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Office of Technical Services Tracking & Reviewing Research Space Usage Tony Woods Deputy Director, OTS.

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1 Office of Technical Services Tracking & Reviewing Research Space Usage Tony Woods Deputy Director, OTS

2 Office of Technical Services 2 Overview Griffith & Office of Technical Services Space Management Role Previous Research Space Surveys National Research Developments Current Review – over 400 rooms Lessons Learned

3 Office of Technical Services 3 Griffith University Five campuses across Brisbane – Gold Coast corridor –Southbank, Nathan, Mt Gravatt, Logan, Gold Coast Approx 32,000 students New medical & dental schools & film school

4 Office of Technical Services 4 Office of Technical Services (OTS) Formed 1997 – most Griffith technical staff Approx 115 permanent & 20 casual staff Primary role – technical staff support to teaching & research Other responsibilities include: –Operating technical stores, workshops, animal facilities, anatomy facility –Timetabling technical teaching space –Specialist H&S services and advice –Space Management

5 Office of Technical Services 5 OTS Structure Director Deputy Director – Planning & Quality Cross Campus Support Operations 4 x Campus Managers

6 Office of Technical Services 6 Space Management Role Most technical space in University: –Teaching & research labs & studios –Other technical facilities – stores, workshops, specialist facilities Approx 30% of all Uni space Space & Key database developed as management tool

7 Office of Technical Services 7 OTS Space & Key Database Developed in Microsoft Access Comprehensive details on all rooms for which OTS has management responsibility (1,300 rooms) Accessible by managers & staff from any location Web-interfaced Linked to key database (over 5,300 keys) Security safeguards for key data Room Condition information added

8 Office of Technical Services 8

9 9 Research Space 2001: DVC(R) requested survey of research area usage New module for Space & Key Database Survey conducted using contract Project Officer Repeated after 18 months 2004: Space management policy modified –PVCs responsible for assignment of research space

10 Office of Technical Services 10 National Research Developments Research Quality Framework (RQF) ‘Building University Diversity’ Increased focus on research quality Required Unis to review research effort and directions Reflected in Griffith University Strategic Plan

11 Office of Technical Services 11 Review of Research Areas Led by DVC(R) – to ensure usage optimised & aligned with University’s strategic directions Major instrumentation facilities also surveyed Restricted to science, technology & health areas OTS asked to conduct review Over 400 rooms across 4 campuses Very wide range of disciplines eg. chemistry, biosciences, engineering, medicine

12 Office of Technical Services 12 Review Stages Stage1: Planning 2: Confirm Current Users 3: Gather Room Data 4: Utilisation Status 5: Future Needs & Major Instrumentation

13 Office of Technical Services 13 Stage 1: Planning Consultation with DVC(R) Agreement on data sought Planned detailed timelines & stages of project Two OTS team leaders assigned to assist part- time with project, plus admin support Database field structure updated

14 Office of Technical Services 14 Research Data Collected

15 Office of Technical Services 15 Stage 2:Confirming Current Users Project announcement - DVC(R) email to PVCs, Deans, HOS and Research Centre Directors Personal visits to HOS and Res Centre Directors to confirm element and academic responsible for each area Database updated with revised information

16 Office of Technical Services 16 Stage 3:Gathering Room Data Email (Lotus Notes) to each academic responsible Included extract from Space & Key Database relating to their room Researcher updated room details & sent reply via email Updated info pasted into Database.

17 Office of Technical Services 17 Stage 4:Utilisation Status Conducted by OTS Project Officers Inspected each room, noted room condition, and assigned utilisation status Inspection consistency through guidelines & some joint inspections

18 Office of Technical Services 18 Stage 4:Utilisation Status (contd) Utilisation status: –Overcrowded –Fully & Efficiently Utilised –Potentially Some Spare Capacity * –Significant Spare Capacity * –Vacant/Available * –Unknown

19 Office of Technical Services 19 Stage 5:Future Needs & Major Instrumentation Future space needs (1 to 5 years) requested from HOS & Res Centre Directors Major Instrumentation Facilities surveyed – current & planned

20 Office of Technical Services 20 Data Consolidation Database updated with room data, utilsation status, and condition Master room-data spreadsheet submitted to Office for Research Future usage & instrumentation facilities data completed Submitted to DVC(R) for analysis & review OTS to provide advice based on local knowledge

21 Office of Technical Services 21 Some Lessons Learned Process Review Advance Planning Face to Face Meetings Technology Use Local Knowledge Policy & Procedures Revisions

22 Office of Technical Services 22 Conclusion Review in response to national & Strategic Plan focus on research quality Surveyed research activity in over 400 spaces across 4 campuses Sought future space needs & major instrumentation data DVC(R) to review usage & if necessary re-allocate some research space

23 Office of Technical Services 23 Questions ?

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