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IBM Global Services Document # DRM in a Wireless World Griffith Jones IBM Business Innovation Services Griffith Jones IBM Business Innovation Services.

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1 IBM Global Services Document # DRM in a Wireless World Griffith Jones IBM Business Innovation Services Griffith Jones IBM Business Innovation Services OFTA 2-days Technical Workshop: Bridging the Gap - Development of Mobile Multi-media, Value- added and Content Applications in the New Era

2 IBM Global Services Slide 2 Connections to Content Delivery Traditional model for Telecom Industry is based connection, but the future belongs to those who can master content management and delivery Five Frogs on a Log: Not easy task, but for those who can get their business models, the consumer experience and the technology right, the future is bright Irony of WAP and Recent Rays of Light

3 IBM Global Services Slide 3 DRM Key as Content is critical to Wireless Value-Added Services Security, DRM and Customer Preferences are essential to managing the Digital Experience of customers Until Content Providers are satisfied their IP Rights are respected, it will be hard to expand the palette DRM is all the more critical with Super Distribution IBM Encryption operates at 3 levels, dynamically refreshing itself throughout the delivery process, (and hasn’t been hacked yet)

4 IBM Global Services Slide 4 Enterprise Content Management  ECM is an informational infrastructure for accessing, capturing, integrating, managing, analyzing, and securely distributing all forms of digitized content to help customers implement and deploy e-business solutions  Objectives :  Enhance Customer Service  Improve Operational Productivity  Deliver Complete Rich Media Experiences  EMMS provides a Digital Rights Management infrastructure, which is a key element of the IBM’s Enterprise Content Management portfolio

5 IBM Global Services Slide 5 In Europe, 2001 light mobile content business beat PC Internet content download... Total consumer spending Million € Total mobile ancillary services in Europe € 590M € 252M Total PC Internet paid content in Europe 0 200 400 600 Ringtones, logos (95%) Alerts on news, sports and finance (5%) Adult content (70%) Games (10%) Business news (10%) Other (10%) Source: Jupiter 01/2002

6 IBM Global Services Slide 6 In This Value Chain, Content Providers want to deliver “the right content at the right time through the right’ channel,” and Service Providers to enable the platform. But who owns the customer and how are revenues split?

7 IBM Global Services Slide 7 TREND: As Handset manufacturers add features, enriched content can be offered to consumers –Polyphonic MIDI ringtones –Java TM games and other sophisticated rich media applications –Hi-res graphics, including public domain, copyrighted, and consumer created –Animated screen savers TODAY: Ringtones and other light content is available via SMS and/or PC download FUTURE: As Higher Value content becomes available, it will need to be protected Wireless Digital Media Market Trend

8 IBM Global Services Slide 8 DoCoMo & IBM Japan creating video transmission control technology for 3 rd and future-generation mobile services The system enables mobile users to easily find and view excerpts of streamed video content TOKYO, JAPAN, September 18, 2001---NTT DoCoMo, Inc. and IBM Japan, Ltd. announced today that they have jointly realized third- generation and future mobile technologies for compiling excerpts ( “ digests ” ) of video content according to user-specified keywords and then stream the content to the user ’ s mobile phone smoothly and with enhanced stability.

9 IBM Global Services Slide 9 IBM EMMS Strategy Create a multi-industry, multi-media DRM platform Secure multiple media types for B2B and B2C use Provide an infrastructure for distribution of content to pervasive devices Allow content to flow to many different device types and applications Enable IBM’s e-business Middleware offerings to leverage EMMS DRM capabilities Further integrate DRM support with IBM’s core middleware stack

10 IBM Global Services Slide 10 EMMS Highlights Enables a variety of content delivery models: Video/audio streaming and download Wireless delivery of content to cell phones and PDA User authentication Transaction or subscription based pricing Super distribution – peer to peer or targeted direct marketing Supports Home Gateway Applications Set Top Boxes On demand media production for retail kiosk models Secure interfaces & the server allow content to be formatted and exported to specific devices

11 IBM Global Services Slide 11 EMMS Component Flows

12 IBM Global Services Slide 12 Service Provider Delivery Environment (SPDE)

13 IBM Global Services Slide 13 Expanding Wireless Capabilities

14 IBM Global Services Slide 14 IBM & Nokia are both members of the ‘Open Mobile Alliance’ –Committed to supporting a robust industry wide Mobile DRM Standard –Evolving technologies & solutions necessary to implement the finalized OMA standards IBM’s DRM and Content Management solutions are designed to support multiple standards –Multiple content types and CODECs –Multiple delivery channels (Wireless & Wireline) –Multiple DRM specs (OMA, others?) Working for Future OMA Compatibility

15 IBM Global Services Slide 15 Nokia Delivery Server Standard APIs / Interfaces Nokia Delivery Server Standard APIs / Interfaces

16 IBM Global Services Slide 16 EMMS Content Prep IBM Content Manager WAP Gateway Nokia Delivery Server * Mobile Content Ring tones screensavers picture messages Nokia 3410 Device Publishing Tool * Metadata for catalog PM – promo materials Content Discovery CoD Content Delivery Operator Billing Call Data Record Lab Prototype Package: EMMS & Content Manager Mobile DRM level 1 - multi-part mime - CoD delivery WAP Portal / eCommerce IBM Nokia Operator PM Ingest Nokia Delivery Server ported to IBM WebSphere, and LInux EMMS EWCE EMMS Clearing House EMMS Content Host EMMS Multi - Device Server Create Secure Container DB2

17 IBM Global Services Slide 17 The joint Digital Media offering enables new revenue opportunities for Service Providers Basing the solution on the IBM Digital Media Factory and SPDE ensures solution components work together smoothly IBM & Nokia’s commitment to support open DRM specifications through standards bodies, such as the OMA, provides a clear path to the future for Service Providers Benefits to Wireless Service Providers

18 IBM Global Services Slide 18 The Digital Media Factory, and SPDE enable IBM to provide fast and reliable integration services… –across the Digital Media Value Chain –with Service Provider operational infrastructure The Nokia Delivery Server will be technically integrated with SPDE and the DM factory in IBM’s La Gaude lab –Demonstrable End to End “Instantiation” of offering –This will be used as the basis for a “Lab Prototype Package” being offered to Service Providers IBM Leveraging Digital Media Factory & SPDE

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