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IT’S ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS Why Salesforce? Relationships are built on two things : –Shared history –Positive interactions Salesforce provides more.

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3 Why Salesforce? Relationships are built on two things : –Shared history –Positive interactions Salesforce provides more power and flexibility to manage customer and other relationships than previously possible Don’t forget about internal relationships

4 Bay Club Benefits Easier reporting and tracking Integration with Exact Target (email marketing system) Pre-defined business processes Automatic capture of leads into the system from the web Integration with Motionsoft (future project)

5 YOUR Benefits Easier reporting and tracking Quick access to important stats via dashboards More efficient processing allows you to focus on the person Easier ways to communicate internally Focus on higher priority leads

6 Work the tool for maximum benefit Capture quality information Work the appropriate process Monitor the big picture


8 Log In your email your password

9 Facilities Tour Home Page –Chatter Feed –Activity Management Global Search My Settings Tabs

10 Facilities Tour Record Detail Page –Chatter –Fields –Related Lists

11 Data Type - Lead Prospects created automatically or manually Membership Directors work leads to convert them to members Leads turn into accounts / members Every prospect should have a lead record

12 Data Type – Household / Account Account is a specific household with one or more linked members ( ie. spouses, children). Account may also be corporate accounts

13 Data Type - Members FYI, in the standard SFDC, these records are referred to as Contacts Lead is converted to a member record and stores the individual information. This is linked to a household account Every member of the household being tracked should have a member record

14 Data Type - Activity Either a: –to do item (task) –calendar item (event) Can be linked to any object Membership Directors can set reminders for themselves or other users, as well look back at the history of communications with a particular customer.

15 Data Type - Campaign See lists of leads and/or contacts that have touched by particular marketing promotions The campaign history (as a related list) for each lead or contact is viewable on their record

16 Links between records Household Member Activity LeadCampaign


18 Creating records from scratch Possible scenarios include : –creating a new lead –create a new task Things to remember : –Check for duplicates –Data quality / Validation Rules –Record type

19 Creating a new lead (part one) What is a record type? – Same type of data but with different properties. –Lead example : individual membership vs corporate membership

20 Creating a new lead (part two) Red lines indicate required fields RingLead provides real time duplicate check “Referring Member Name” allows you record the referring member (if applicable)

21 Creating a new lead (part three) Household Name (auto generates) Filling out demographics and interest. *NOTE* You may not know everything yet Add to campaign (if applicable)

22 Finding and editing existing records Possible scenarios include: –Updating lead status –Adding additional information –Pulling lead from a queue Things to remember: –Global search –List Views –Inline editing

23 Updating lead (part one) Options to find existing record – Global Search –List Views

24 Updating lead (part two) Options to edit record – Inline editing –Edit button –Remember to save!!


26 Cloning existing records Possible scenarios include: –Creating a lead record for a spouse – do NOT change account name Things to remember –Make sure you make changes to the record

27 Clone lead to account for spouse Find correct lead record and click clone button Make changes to the record before you click save

28 Lead Stages Open –Initial state of new lead; no communication attempt with the lead has been made Initial Call –First contact with lead (email or phone). Indicates one-way communication from MD only –No matter how many times you attempt contact lead stays in this state until they respond –Next stage could be anything

29 Lead Stages (continued) Contacted – Used to indicate that communication is active with the lead; two- way communication only –No need to change back to this value if lead progresses to Visit, Tour, etc. –Next stage could be any value except Open or Contact Initiated Contact Scheduled –Lead placed in this state only if a future event is scheduled and it’s known that no contact will be made with the lead until that event (e.g., call or email scheduled for three weeks when lead returns from vacation). –Next stage could be any value except Open, Contact Initiate, and Contacted

30 Lead Stages (continued) Facility Visit –Lead has visited the facility and met with an MD. –Next stage could be any value except Open, Contact Initiated, and Contacted Facility Tour Completed –Lead has visited facility and a Tour has been completed. –Next stage could be any value except Open, Contact Initiated, Facility Visit and Contacted Issued 1-Day Pass –A 1-Day Pass has been issued to the lead –Next stage could be Contact Scheduled, 3-day Pass, Nurture, Disqualified, or Converted to Member

31 Lead Stages (continued) Issued 3-Day Pass –A 3-Day Pass has been issued to the lead –Next stage could be Contact Scheduled, 1-Day Pass, Nurture, Disqualified, or Converted to Member Nurture –Lead has progressed beyond Visit and Pass, and you are continuing to work the lead –Next stage could be anything except Contacted, Contact Initiated, or Open Converted to Member –Lead has signed a membership contract –No next stage possible

32 Lead Stages (continued) Disqualified –Lead has definitively said that he/she doesn’t want to join; MD should also change Member Interest type to Not Interested –Lead is not responding to communication attempts from MD –No next stage is possible unless lead re-initiates contact

33 Converting a lead Possible scenarios include : –Lead indicates desire to sign up Things to remember: –Conversion maps information to an household / member –Make sure you merge leads to existing household if applicable

34 Converting initial / single lead Click Convert button Allow it to create new account but not an opportunity

35 Converting additional lead Click Convert button Select existing account and check “Do not create..” box Allow system to create new member record

36 Creating tasks Possible scenarios : –Set yourself a reminder to follow up about paper work or follow up a lead in 3 months Things to remember: –Activities can be assigned to other users –Don’t over use “High Priority” –Track event “results” –Recording activities helps you retain lead

37 Follow up lead in 3 months On lead record hover over “Open Activities” and then click “New Task” button Fill out form with correct information You will see the task appear in activity list views

38 Logging a call Possible scenarios: –Inbound calls –Outbound calls –Face to face communications Things to remember –A call doesn’t have to be on the phone –Create follow up task on same screen if needed

39 Logging a follow up call See reminder task, mark complete and provide “result” if applicable and then click through to lead Hover over “Activity History” and click “Log a Call” button Fill out form. Create additional follow up task (if required)

40 Creating an appointment / event Possible scenarios include: –tours –specific windows for call backs (I’m only available at this number after 3:30) Things to remember –If it is time based – it’s an event –It will appear in your activities list view

41 Setting up a tour Find lead and hover over “Open Activities” and click “New Event” button Fill out form with applicable details

42 Sending email using templates Possible scenarios include: –standard follow up emails Things to remember –Will look like it is sent from your email –Will appear in activity history –Can be personalized further

43 Sending standard follow up email Click “Send An Email” in Activity History Click “Select Template” and select template Personalize as required

44 Communicating internally (Chatter) Chatter allows you to –monitor and discuss individual records –communicate internally directly in groups Upload files, photos and internet links


46 Dealing with a walk in John has just moved to the area. He works just down the road and is very interested in joining. He had a membership at a club in Seattle. You take him on the tour and he likes what he sees. At the end of the tour he has already made a decision and wants to complete the application process.


48 Dealing with a phone call You answer the phone and have a great conversation with Michelle. She wants to talk things over with her husband. You promise to follow up in a few days. After three days you reach out via email Michele calls back and you set up a tour appointment for next Thursday You follow up a few days after the tour and they have made the decision to sign up


50 Dealing with duplicates (part one) Rakesh is a lead that has come through via the website You follow up via phone (leave VM) and then also by email. A few days later you follow up by phone again and you are able to set up a tour After the tour you give him a three day pass. You attempt to follow up multiple times but no response is received

51 Dealing with duplicates (part two) Six months later, Rakesh walks into a different club due to a new membership promotion offer he received via email Do we need to re-enter his details? You give him a tour and he indicates he wants to proceed with the sign up. He walks out with the application form promising to return it soon You follow up to discover he has decided to take a job in New York

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