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Contributors to the Discovery of DNA Webquest

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1 Contributors to the Discovery of DNA Webquest
The work, discoveries, and scientists involved in the history of DNA.

2 The Mission You just got hired as a scientist in a genetics laboratory. As your first assignment approaches, you want to brush up on your history of DNA. You decide to research the following: The scientists involved in the discovery of DNA. The discoveries and research that led to the realization that DNA was the genetic material. The scientists who were involved in discovering the structure of DNA.

3 The Mission You will compile a dossier on the scientists involved as well as their research and what it meant. You research the following scientists on the next slides. With each scientist/s is a list of internet sites you can search for information. Follow along on your concept map to collect the main ideas. Remember you only have one period!

4 DOSSIER For each scientist/s, find the following information:
The date of their discovery/research. Their discovery or contribution to DNA history. How they come to this discovery Example: method, DNA technology, process, or model. Remember, you do not need to visit each website for each scientist. Just find the information you need for each scientist.

5 Frederick Griffith Websites: DNA Transformation
Slideshow of Griffith's Research (Use Slides 7-12) Animation of Griffith’s experiment Points to Remember: What was the name of Griffith’s discovery? What did his discovery show?

6 Oswald Avery Websites: Avery and the transforming principle
Avery on the Genetics Timeline Points to Remember: What was Avery trying to find out? What did Avery finally realize about transformation?

7 Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase
Websites: Diagram of Hershey-Chase experiment Description of Experiment Interactive Simulation of Experiment Another good diagram with description Points to Remember: What did Hershey and Chase use in their experiment to transfer genetic information? What two parts of the virus were being tested in their experiment? What did Hershey and Chase conclude?

8 Erwin Chargaff Websites: Chargaff's Rules
Description of Chargaff's Rules Points to Remember: What are Chargaff’s rules? What did the similarities in base pairing between different organisms say about DNA?

9 Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins
Websites: Rosalind's Research More Rosalind Information Information on Maurice Wilkins and his work with DNA Points to Remember What technique did Rosalind and Maurice use in their research? What did Rosalind and Maurice’s work help show about DNA?

10 Francis Crick and James Watson
Websites People and Discoveries: Watson and Crick DNA Structure Contributors A look back at DNA 50 years later Points to Remember: What was the name given to Watson & Crick’s structure of DNA? What did their model of DNA help explain about DNA?

11 Mission Accomplished! You’re done! Once you have completed your dossiers, turn them in.

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