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“Tiger Time” Holmes JHS 2014-15. Purpose As part of the instructional day, teachers will be responsible for overseeing a group of students in “Tiger Time”.

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1 “Tiger Time” Holmes JHS 2014-15

2 Purpose As part of the instructional day, teachers will be responsible for overseeing a group of students in “Tiger Time”. “Tiger Time” will follow the regular third hour class period of our day and takes place from 10:32 to 11:00 am Tuesday through Friday and 11:17-11:45 am on Late Start Monday. This is a unique structure for extended learning and intervention opportunities. Each day of the week a different content offers intervention to students who have been identified to receive additional support and instruction through PLC’s. The schedule will be as follows: Monday – Math Tuesday – Electives / 21st Century Skills/Special Education Wednesday – English-Language Arts Thursday – Science Friday – Social Studies

3 Students not in intervention may use the time to work on class work, visit a teacher they may be seeking support from, or spend time with their “Tiger Time” teacher for support. Other students may be enrolled in an enrichment opportunity taught by a teacher in the building. What does this mean for teachers and students? Teachers will have roughly fifteen students report to their room during Tiger Time. On most days, the majority of students will stay put and should use this time to work on homework, receive academic support or to read quietly. Teachers will be responsible for making sure any students assigned to intervention or enrichment exit as quickly as possible after attendance has been taken. A Google Document has been designed and implemented so that teachers and students will know if students are assigned a particular intervention or enrichment opportunity each day and where they should report in “real time”. As Tiger Time teachers provide intervention or enrichment during their assigned intervention days, students will be shared with their “Tiger Time Team” of teachers so that smaller intervention groups will be able to work with assigned intervention instructors on those days. In that case, students should arrive as noted on the Google document. Instructors will indicate that they arrived by marking attendance as you would in a normal class. We will be working through this process together and our goal is to assist students who are struggling with concepts while enriching students who want to extend their learning.

4 Student Movements There will be four types of groups that will be assigned to move to other teachers during Tiger Time. 1. Tiger Time Essential Skills (assigned by PLC, Teachers) 2. Tiger Time Assistance (assigned by Classroom Teachers or sought out by Students) 3. Tiger Time Assistance (assigned by Office Staff for multiple failing/near failing grades) 4. Enhancement/Enrichment (assigned by Mrs. Newcomb as well as voluntary sign up by students)

5 2014-15 Students are identified for Tiger Time Essential skills by PLC and Guidance starting Sept 17 Students are assigned for Tiger Time Assistance at midterms and quarter checks Sept 17 Students Sign up of Tiger Time Enhancement and Enrichment Clubs Sept. 17 Students assigned to classrooms due to overcrowding and free up teachers for programs Sept. 17 TIMELINE Assigning Students Tiger Time MayAprilMarFebJanNovOctSepAugDecJune 12 Months July Tiger Time Administration & Guidance assign teachers in groups of three and then assign students to the teachers for Tiger Time. Students and Staff build Community and develop Digital Citizenship Skills starting Aug. 14

6 Flow Chart Communication Lines Within Tiger Time Guidance /Office assign groups and students to teachers in Infinite Campus Tiger Time Teachers Office Staff assign Tiger Time Assistance PLC Groups assign Tiger Essentials assistance Classroom Teachers assign Study Hall & Tiger Time Assistance Students input choices on Enrichment & Club Activities

7 Example of Tiger Time Spreadsheet NameTiger Time Teacher MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayNotes Aikey, KelseyJen Knox Dreesman, Alex Jen Knox Droe, AnjaJen Knox Duggan, DanJen Knox BeckerBisgroveDuffGouldenS. GreenHartoughJohnsonKeoughKnox Each Teacher will have their own Google.doc spreadsheet titled "Tiger Time 2014-15" with the teacher's name list on tabs at the bottom. This is an example of what the spreadsheet will look like. When you click on the teacher's name, it will bring the teacher's spreadsheet up on the screen.

8 Instructions for Tiger Time Google Document How to search for a student If you're looking for a more powerful way to search, use the find and replace tool, which lets you find certain terms within a spreadsheet and gives you the option to replace those terms with other terms. To get started, go to the Edit menu and select Find and replace. (You can also press Ctrl + H, or ⌘ + Shift + H on a Mac.) Then, type the word in the text box next to 'Find,' and click Find. Or you can use one of these options: Match case: Select this to make your search case-senstive. Match entire cell contents: Select this to search for cells that match your search term exactly. With this option checked, searching for "do," for example, will not return a cell in your spreadsheet containing "dog." Search all sheets: Select this to search across all the sheets you're using, not just the sheet you're currently on. Search using regular expressions: Select this to use advanced searching capabilities, allowing you to search for cells that match a pattern.

9 How to request a student for Tiger Time Teachers can request student to come to them during Tiger Time by typing the teacher’s name and date in the cell corresponding with the day. If you want a student on Monday then type your Last name with the day and month in that students cell. Example “Bower 10/16” It is important to remove old information from cells after you have seen the student. It is each teacher's’ responsibility to keep requests updated. You can use the “find and replace feature” similar to the searching for a student mentioned above. How to set up Notifications for your pages You can set notifications to find out when your collaborators have modified your spreadsheets, and learn what sheets or cells they've modified. You can also choose how often you'd like to be notified. Here's how you can enable notifications: Go to the Tools menu and select "Notification rules." In the window that appears, select when and how often you want to receive notifications: When changes are made to the entire spreadsheet When changes are made to a specific sheet When changes are made to specific cells When collaborators are added or removed When changes are made to forms By 'daily digest' or 'right away' Click Save. In the notifications, collaborators will see the usernames of people who have made changes. Viewers can set notifications but can't see usernames. You won't be sent notifications about your own changes. You'll only receive notifications when your collaborators make changes.

10 Inserting Comments Comments are a handy way of adding notes to your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that are visible to viewers and collaborators. These can be invaluable for communicating with collaborators about specific parts of the document, as well as making notes about changes you've made or would like to make. To add a comment, follow these instructions: Highlight or select the text, object, or spreadsheet cell you'd like to comment on. If you're working with a presentation, you can highlight an entire slide by selecting it from the list of slides on the left. From the Insert menu, select Comment. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + M (Cmd + Option + M on a Mac) to insert a comment. Type your comment in the box that appears to the right of the document. If you'd like to address your comment to a specific person, type a plus sign followed by their email address, like this: That person will receive an email with your comment.

11 Defining “Yellow Lined” Students What does it mean? Students that have been restricted during Tiger Time are yellowed lined on the “Tiger Time Spreadsheet”. This means that the line the student’s name is on is highlighted in yellow. Students that are yellowed lined are not allowed to attend Recreation, Enrichment and/or Plus programs during Tiger Time. However, yellow lined students can be requested by teachers for academic intervention. Teachers will need to put their name and date “example: Bower 10/18” under the day they wish to have the student. How does a student get yellowed lined? Students can be yellowed line for a number of reasons. These include: Missing assignments (students missing two or more assignments are identified by a missing assignment report and yellow lined) Failing/near failing grades (students that have Ds or Fs in courses are yellowed lined at midterm and/or quarter grade checks) Behavior (students can be yellowed line for behavior violations and/or continued behavior problems)

12 How can we tell why a student is yellowed lined? Teachers are able to see the reason why a student has been yellowed lines. Simply hover your curser over the yellowed line student’s name and a note will appear. The note will indicate the reason for the restriction. Note examples include: “Loss of Plus, Rec and Enrichment programs for missing/incomplete assignments 10/6, DB” or “Behavior Contract 11/2, DM” or “Loss of Plus, Rec and Enrichment programs for failing/near failing grades in English & Science at quarter, DB” The noted should include the reason for the restriction, date and the initials for the staff person that implemented it. How do students get off of restriction and have the yellow line removed? Students wanting to get off of the restriction during Tiger Time can do so by meeting the following requirements: All work is current and there is no missing or incomplete work for any classes. Behavior has improved over a pre-determined period of time and they have not had any further problems. Class grade is no longer failing/near failing the course and teacher feels it is no longer necessary for the student to be restricted. Once a student has met the necessary requirements to be removed from restriction, then the student must put in a request to Mr. Bower to be removed from the yellow line list. Students can make this request in several ways: Meet with Mr. Bower during study hall, Tiger Time, lunch shift, before school and/or after school. Note: Student’s will need to provide proof that they have met the above requirements. (This can be done with a teacher note and signature in a student’s planner and/or an Infinite Campus post that has been updated to reflect satisfactorily completed assignments.

13 Email from student to Mr. Bower requesting the restriction removal. Again, student must provide proof verifying requirements have been met. Period of time has lapsed for behavior concern and student has made improvement. This will be up to Office/Administrator discretion, but student must first conference with Administrator to be released from restriction. It is the responsibility of the student to take ownership and complete the necessary steps to get off of yellow line restriction. If students have any questions, please refer them to Mr. Bower, Mr. Meyer or Mr. Welter.

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