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Task added on Calender View

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1 Task added on Calender View

2 In Standard salesforce calendar we can add event on calendar, however we can not add task on calendar We have used visualforce page and Javascript to add Task and Event on calendar whenever the get scheduled. Calendar View Requirement

3 We have develop visualforce page custom tab which will show event and task in calendar section as shown below

4 User can click on “Week” button to see the weekly view of scheduled task and event for that week

5 Day View

6 Similarly we can add campaign on the calendar view. user can navigate forward and backward (Day, Week or Month) by pressing navigation button as shown below As shown in earlier screens we have distinguished Task and Event by different color When user hover the mouse over the task or event S/he can see the detail about the task and event. Using this functionality it is convenient for user to have single view of Task and event on calendar.

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