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Physics 451 Quantum mechanics I Fall 2012 Karine Chesnel.

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1 Physics 451 Quantum mechanics I Fall 2012 Karine Chesnel

2 Class: M, W, F at 9 am C285 ESC Physics 451 Quantum Mechanics - Foundations Instructor: Karine Chesnel N319 ESC 801-422-5687 Office hours: MWF 10-11am Teaching assistant: Muxue Liu

3 A little bit about your teacher… France PhD in Physics University Joseph Fourier MS in Physics Ecole Normale Superieure Post-Doc Lawrence Berkeley Lab

4 BYU A little bit about your teacher… MagnetometryMagnetic microscopyOur Lab

5 Textbook: David J. Griffiths Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, 2nd ed. Get your CID: Register your I-clicker Physics 451 Quantum Mechanics - Foundations

6 Physics 451- schedule Aug 27 – Sept 21 Exam I: Sep 24- Sep 27 Schrödinger equation Wave function Stationary states Harmonic oscillator Infinite square well Free particle Oct 29 – Nov 16 Exam III: Nov 16- Nov 20 Schrödinger equation in spherical coordinates Hydrogen atom Angular momentum Spin Nov 26 – Dec 5 Final Exam: W Dec 12, 7am Two-particles systems Atoms Solids Final review Sep 26 – Oct 22 Delta function potential Finite square well Formalism Uncertainty principle Exam II: Oct 22 - Oct 25 APS Four corners Oct 26-27

7 Physics 451- Homework Homework twice a week: generally due T & Th 7pm Help sessions T & Th afternoons 3- 6 pm Return your homework in the Phys 451 slots across N373 ESC ALWAYS put your CID on first page of your work If you use computer softwares (Matlab, Maple, Mathematica…) to do a calculation, don’t forget to print and include all your actual work.

8 Physics 451 Help sessions Help sessions on Tuesday & Thursday from 3 to 6pm room N 337 (undergraduate lab) First session: this Thursday Aug 30

9 Physics 451 Homework First homework assignment: next Friday Aug 31 st by 7pm Assignment # 1: Problems 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 In the textbook

10 Physics 451- Grading In class quizzes: 10% Homework: 40% Exams: 30% Final 20% Check your grade during the semester:

11 Introduction to Quantum mechanics Some History Newton’s second Law Kinetic energy Mechanical energy of the system Until 20 th century: Classical Newtonian Mechanics… Deterministic view: All the parameters of one particle can be determined exactly at any given time

12 Introduction to Quantum mechanics Early 20 th century: Some revolutionary ideas from bright minds… Some History Werner Heisenberg 1901-1976 Uncertainty Principle Erwin Schrödinger 1887-1961 Schrödinger Equation Wolfgang Pauli 1900- 1958 Pauli exclusion principle

13 Introduction to Quantum mechanics Essential ideas 1) Uncertainty principle: Conjugates quantities of a particle (ex: position & momentum) can not be known simultaneously within a certain accuracy limit 2) Quantization: The measurement of a physical quantity in a confined system results in quanta (the measured values are discrete) 3) Wave-particle duality: All particles can be described as waves (travelling both in space and in time) The state of the particle is given by a wave function 4) Extrapolation to classical mechanics: The laws of classical Newtonian mechanics are the extrapolation of the laws of quantum mechanics for large systems with very large number of particles

14 Introduction to Quantum mechanics Essential ideas Schrödinger equation (1926)

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