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Master of International Business Economics and Management 2014-2015.

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1 Master of International Business Economics and Management 2014-2015

2 MIBEM 2014-2015 Who’s who? Study programme and professors Study coaching Useful information

3 Who’s who

4 Academic management Programme director Prof. Dr. Guido Pepermans 02 608 14 09 Office: B06.23 (T’Serclaes) Office hours: Wednesday 12.30-13.30 or make appointment via e-mail Campusdean Faculty of Economics & Business Prof. Dr. Tom Van Puyenbroeck Office: 6th floor

5 Programme coordination Programme Coordinator Katrien Wauters 02 210 16 34 Office: B05-25, 5th floor (T’ Serclaes) Office hours: Monday to Wednesday 9:00-16:00 + appointment

6 Background students Nationality Diploma

7 Student services Student Administration Office: 1st floor, B (T’Serclaes) Social Services Department Marieke Steurs: 02/609.88.16 Els Jacobs: Office: A01-04,1st floor (T’Serclaes)

8 Student services Ombuds Office Marc Ophalvens: Erica Mechelmans: 02/609.88.21 Office: A01-03/03, 1st floor (T’ Serclaes) Study coaches Krista Van Winkel: Annelies De Winter: 02/210.16.07 Office: A01-07, 1st floor (T’ Serclaes)

9 Study programme and professors

10 Preparatory programme Principles of managerial economicsStijn Vanormelingen Macro-economics and economic policyDieter Verhaest Introduction to managementAnnabel Sels Introduction to financial reportingVicky Ghijselinck + Guy Walraevens Organisational behaviourLieven Brebels (Elfi Baillien) Principles of marketingChristel Claeys + Irene Roozen Business research methodsNick Deschacht + Peter Teirlinck Research proposal master thesisAlea Fairchild

11 MIBEM International economicsRuxanda Berlinschi Corporate Social ResponsabilityMarc Craps Economic elective Business electiveJan Van Hove Managerial accountingAnne-Mie Reheul International corporate financeRosanne Vanpée Strategic International HRMTim De Feyter + Jakari Griffith International marketingYves Van Vaerenbergh International business & strategy Annabel Sels + Dario Rossa Business GameDirk Van Lindt + Hilde Decan Project managementPeter Teirlinck + Eric Bloemen Master thesisCarla Morlion

12 Elective courses Economic electives: o Advanced micro-economics o Culture and economies o Economics of innovation o Economics of social security and social insurance o Environmental economics o Public economics Business electives: o International study visit o Recent advances in European business

13 Academic calendar 1st semester o 13 weeks classes o 2 weeks Christmas break o 1 week study leave o 3 weeks exams o 1 class free week o 3 weeks re-take in August/September 2nd semester o 8 weeks classes o 2 weeks Easter holidays o 5 weeks classes o 2 weeks study leave o 3 weeks exams

14 Study coaching

15 Exams: Pass/fail? Passing a subject ? o Min. 10/20 (= credit ) o Only the courses < 10/20  2nd exam chance o Remark: register digitally for the exams of June and August/September! 2 chances to pass the course o Eg fail course in January 2nd chance in August/September o Eg fail course in June 2nd chance in August/September

16 Courses < 10/20  2nd exam chance Retake a course for which you obtained less than 10 out of 20: Best result : you keep the best mark! (only within the same academic year) o Eg Advanced Micro-Economics January: 9/20 August/September: 6/20 => You keep the 9/20!

17 Obtaining a master degree o If credits obtained for 60 units o Or if you only have one 9/20 and can graduate with distinction (minimum 68%)

18 Feedback exams After every exam period (Jan, June and Aug/Sep) Feedback lecturers o Have a look into your exam o Compare expected answer with your answer o Discuss study method o Expectations lecturer o Register digitally!!!

19 Feedback exams General feedback o Discuss overall results and study planning & study method o Year programme & tolerances o Study path coaches (T’Serclaes 1st floor A-side)

20 Re-registration May re-register for the same degree program May re-register for the same course o 2nd time in your year program: no problem o 3rd time in your year program: CSE ≥ 50%: no problem CSE < 50%: no, you will be denied for one year! Remark: taking a course from the preparatory program for a 3rd time is possible. o 4th time in your year program: no, you will be denied for three years! Remark: CSE = Cumulative Study Efficiency = SE over x years = credits obtained in x years / all study units registered for in x years

21 Study progress monitoring Study credit: Flemish government o Limited time frame to obtain degree o Backpack full of study units (SU) o SU are taken out: study program o Successful SU will be recharged in your backpack o Not applicable to the preparatory program Info? Student Portal or Ombudsman’s office

22 Problems in the exam period? Contact the Ombuds Service!!! No agreements with teachers! o Weekdays (8h-18h30) : 02/210.13.19 o Weekends (Saturday 8h-9h + 12h15-13h15 and Sunday 20h-21h) : 0496/99.83.91 : only for urgent matters, not for cancelling exams! NOT by e-mail and NOT by voice-mail message When… o you cannot participate in an exam (always contact them BEFORE the exam takes place) o you experience problems of some kind

23 Ombuds During the year: report absence to Ombuds Service T’Serclaes: first floor

24 Exchange programme

25 Warsaw School of Economics (Erasmus) ICHEC (Erasmus Belgica) Apply first in KU Loket Toledo group KUL HUB Mobility Office Deadline 5/10

26 Useful information

27 Student Portal Contact hours & details teaching staff Course schedules + ECTS files Master thesis guidelines Education and Exam regulations Academic calendar

28 Campus Brussels 1 Campus – 4 buildings -Hermes  classrooms  cafeteria -T’Serclaes  Library  Restaurant  Course Material Centre  Student Administration  International Office -Terranova -Erasmus

29 Course Material Course material centre  Ground floor T’ Serclaes building Course material list & opening hours  Student portal Digital learning environment  https://toledo.kuleuven.be

30 Information Sessions 25/09/201412:30 – 13:30 Information session library (entrance library) 1201 27/11/201409:00 – 14:30 Global village XL (Exchange – fair) 2215 30/09/201412:30 – 13:30 Information session insurances (Euromut) 1201 24/9/201412:30-13:30 Digital learning environment/ISP1201

31 Master thesis Information session: o Prep MIBEM 22/09/2014 12:00-13:004115 o MIBEM22/09/201411:00-12:004115 Master thesis fair: o 29/09/201412:30-13:300.105 (Kleine aula)

32 Library & restaurant Library o Located in T’ Serclaes building Restaurant & cafeteria o Cafeteria : Hermes building o Sodexo – De Mineen: T’ Serclaes building

33 Communication & student associations Communication o KU Leuven e-mail o Notice boards online (Toledo) main entrance Hermes building Unofficial:

34 Lunch & workshops Lunch offered by KU Leuven o drinks on table o ROOM 1119 Walking tours start at 12:30 from lunch room

35 Questions?

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