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SCHOOL FUSION CLASSROOM WEB PAGES New Staff Orientation March 19, 2013.

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1 SCHOOL FUSION CLASSROOM WEB PAGES New Staff Orientation March 19, 2013

2 MPS Web Policy 7305.1 I. Accountability II. Privacy

3 Your Web Presence: Think It Through! Who is your Audience? Representing your School in a Professional Manor that reflects your School’s Mission Remember… what you post on the web can be PERMINANT!

4 Logging Into Your School’s Page Navigate to your school’s webpage The login window is along the top of the page Use your Novell login and your Infinite Campus password

5 Previous Class Website If you had a School Fusion website last year, you will see this message.

6 Previous Class Website You can choose to not reuse your previous year website and start fresh OR You can select your old site and pull content foward

7 Previous Class Website Make your selection and click Activate New Class Sites You will see a message that says Classroom(s) activated

8 Activate New Class Website If you did not have a School Fusion website last year, you will see a message that looks like this Click Activate New Class Sites

9 WAIT! I’m a secondary teacher and I have HOW many websites??? Not to worry! We will show you some tips, tricks, and other amazing ideas soon that will help you make sense of everything

10 Activate FusionTools Click on the Activate FusionTools icon from the Dashboard If you have already activated FusionTools: – select FusionTools -> View My Profile – Click Edit My Profile

11 School Fusion: Profile Your profile page will appear Click on Browse to upload a picture of yourself Enter a Personal Statement Click SAVE

12 Welcome to FusionTools!

13 School Fusion: Expanded Profile Your EXPANDED Profile Appears The Usage Graph can show you visits to your site

14 Message Center: – Not used List of Fusion Pages: – Detailed list of your pages School Fusion: Expanded Profile

15 My Students shows students that have been loaded into your class School Fusion: Expanded Profile Discussion Topics: Multimedia Blog * *discussed later Analytics: details about your multimedia blogs

16 Dashboard Overview The links on the left of the page are called the Dashboard – My Account – Create – Fusion Pages – Teachers – Ask for Help – Logout

17 Recent Activity will show any new modifications to the website Dashboard Overview

18 Personal Settings Click on My Account Then choose Personal Settings

19 This will show your basic profile There are additional tabs across the top Personal Settings

20 Personal Settings: Personal Info You can enter – Phone # – Job Title All other information is synced with Infinite Campus Contact your building Web Initiator if the information is not correct

21 Personal Settings: Notifications Under the Notifications tab, you can set your preferences for emails sent to you concerning daily activities

22 Personal Settings: Notifications You can modify the Recent Activity Notifications setting by clicking on it By clicking YES, you will get an email every morning with your activities (calendar events) in School Fusion

23 Personal Settings: Notifications Messaging Options are not used by Millard

24 Personal Settings: Notifications You can subscribe to your school’s Daily Digest by clicking on the link. A window will open to set up the Event Digest. By clicking on the “Send me a daily….” link, you will get an email with all of your school’s activities on the website Calendar

25 Personal Settings: My FusionPages Lists all FusionPages you are associated with Also lists archived pages (if you created a School Fusion classroom webpage last year) Clicking on the pencil icon will take you to the Configuration Page* *Discussed later in training

26 My Files Each teacher and student gets 15 MB personal online disk space Click on the My Account icon Select Files My Personal Files will appear

27 My Files: Create Folder Click on Create Folder Name your folder Add a description (optional)

28 My Files: Create Folder Once you have created a folder, click on it to open Click on Add File to upload a file to this folder

29 My Files: Add File Click on Browse to navigate to the file you wish to upload You can give the file a brief description (optional) Click Upload File

30 My Files: Add File Your file will appear in the folder You can delete the file by clicking on the Delete button The Overwrite button can be used to replace an existing file with an updated version

31 My Files: Overwrite Select the updated file on your computer by clicking Browse Click Upload File to finish

32 My Calendar Click on the My Account icon

33 My Calendar: Add Event Click on Add Event Add Event info: – Name – Date – Time – Summary (55 Characters) – Description Click on Add Event to finish

34 My Calendar: Add Event The Event will appear on your personal calendar Mouse over the event to get additional information

35 My Calendar: Edit / Delete Events To modify / delete existing events, click on Edit Events Select the Action

36 My Calendar: iCal Feed If you are interested in subscribing to your personal School Fusion Calendar feed, you can Activate it, then copy and paste the URL into your iCal, Google Calendar, or Outlook Calendar.

37 Fusion Pages Click on Fusion Pages to expand the menu The Fusion Tool link is a quick way to access many of your Classroom Webpage tools.

38 FusionPages: Classrooms Click submenu to get the link(s) to your classroom page(s)

39 Classroom Webpage Welcome to your Classroom Webpage!

40 Rostering Students For the 2011-12 School Year, this process will be automated by a sync with Infinite Campus if you are a Classroom Teacher You can add additional students to your roster by doing the following….

41 Rostering Students To roster additional students, click on the FusionPage Members link on the top of your webpage

42 Rostering Students Under the Membership Tab, click on Invite New Users

43 Rostering Students A new window will appear Type in the student’s name (first or last) Click Search A Search Result window will appear Click on the name of the student The student has now been rostered into your class Repeat for all of your students

44 Rostering Students If the students do not appear, click the Students link to refresh the page To return to your Classroom webpage, click the View FusionPage home link at top of page

45 Classroom Webpage: Enable Admin Mode You can always access the Admin tools to your website by just moving the mouse over them If you prefer to have them visible all the time, click the Enable Admin Mode link

46 Classroom Webpage: Enable Admin Mode Admin Tools now always visible

47 Classroom Webpage: Moving FusionTools Click-hold-and drag on the movement icon to reposition any FusionTool around your page

48 Classroom Webpage: Moving FusionTools

49 The Announcement section was moved from the left side to the right

50 Classroom Webpage: Hiding FusionTools If you want to hide a FusionTool because you don’t want to use it, click on the hide button Hidden FusionTools can always be made visible again by accessing the Add FusionTool dropdown menu

51 Classroom Webpage: Add FusionTools To add FusionTools to your website, click on the Add FusionTool drop down menu

52 Edit Description You can add a description of your Classroom Website by clicking the Edit Description Link

53 Edit Description Type your description and click Add Description to save

54 Edit Description The description appears below the Instructor’s name A picture can also be added next to the description by clicking on the Add Picture link

55 Add Picture Navigate to the image you wish to use on your computer, then click Add Picture The picture appears at the top of the page

56 FusionTools: Changing Name You can change the name of any FusionTool by clicking on the “pencil” Type in the new title and click Submit

57 FusionTools: Announcements To add an Announcement, click Add Announcement

58 FusionTools: Announcements Fill in: – Title – Body – Image (optional) NOTE: If you have more than one classroom website, you can attach the announcement to all/any of these sites! Works with other FusionTools as well (links, assignments,etc)

59 FusionTools: Announcements By Clicking on More Options, you can: Add End Date Add Image ALT Text for visually impaired Have this Announcement show at top of page Click SAVE

60 FusionTools: Announcements Your Announcement is done! Now add another!

61 WE INTERRUPT THIS TRAINING TO GIVE YOU ANOTHER OPTION TO MULTIPLE WEBSITES!!! If you do not want to maintain multiple websites … you have another option: MERGING!

62 FusionTools: Merging Pages If you have multiple classroom websites, you can merge them together – From your classroom page, select Edit Configuration – Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Merge other fusionpages into xxxxx (your page name)

63 FusionTools: Merging Pages Select which websites you want to merge by clicking on the checkmark boxes Click Save

64 FusionTools: Merging Pages A warning message appears. This action cannot be undone! Click OK


66 FusionTools: Files The Files section is a place to put PDF’s, Word Docs, etc. for Parent / Student access Files can be uploaded by themselves or organized into folders. Click Add Folder

67 FusionTools: Files Give the folder a Name, and Description (optional) Decide which of your classroom sites this folder will appear on Click Add Folder To upload a file into the folder Click on the folder title to “open” it

68 FusionTools: Files Navigate to the file on your computer by clicking the Browse button Give your file a description (optional) Click Add File Click on the Add File link

69 FusionTools: Files Click on the folder icon to get back to your Classroom Webpage

70 FusionTools: Calendar The Calendar feature works in the same way as your Personal Calendar Click Add Event to get started

71 FusionTools: Calendar Fill in information about event You can set up an email reminder to all rostered members of your class* Accept RSVP is available* Click Add Event to finish *Note: You can only choose Email Notification OR Accept RSVP

72 FusionTools: Calendar – Email Notification If you Email Notification, then fill out event information you want sent out to your page members (students) This will be sent out from your Groupwise Email address Add Attachments (documents) by clicking Browse (optional) Click Send Email

73 FusionTools: Calendar - RSVP If you selected RSVP, then select who you want to RSVP, and if there is a maximum number. Click Next Select your contacts (page members / students) by the drop down menu Type your Message Click Send Email (sent from your Groupwise email

74 FusionTools: Calendar Your event has been created You can modify / delete the event by clicking on the links Your event appears on the Classroom calendar

75 FusionTools: Links You can create links to other websites (ex. A Category is a “folder” where similar websites can reside Click Create Category Give the Category a Title Fill in the description (optional) Select which of your sites you want this to appear Click Create Link Category

76 FusionTools: Links Click on the “+” to expand the category Click on Add WebPage Fill in: – URL – Title – Description (optional) Click Create Link

77 FusionTools: Links

78 FusionTools: Homework Fill in Assignment information – Name – Description – Due Date Determine if you wish assignments to be submitted online (drop box)* Click Save *Note: Only the teacher has access to submitted homework

79 FusionTools: Homework Your Assignment appears in the Homework section When a student submits work online, you will receive an email and see a message on your Classroom webpage

80 FusionTools: Contacts To add a Contact listing to your Classroom webpage, click on the Add FusionTool drop-down menu and select Contacts Click on Add Contact Fill out information about the Contact Click here to add contact

81 FusionTools: Webpages Additional Webpages can be created using School Fusion Click on the Add FusionTool drop-down menu and select Web Pages Create Category works the same way as Links Click Add Web Page

82 FusionTools: Webpages This page can be designed like a regular webpage (HTML tools) Photo Albums can be created by clicking here You can use pre- formatted templates by clicking the icon Finish by clicking Add Article

83 FusionTools: Tasks Tasks can be assigned to individual students Click on Add Task Fill in Task Information Finish by clicking Create Task

84 FusionTools: Tasks The assigned task appear in the task field on the webpage. All students can see the task.

85 FusionTools: Quizzes Teachers can create interactive Quizzes for students to take Click on the Add FusionTool and select Quizzes from the drop-down menu Click on New Quiz

86 FusionTools: Quizzes Fill in details about the quiz (Name, description, Time limit, etc) Click Next

87 FusionTools: Quizzes Type in the Question and Answer Choices Click on Add Question and add another to enter your next question

88 FusionTools: Quizzes Once you are done entering questions, click on Add Questions and Continue

89 FusionTools: Quizzes This screen gives you an overview of your quiz Click Here to activate quiz for students You can take your own quiz by clicking the Take Quiz link

90 FusionTools: Quizzes You can also activate quizzes here (only the teacher can see this) Click on the Scores link to get your student’s results (only teacher sees results)

91 FusionTools: Schedule The Schedule FusionTool shows a schedule to students

92 Edit Configuration You can get into more advanced settings for the Classroom webpage by clicking on Edit Configuration

93 Edit Configuration Under the Configuration tab, you can modify: – FusionPage Name – Web Address* – Abbreviation (not used) – FusionPage Color (text / hightlight) – Instructor – Privacy – Ext Course ID (not used)

94 Edit Configuration: Fusionpage Color Select a color from the FusionPage Color drop- down menu SAVE Click on View Fusionpage Home (top of page)

95 Edit Configuration Further down the Edit Configuration Page, you will notice Advanced FusionTools Settings

96 Edit Configuration: Advanced Tool Settings To access the Advanced Settings, click on the Fusion tool text NOTE: You cannot click the “Check Box”. To make it Active, select the corresponding button

97 Advanced Tool Settings These settings are basic: Either on or off – Tasks – Calendar – Announcements – Homework – FusionPage Links

98 Edit Configuration: Advanced Tool Settings

99 Advanced Tool Settings: Online Quizzes Click SAVE!

100 Advanced Tool Settings: Misc To modify the background and / or to add sound to your Classroom webpage, click on the Edit Background or Sound link

101 Advanced Tool Settings: Misc Choose preloaded selections from the drop-down menus Click SAVE

102 Multimedia Blogs Blogs* Video /Podcasts* Slideshows* Wikis *NOTE: The Teacher has to approve ALL comments made by students on Blogs, Vido/Podcasts, and Slideshows before they are posted! There is no “human monitor”

103 Multimedia Blogs This will be a summary page for all your multimedia blog entries Click on Add Discussion Topic to begin

104 Multimedia Blogs: Blog Select the Publishing Date Select Content Type from the tabs (for this example we will use blogs) Fill in Title and Body of blog Click More Options

105 Multimedia Blogs: Blog Make sure Enable Commenting is marked Anonymous Participation: Allows anyone to post comments to blogs. ALL anonymous comments go under review by teacher before being posted. Private Moderation: Select this to have only the teacher able to review posts made by students. Otherwise any district teacher can approve comments.

106 Multimedia Blogs: Blog Schoolwide participation: Allows anyone who can log into the website to participate in the discussion. Use Codenames: To help encourage open discussions, students are assigned a codename that only the teacher knows. This code name appears when a student posts to a discussion. Private: Blogs are hidden from anyone except those students who are members of the Classroom webpage

107 Multimedia Blogs: Blog Select your FusionPage you want this to be accessible on (Spanish I) To finish, select Save, and Return Home

108 Multimedia Blogs: Blog Your Multimedia Blog is ready to go!

109 Multimedia Blogs: Student Posting This is what a student sees when they log in Their codename is listed below their first name If a student clicks on their code name, it will take them to their profile page

110 Multimedia Blogs: Student Profile

111 If a student has NOT posted to a comment yet, they can change their Codename by clicking on it

112 Multimedia Blogs: Codename

113 Multimedia Blogs: Student Posting Students can click here to get to their class web page

114 Multimedia Blogs: Student Posting Students click on the Discuss link

115 Multimedia Blogs: Student Posting Your Multimedia Blog is ready to go!

116 Multimedia Blogs: Student Posting The first time a student posts a comment, they will see this warning Once they click submit, they will then need to wait for teacher approval

117 Multimedia Blogs: Reviewing Posts When Teachers log back into School Fusion, they will see this message Click on the click here to review messages

118 Multimedia Blogs: Reviewing Posts Student Messages waiting to be reviewed Teachers have 5 choices when reviewing messages

119 Multimedia Blogs: Student Posting


121 Teachers can hover over codenames for real students names

122 Multimedia Blogs: Student Posting Feedback: Teachers can give additional visual feedback to student comments

123 Multimedia Blogs: Student Posting By clicking on the hands, a new set of options appear

124 Multimedia Blogs: Student Posting NOTE: Students can give each other feedback too!

125 Multimedia Blogs: Student Posting Student Profile As students give and receive POSITIVE feedback, they gain badges and rank

126 Multimedia Blogs: Student Posting To get information on Student Awards…

127 Multimedia Blogs: Slideshow Select Publishing Date Click on the Slideshow tab Give the slideshow a title Click on the browse button to navigate to photo on your computer Add caption to slide (optional) Repeat process for additional pictures To add more slides, click on the Add another slide button

128 Multimedia Blogs: Slideshow Select More Options link to Enable Commenting and determine moderation / privacy preferences Choose your FusionPage (Spanish I) Click Save, and Return Home

129 Multimedia Blogs: Slideshow Your slideshow is done! Click on Enter Discussion to view! You can also navigate to your Classroom Page and view it under the Discussions section

130 Multimedia Blogs: Video / Audio Select Publishing Date Click on the Video / Audio Tab Click on the Browse button to navigate to the video / podcast on your computer Fill out title and descriptions Click on More Options to enable commenting and moderation choices

131 Multimedia Blogs: Video / Audio If doing a podcast, you can upload a small picture to associate with the episode Add keywords, author’s name and email address Select your FusionPage, then click Save and return home

132 Multimedia Blogs: Video / Audio Your Podcasts appears on your Multimedia Blog How it looks on your Classroom webpage Click on the title to view

133 Multimedia Blogs: Video / Audio Note: It may take time for School Fusion to process video

134 Multimedia Blogs: Video / Audio After you upload your first podcast, your podcast URL will become available

135 Multimedia Blogs: Wikis Select Publishing Date Click on the Wiki Tab Select your group (class) and your Topic Fill out instructions for Wiki Select an Editing window (how many days students can edit the wiki) Click Save, and Return Home

136 Multimedia Blogs: Wikis Your Wiki appears on your Multimedia blog and on your Classroom Webpage To access the Wiki, click on the title

137 Multimedia Blogs: Wikis Anytime you access a Wiki, you will get this Acceptable Use Policy – NOTE: Wiki’s are NOT MONITORED – NOTE: Student comments DO NOT need approval by teacher

138 Multimedia Blogs: Wikis

139 After Students add content, they click SAVE PAGE

140 Multimedia Blogs: Wikis Page is saved To edit again, click on the edit tab Wiki history can be viewed by clicking the history tab

141 Multimedia Blogs: Wikis

142 Click on my Preferences on the top of the page Select the Skin tab Choose Preview to view skins Select the Skin and click Save

143 Multimedia Blogs: Wikis Wiki reflects changes (for that student) To get back to the workspace, click Main Page

144 Multimedia Blogs: Wikis Then click on the topic of the Wiki (verb tense project)

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