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Project Option Ass Prof Peter Hill School of Population Health.

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1 Project Option Ass Prof Peter Hill School of Population Health

2 What is it? Allows students to engage in research or project work in their specialist field of public health study within the workplace  Workplace practicum: apply academic coursework and training in a public health agency setting under the direction of an on-site supervisor  Guided study: under guidance of workplace supervisor/ academic supervisor, students work independently to develop an understanding of public health concepts, explore a specific issue or investigate a research question  Minor research project: undertake a small scale research project Worth the equivalent of two courses (subjects)

3 Who is it for?  Students who are working in agencies or institutions wanting to convert some of their core work into an academic document (potential for submission) and gain academic credit  Students undertaking the course-work option (not dissertation)  Students not thinking about PhD study (unless you are taking the 16 unit MPH option) Notes:  Can only do ONE project in your MPH degree

4 When can you do it? Like the dissertation – it  best done AFTER you have completed core subjects  ideally should be undertaken at the end of your MPH program of study  Required to receive approval from proposed supervisor (at UQ) and program coordinator (QUT/Griffith) to enroll  Full-time in one semester  Part-time over two semesters  semester 1, 2 or the summer semester

5 What do you have to do?  Worth the equivalent of two courses (subjects) so:  Full-time: 20 hours/week for one semester  Part-time: 10 hours/week for two semesters  Allow six weeks before semester to ensure approval to enroll  Identify principal advisor within School  Obtain support from workplace supervisor (if practicum)  Draft clear 2 page proposal with agreed evaluation criteria  Submit ethics approval application if appropriate  Assessment is specific to the type of project …see your home university coordinator for details

6 What else needs to be done?  Your workplace supervisor/principal supervisor is responsible for your assessment  At UQ, Project guidelines are available on the web  For Griffith and QUT, more structured documents have been created (available from your program coordinator)  Project proposal  Project contract  Project proposal evaluation  Project final evaluation  Once completed, provide a copy of your final project proposal document to your principal advisor (UQ) and program coordinator (QUT, Griffith)

7 Final remarks  Since its inception, several students have successfully (& enjoyably) completed the project option  The key is to find: appropriate academic/workplace supervisor 2.a feasible and relevant public health problem 3.a well-defined timeline with clear expectations between supervisor and student, and agreed upon milestones …any questions?

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