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Highlights of Accomplishments

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1 Highlights of Accomplishments

2 Vision: To serve as a model of positive leadership and advocacy for ensuring quality educational opportunities for all military children affected by mobility, family separation, and transition. Mission: To ensure quality educational experiences for all military children.

3 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: General (Retired) Thomas Schwartz, Chairman Dr. William Harrison, Vice Chairman Laura Cichowski, Vice Chairman Zoe Trautman, Vice Chairman Cathy Franks, Vice Chairman & Secretary Bob Ray, Treasurer Valerie Baldwin Major General (Retired) Charles Bolden Beth Chiarelli Admiral (Retired) Walter Doran Brigadier General (Retired) Bob Gaylord General Retired Ben Griffin Toni Hill Lil Ingram Don Jones Kathleen O’Beirne Matt Rogers Patty Shinseki David Splitek Uri Treisman Joyce Ward BOARD MEMBERS EMERITUS: Sandy Schwartz Lieutenant General (Retired) Pete Taylor Dr. James Mitchell Mary Jo Reimer Board of Directors

4 Pledged Support MG James Myles Col Robert Pastorelli Mayor Tommy Battle Mayor Paul Finley Mike Gillespie - County Commission Chair Dr. Dee Fowler Dr. Ann Roy Moore Dr. Terry Davis Scott McClain - Schools Foundation Dr. Mary Jane Caylor - SDE

5 Local Involvement Steering Committee Eula Battle – wife of Mayor Battle Dr. Julie Finley – wife of Mayor Finley Nancy Jones – MCEC facilitator and wife of Tony Jones of Boeing Alice Myles – wife of MG James Myles Anna Pastorelli – wife of Col Robert Pastorelli Barbara Williams – School Liaison Officer with Redstone Arsenal Debbie Beaupre – Schools Foundation Virginia Griffith – wife of Congressman Parker Griffith Margie Williams – wife of Dr. David Williams of UAH

6 Transition Counselor Institute Trained over 6300 professionals since 2000 in 27 states, 5 countries Special Education Leaders Institute Trained over 599 professionals since 2003 in 13 states Supporting Children and Families of the National Guard and Reserve Institute Trained over 2180 professionals since 2004 in 32 states Living in the New Normal: Supporting Children Through Trauma and Loss Trained 503 professionals since 2007 in 14 states Professional Development

7 Interactive Counseling Centers 248 located worldwide Represents 217 military installations Includes more than 2668 campuses Over 958,000 hits since January 2008 Technology Solutions

8 Student to Student Located in over 164 schools worldwide Conducted training in the Europe and Pacific Junior Student to Student Trained 58 middle schools in 6 states Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program 16 selected S2S™ students during launch at West Point in 2007 14 selected S2S™ at West Point in 2008 Bernard Brown II Space Camp Scholarship Selected 77 students to attend camp since 2002 Student Programs

9 Parent to Parent Over 29,430 military parents trained 62 Parent to Parent ™ teams located in 24 communities to include 15 states and two countries: Germany and Italy Tell Me A Story Conducted 33 events at 12 locations Over 2080 participants attended Launched tell me a story for young children Featured Tell Me A Story™ at the 2007 National Conference Conducted tmas at 13 installations Parent Programs

10 - Encourage the courage of children. - Acknowledge the positive attributes of military children. - Promote resilience. - Acknowledge children as grievers. - Non-victimization of grievers. - Respect for cultural traditions, belief systems, and privacy of each child. - Address the unique factors that compound the loss. Guiding Principles for Living In the New Normal

11 Award winning publications – a bronze ADDY for the TMAS illustration campaign 2008 Niarchos Survivorship Prize – awarded by Survivor Corps Named one of America’s BEST independent charities Honors Received

12 … for the sake of the child ™ 94 cents of every dollar goes for programs and initiatives Dr. Mary Keller (254) 953-1923 or The Military Child Education Coalition “Military Child Education Coalition™,” “MCEC®,” all programs and institutes, and associated trademarks and design elements are owned by the Military Child Education Coalition. © 2008 Military Child Education Coalition. All Rights Reserved

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