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By Akshi, Ritika, Rakshita, Jigisha, Aarushi Pradhan, Anahita.

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1 By Akshi, Ritika, Rakshita, Jigisha, Aarushi Pradhan, Anahita

2 INTRODUCTION Hi we the students of anveshna Newton group are going to brief you about Anveshna is a very nice way to express your ideas and share them. We all are celebrating anveshna 4 th open day that is from 2008 on last Wednesday of February (This year 29 th of february ) every year. On this day we all make and take an experiment in school and show it to classes 3-10 and even the parents now we will move forward with the toys we made……….

3 We had made an cd hover craft which was very interesting. When we saw the toy we were very impressed. Seeing the CD-Hovercraft we thought it is very difficult but when we made it,it was very easy. It was quite fun too. This is because of air pressure (Newton’s 3 rd Law)

4 This experiment was very fascinating, it changed the color. It was really surprising but after sometime its color starts fading away but if we shake it again the color will change into blue. This is a reversible oxydation reduction reaction.

5 LISTS OF BIRDS IN MEDITATION CENTER Dove size pigeon Wagtail- flying pattern is wavy Pigeon-black in color Sparrow- small bird lapwing- red colored bird Purple sun bird -sucking nector,thin neck,pointed neck and male Bulbul –Fat and brownish body color Moorhen –black and brown with white spots

6 We even went to dum duma the dream island. We travelled by bus.While we were in the bus we were divided in groups,1 st group was formed with Bose and curie,2 nd group was formed with Einstein and Newton.On the way to dumduma we stopped at one place, we did rock-climbing on a natural mountain. It was great fun doing this activity.We then left for damdama after 10 minutes we reached damdama lake and took a boat and went to dream island. We played with balloon cars too and it was quite fun.

7 Collage

8 Now we are looking forward for anveshna open day hope u have fun Thanks

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