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Presented by: Ronald O. Nichols LADWP General Manager

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1 Presented by: Ronald O. Nichols LADWP General Manager
CMAA Southern California Chapter Water & Wastewater Agency Night Capital Program Updates Presented by: Ronald O. Nichols LADWP General Manager

2 Major Capital Programs
Regulatory Compliance Reservoir Covers & Bypasses Trunk Line Replacement Safe Drinking Water Program Recycled Water Stormwater Capture Customer Conservation Programs Groundwater Cleanup & Management Local Water Supply Program Replace aging pipeline and related infrastructure, including regulator stations, pumping stations, and maintaining the LA Aqueduct Water System Reliability Program

3 Planned 3-Year Capital Investments
Program FY 2011/12 FY 2012/13 FY 2013/14 Safe Drinking Water $188 M $214 M $316 M Local Water Supply $71 M $137 M $165 M Water System Reliability $275 M $300 M $345 M Total $534 M $651 M $826 M 3

4 Project Delivery In-house Capabilities Design Construction Construction Management Design-Bid-Build is LADWP’s primary method of contract project delivery, but planning to use CM at Risk for Headworks Reservoir Select projects may be a mixture of in- house and contract resources

5 Professional Services Contracts
As-Needed Engineering Services Contracts with several engineering firms Design, Estimating, Value Engineering $10 Million As-Needed Construction Management Contracts with several CM firms CM services, inspection, staff supplementation $12 Million

6 Safe Drinking Water Program
Reservoir Improvements Projects are part of a 20-year compliance agreement Invested over $400 M to date Remaining Five Reservoirs CA Dept. of Public Health Deadlines Estimated Budget Silver Lake Dec 2013 $230 M Ivanhoe Nov 2014 Elysian Aug 2015 $35 M Upper Stone Canyon Jan 2017 $25 M Los Angeles Mar 2022 $130 M Purpose of Presentation and reason for Closed Session 6 6

7 Safe Drinking Water Program
Headworks Reservoir Critical Water Quality Improvement Project Replaces Silver Lake & Ivanhoe Reservoirs Two buried concrete reservoirs with a 110- million-gallon combined storage capacity Innovative Approach: Construction Manager At Risk Webcor, Obayashi, Lyles, a Joint Venture (WEBCOR) Construction Cost: $230 Million WEBCOR is actively seeking qualified subcontractors.

8 Estimated Contract Amount
Safe Drinking Water Program Headworks Reservoir Subcontracting Project Component Subcontracting Opportunity Timeline Estimated Contract Amount Headworks East Reservoir Construction Management & Civil Construction 2/12 to 6/15 $80 M Headworks West Reservoir 2/15 to 2/18 $90 M Headworks Ecosystem Restoration Develop wetlands, landscaping and site improvements at reservoir 2/18 to12/19 $7 M RSC Lower Reach Unit 1A 6,400 feet of 84” - 96” Welded Steel Pipeline in the Griffith Park area Pipeline Construction 2/12 to 10/14 $50 M

9 Over the next quarter century, we plan to transform our water supply sources
INCLUDE PIE CHARTS WITH WATER NOW VS. _____ * Excludes 100,000 AFY of water conservation 9

10 Local Supply Components Investments Over the Next 5 years
Program 5-Year Investment San Fernando Valley Aquifer Groundwater Cleanup $100 M Stormwater Capture $274 M Recycled Water $29 M Expanded Water Conservation $250 M

11 San Fernando Basin Groundwater Treatment Complex
Treatment capacity of up to 125,000 AFY Est. in-service date: 2021 Capital Cost: $600M – $900M Annual O&M Cost: $50M - $70M Draft Draft

12 Cost Effectiveness of the San Fernando Basin Groundwater Treatment Complex

13 Stormwater Capture Tujunga Spreading Grounds Project
Estimated Capital Cost: $24 million Design 90% complete Increased recharge up to 8,000 acre-feet per year expected Estimated project completion by 2015 Competitive Bid Process 13 13

14 Recycled Water – Key Elements
Recycled Water Utilization 59,000 AFY by 2035 Recycled Water Master Plan Existing: 8,000 AFY Planned and potential projects: 21,000 AFY Competitive Bid Process Groundwater replenishment with advanced treated wastewater (30,000 AFY): $415 million Garber Recycled Tank: $2 million LA/Glendale Recycled Tank: $2 million Griffith Park South Recycled Tank and Pump Station: $6 million Internal Construction Expand purple pipe network (29,000 AFY): $495 million

15 Water Reliability Potential Contracting Opportunities
Project Component Contracting Opportunity Timeline Contract Amount* RSC Upper Reach Units 5 & 6 15,700 feet of 78” Welded Steel Pipeline in the San Fernando Valley Area Pipeline Construction 9/11 to 10/15 $106 M RSC Upper Reach Unit 7 13,700 feet of 78” Welded Steel Pipeline in the San Fernando Valley area Tunneling 11/12 to 10/15 $120 M City Trunk Line South Unit 6 1,600 feet of 60” Welded Steel Pipeline in the San Fernando Valley 1/13 to 9/15 $14 M Sunset Blvd Trunk Line Rehabilitation Phase II Slipline 36” Pipeline with HDPE. Fairfax Ave to Cahuenga Blvd. Construction - Sliplining 9/13 to 4/14 $9 M Silver Lake Bypass Pipeline 5,000 feet of 66” Welded Steel Pipeline adjacent to Silver Lake Reservoir 10/11 to 1/14 $40 M *Estimate 15

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