleanup Corporation (demolition and earthwork company) Denver Architectural Foundation Designscapes (landscape design and construction)

11 Frentress Architects (international design firm) LPR Construction Company (Structural Steel, Industrial Construction) Parsons Construction (engineering and construction organization) Saunders Construction, Inc. (commercial and residential construction ) Southwest Carpenters Training

12 Centennial Controls (engineering, design, and installation of Building Automation Systems) DPS-Electrical Department DPS-Integrated Building Automation Systems DPS-Pest Maintenance DPS-Plumbing Department DPS-Structural Department DPS-Sustainability (Energy) ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION- -TECHNICAL EDUCATION

13 DPS-Welding & Metals Shop JCOR Mechanic (complex plumbing and mechanical projects) Plumbers Local #3 (plumbing careers)

14 ARTS, AV TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION 95.7 The Party AND Hot 107.5 (Radio) Arts Street Audio--Career Education Center Channel 9 (Television) Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Colorado Film School/Community College of Aurora Comcast (Internet, Digital Cable TV, Comcast Digital Voice®, and Wireless)

15 Spyder (Apparel & Fashion industry ) CondorCam (cablecam company ) Denver Center for the Performing Arts enver Museum of Nature & Science Denver Musicians Association Denver Post (Newspaper) Denver Public Library EON Office (furniture and office supply) Fashion-Career Education Center Museo (Latino Americano art and culture)

16 EDUCATION Denver Public School-Human Resources Denver Teacher Residency Hope Center (Service to Special-Needs and At- Risk Children & Adults ) Misers Occupational Safety Training (Certified Asbestos and Lead disciplines) Teach for America (teaching)

17 FINANCE 1st Bank Junior Achievement Schwab Investments US Bank Wells Fargo Bank Westerra Credit Union Young Americans Bank

18 GOVERNMENT AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION City of Wheat Ridge Mayor's Office for Education & Children City & County of Denver-Mixed Clusters Operations 911 Emergency Communications Animal Care & Control/Public Health Budget & Management Career Service Authority Civil Service Commission

19 Crime Laboratory Bureau Department of Finance Technology Services Electronic Monitoring Program/Pretrial Services Information Technology and Adult Workforce Youth Workforce of Economic Development Office of Economic Development Park Rangers Police/Fire/Sheriff-Fire Engine Recycles/Solid Waste/Public Works

20 HEALTH SCIENCE CCO--Auraria Higher Education Center Athletic Trainer (Career Education Center) Health Science Medical Preparation (Career Education Center) Centura Health Children's Hospital Colorado University College of Nursing Denver Health Paramedic Department Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Metro Denver Dental Foundation Vision Care Specialists

21 HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM Denver Golf FROSCH Travel Agency Grand Hyatt Hotel Denver Hamilton Linen & Uniform McDonalds Palo Alto (restaurant franchises) Vail Resorts (ski resort)

22 HUMAN SERVICES Cosmetology/Barbering (Emily Griffith Technical College) Denver Housing Authority Goodwill Industries ( job placement for the disadvantaged and disabled) Paul Mitchell The School ( Beauty School & Cosmetology) YouthBiz Inc. (youth empowerment program)

23 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Apple Computers Bentley Systems, Inc. (computer software) Dell Computers DoTS-Site Support for DPS Technology Google Microsoft Store Vergent Products (product development)

24 LAW, PUBLIC SAFETY, CORRECTIONS AND SECURITY Center for Legal Inclusiveness (diversity in the legal profession) Colorado Bar Association (Law) Denver Department of Safety (Denver Police, Fire, and Sheriff Departments) Elbert County Sheriff-K9 Unit (Dog) U.S. Army US Forest Service Law Enforcement

25 MANUFACTURING Inter Tech Plastics (manufacturer of custom molded products) Welding (Emily Griffith Technical College)

26 MARKETING Athletics/CIC Colorado Rockies Baseball Club Sukle Advertising Design Zozo Marketing Group (website design and improvement)

27 (STEM) SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, AND MATH Aerospace, Math/Science- Community College of Den American Meteorological Society (Weather) CABPES (Black Engineers) Colorado First (science and technology leaders) ESRI (geographic information systems mapping software ) Space Voyage Academy Camp USAF (United States Air Force)

28 TRANSPORTATION, DISTRIBUTION AND LOGISITICS Air Craft Training (Emily Griffith Technical College) Auto-CEC Middle College Automotive Technician (Emily Griffith Technical College) Denver International Airport Denver Police Race Car RTD--Regional Transportation District--BUS

29 POST SECONDARY SCHOOLS, Technical Education, Community College, Colleges and Universities Arapahoe Community College College in Colorado Colorado School of Mines Colorado State University Colorado State University in Pueblo Community College of Aurora

30 Community College of Denver Community College of Denver-1st Community College of Denver-Career & Technical Education Denver Scholarship Foundation DeVry University Emily Griffith Opportunity School Front Range Community College Johnson & Wales University Kids Tek Metro State College of Denver

31 Red Rocks Community College University of Colorado Boulder University of Colorado Denver University of Denver University of Northern Colorado - Greeley

32 HIGH SCHOOLS South T.J (Thomas Jefferson) Kennedy East North West Manual Montbello

33 George Washington Career Education Center Denver Center for International Studies Denver School of the Arts*

34 HOW DO I INTERVIEW? Find your business person; you may have to wait your turn Smile, look them in the eye, and introduce yourself Shake their hand firmly, but not too tight Say “May I interview you about your business?” Use the questions in your career fair book

35 Listen closely—write down responses Do not look around! Nod your head when you understand Wait until there is a pause to ask your next question Thank them and again shake their hand when you are finished.



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