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Griffith Aviation An Integrated System to Success David Coates and Paul Bates.

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2 Griffith Aviation An Integrated System to Success David Coates and Paul Bates

3 Information Services 2 Aviation Industry indicating dire pilot (and other staff) shortage. Shortage was known about at least 5 years prior and Industry was regularly warned. Many displayed poor forward staff planning Result was “rush” to fill right seats. Anecdotal evidence showing incidence of poor quality training and staff being employed In some instance where safety standards already questionable Griffith Aviation Prior to the GFC

4 Information Services 3 »Moving forward Industry must be pro-active about forward planning and recruitment. Aircraft are ordered years ahead. Planning staff know how many aircraft and therefore should know how many staff required into the future Griffith Aviation

5 Information Services 4 The Queensland Solution Motivate students at High School years 11 and 12 (some from year 8) Pathway to University (guaranteed entrance) Pathway to employment (“guaranteed” employment) Griffith Aviation

6 Information Services 5 Aerospace Studies Subject Study Areas. Aeronautics and Astronautics Safety Management Systems The Business of Aviation and Aerospace Aviation Operations. Griffith Aviation

7 Information Services 6 Aerospace Gateway Schools 2006 Trial, 9 Schools 2007 Establishment of Aviation High 2008 Trial extended to 17 Schools 2009 Extended Trial includes 25 Schools Griffith Aviation

8 Information Services 7 600 Students studying “Aerospace” 360 of These at Aviation High Expect stable Aviation High at 500 students Griffith Aviation

9 Information Services Direct entry to Griffith University for Pilots High Achievement in Aerospace Subject Passes in Maths and English Recommendation from Principal 8 Griffith Aviation

10 Information Services Airline Cadet Program 18 Months Successful progress at Griffith University Regular attendance at MATES- Professional Development Program Formal Application supported by Head, Griffith Aviation Airline Selection Process 9 Griffith Aviation

11 Information Services MATES Co-Curricular Program Students expected to attend every Wednesday night. 1700-2100 10 Griffith Aviation

12 Information Services Flight Groups meet- cover various topics Public speaking (confidence building) Aviation industry updates Airline Specific updates Team Building activities Leadership development Industry Leaders Talks-Visits 11 Griffith Aviation

13 Information Services Airline Selection Selection complete by End of year 2 Students cadets in 3 rd year End of 3 rd year type conversion and Multi Crew Course Start of 4 th year, begin FO position in regional carrier or directly to co-pilot of Airline 12 Griffith Aviation

14 Information Services Benefits to Airline 5-7 years of close scrutiny of potential staff by Airline and education partners Professional Skills taught and practiced High level degree knowledge and practice specifically in Aviation Evidence Based Research into continuous improvement in Aviation education and training Highest Quality Flight Training, supervised by Airline and Education Partner 13 Griffith Aviation

15 Information Services No or almost No cost to Airline!!!!! Government Pays upfront cost for Australian citizens as no interest loan Student eventually wears the cost so develops a sense of responsibility 14 Griffith Aviation

16 Thank You Aviation Griffith Aviation

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