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Library Professional Development Day August 8, 2013 Lakewood High School.

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1 Library Professional Development Day August 8, 2013 Lakewood High School

2 Welcome Sandy Storey, Library Media Specialist Lakewood HS

3 Library Professional Development Day August 8, 2013 8:00 AM Sign-in and Refreshments 8:30 AMGeneral Session Welcome – Sandy Storey, Lakewood High School BookFLIX, PreK-3 eBooks – Lori New Ebsco databases – Greg General Updates - Noreen 9:20 AMSarah Kepple – CCPL – Get in Touch with Literacy 10:00 AM*Break* 10:15 AMSusan Yutzey, OELMA President - SLMS Performance Evaluation 11:15 AMLunch Please visit the Touchlab during lunch to explore devices and apps 12:15 PMMarcia Barnhart - Librarians as Literacy Lifesavers: Providing Critical Common Core Support for Content Area Teachers 3:15 PMAdjourn

4 Welcome to Scholastic BookFLIX Online literacy resource Grades Pre K – 3 Helps early readers develop and practice reading skills Introduces youngest students to knowledge and exploration!

5 Addresses: And Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee To meet the Common Core State Standards, half of the reading materials should be nonfiction even at the youngest grades Informational texts should offer meaningful curriculum knowledge to students Educators and librarians are being asked to provide “texts that build knowledge coherently within and across grades

6 Builds a love of reading  Features fiction & nonfiction titles based on nine themes  Engages with ‘Watch the Story’ feature  Read nonfiction eBook titles independently or read-along  Includes fun and informative activities  Choose a theme… then…

7 Watch the Story! Read-Along feature highlights each word on the screen as it is narrated in the video Reinforces reading skills including fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension

8 Read the book Read independently or read-along as each word is highlighted on the screen Introduces students to real- world facts while helping to build content-area knowledge

9 Puzzlers Interactive Educational Reinforces key vocabulary

10 Meet the author Learn more about the author of the story on which the video is based Listen or Read Links take reader out to web to learn more!

11 Explore the web Editorially selected Age-appropriate web-links

12 Lesson Plans Teaching activities Aligned to national language- arts and content- area standards Available as printable PDF

13 Curriculum Correlations Scroll up to locate the new CCSS standards. Scroll down to find other Ohio standards Scroll up to locate the new CCSS standards. Scroll down to find other Ohio standards

14 Educator Resources TIP: Title Browse ‘sort by’ feature provides sort options, including Grade level and Lexile! Tip: Use Title Browse

15 Ebsco’s Literary Reference Center For High School Students

16 Literary Reference Center Results: Bios (15), Literary Criticism (37), Plot Summaries (17), Reviews (151), Interviews (4), Reference Books (26), Magazines (225) Notice text-to-speech feature

17 Literary Reference Center Simple search: Advanced search: No sign of Lexiles.

18 Lit Ref Center – Advanced Search


20 Literary Reference Center Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of Literature New Oxford American Dictionary MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, and APA Research Guide = step-by-step approach to writing your paper Literary Reference Center Glossary Note on Full-Text Classics: some can be downloaded in full; others, chapter by chapter (Ugh!)

21 Literary Reference Center Content: 35,000 plot summaries, synopses, and overviews. 100,000 articles/essays of literary criticism 252,000 author biographies 450 literary journals 693,000 book reviews 78,400 classic and contemporary poems 19,700 classic and contemporary short stories 6,600 author interviews

22 Comparison with Gale Lit Resource Center

23 Ebsco v. Gale For those of you who subscribe to Gale’s Literature Resource Center, feedback about how it compares to Ebsco’s Literary Reference Center would be appreciated. If you’d like to present on the strengths and/or weaknesses of both at a future Liaison meeting, please let us know.

24 For (Middle &) High School Students

25 Points of View Each topic has four proprietary articles, written by experts in the field: 1)Overview 2)Point 3)Counterpoint 4)Guide to critical analysis Browse: Foreign Policy > Israel & the Palestinians Text to Voice

26 Points of View Click Detailed Record for Lexile. Additional information by source

27 Points of View Sidebar links: charts, tables, etc. Territorial history Suicide bombings U.S. Aid to Israel After reading the three essays, explore links under What the experts say on the sidebar. Check out the Research Guides, too!

28 Points of View Enhances students’ ability to read critically, develop their own perspective, and write or debate an effective argument.

29 Also useful for conventional searches on socio-political topics Points of View 9-12 Points of View not the same as Student Resource Center 9-12 Points of View Hover over icon for preview w/ abstract.

30 Comparison with Gale’s Opposing Viewpoints As of July 2013 Content ComparisonsEBSCO Points of ViewGale Opposing Viewpoints Topics343362 Magazines152115 Newspapers1319 Scholarly Journals410 Biographies3220 Reference Books673478 Proprietary Coverage (overview/point/counterpoint/ guide to critical analysis 1,372 articles

31 Ebsco v. Gale For those of you who subscribe to Gale’s Opposing Viewpoints, feedback about how it compares to Ebsco’s Points of View would be appreciated. If you’d like to present on the strengths and/or weaknesses of both at a future Liaison meeting, please let us know.

32 From Ebsco – Consumer Health Complete For (Middle &) High School Students

33 Consumer Health Complete

34 Sample titles from the first 20 results: A systematic review and meta-analysis of micronutrient intakes during pregnancy in developed countries Effect of iron intervention on growth during gestation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence: a systematic review with meta-analysis Discussion from the 24th Marabou Symposium: Nutrition and the human microbiome Better newborn vitamin D status lowers RSV-associated bronchiolitis in infants Parenteral nutrition in the intensive care unit Early postnatal nutrition and programming of the preterm neonate

35 From Ebsco

36 Science Reference Center Surprise! INFOhio puts this resource at the middle and high school level, but even elementary students can use it.

37 Science Reference Center Good for math, too!

38 Science Reference Center 356 hits for science experiments at the K-5 level.

39 Science Reference Center Content Includes: 195 Full-Text Science Periodicals 732 Full-Text Science Reference Books 23 Full-Text Science Encyclopedias 812 Full-Text Science Essays 2,567 Full-Text, Full-Length Biographies 61 Science Animations 37,260 Science Images 519 Science Videos

40 From Learning Express

41 Sirsi Workflows Updates The Sirsi upgrade to version was completed in June. To check whether the software has been updated, navigate to the Sirsi Help Menu  About and verify the build date (2013-04-15) and version number.

42 Sirsi Workflows Updates Reminder: Recommended Installation Type NCC recommends that libraries install Sirsi Workflows under each login to the computer. Details on the upgrade were sent via email on July 1 to all library staff. If assistance is needed, please open a Service Desk request or contact us via phone or email. Report file path missing? See:

43 Sirsi Workflows Bug When adding multiple items, the cursor isn’t automatically placed in the item ID field. Workaround: Right-click on the Call Number/Item Main wizard and select Properties On the Defaults tab, find the section labeled Holds Tab Uncheck the "Show holds" box Save Properties if this setting should be saved for future Workflows sessions

44 Sirsi Workflows Enhancements Help Format – new look

45 Sirsi Workflows Enhancements Inventory Item Wizard – Set properties for audible alerts Instructions available from the Sirsi Manual:

46 Sirsi Workflows Enhancements Items with bills can be removed from Sirsi

47 Sirsi Workflows Enhancements


49 Claims returned alerts can be set under Check In properties

50 Sirsi Workflows Enhancements Anyone using Sirsi overdue notices? If so, when emailing a scheduled report to patrons, the email subject line can now be customized. (The INFOhio CIR: Overdues and Notices report already had this functionality.)

51 Sirsi Workflows Enhancements User Photo Helper NCC can mass load patron photos into the system, providing that the patron photo is named using the student alt ID. For schools that may not be able to provide photos in the required format, library staff can now upload photos manually and edit/crop those as needed. This may also be useful for schools where photos have been mass uploaded, but where a handful need to be modified/added later. Tip Sheet available from the Sirsi Manual: http://

52 Sirsi Workflows Enhancements Select the photo placeholder on the existing photo then select the option to Get Photo From File or Capture Photo From Webcam

53 Sirsi Workflows Enhancements

54 Three new fields have been added to the item information: Item cat3, Item cat4, Item cat5. INFOhio is requesting feedback regarding what item-specific fields to add. In the meantime, these fields will be ‘grayed out’ until a decision is made. Sirsi Workflows Enhancements

55 Get in Touch with Literacy: Cheap Apps & Pre-paid Resources toward 3rd Grade Reading! Sarah Kepple Information & Technology Literacy Specialist Cuyahoga County Public Library

56 Please leave your completed evaluation form up front before leaving at the end of the day.

57 ** Break **

58 SLMS Performance Evaluation Susan Yutzey OELMA President

59 Feel free to enjoy lunch in the Cafe or in the Courtyard Please visit the TouchLab during the lunch break The PM session will start promptly at 12:15 PM

60 Librarians at Literacy Lifesavers: Providing Critical Common Core Support for Content Area Teachers Marcia Barnhart Director of Organizational Learning Teacher 2 Teacher

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