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Check Schedules at: Athletic Department: 294-2712.

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1 Check Schedules at: Athletic Department: 294-2712

2  Physical – good for two years (gold)  Parent signature  Athlete signature  Health insurance carrier  Alternate Form – year after physical  Parent signature  Athlete signature  Health insurance carrier

3  Concussion Acknowledgement Form  Parent Info Sheet – parent signature  Athlete Info Sheet – athlete signature  Every athlete,*now only once a year*. This is a state law!  Check box at bottom to acknowledge receipt of Parent/Athlete Handbook.

4  Athletic Fee  $40.00 – first sport  $35.00 – any number of additional sports  $75.00 maximum per individual  $150.00 maximum per family  Pay as you go : $40 for first sport, invoiced $35 for second sport after roster is set.

5  N O REFUNDS for quitting a team, dropping out of a sport, season ending injury or academic ineligibility.  A student owing athletic (or any other fees) at the end of their senior year will not receive graduation tickets or have an official transcript issued until all fees are paid.

6  Need to have on file before first practice:  Up-to-date physical or alternate form  Concussion form (beige sheet)  Emergency card (buff card)  Receipt of Parent/Athlete Handbook (bottom of Concussion form)

7 Necessary forms are on the school district website and can be downloaded.

8  Walk-in sports physical locations:  South Milwaukee Walgreens  2985 S. Chicago Avenue  9:00 AM – 7:30 PM  Concentra  5007 S. Howell Avenue  7:00 AM – 5:30 PM  Lakeshore Urgent Care  331 E. Puetz Road (across from Oak Creek HS)  12:00 PM – 8:00 PM

9  Academic  Zero F policy – get an F for a quarter grade and you become ineligible.  Need to show proof of passing after 15 school days with a Reinstatement of Eligibility Form.  Fall Sports Only – incoming freshmen one contest, Sophomores, juniors and seniors out 1/3 of scheduled contests – automatic reinstatement.


11  Daily Attendance – expected to be in class and to be on time to class or may be declared ineligible for practice or a contest.  Any detention for tardiness or truancy makes athlete ineligible for practice or contest.

12  Team Travel – must travel to and from athletic contests with the team on district provided transportation.  Travel Release – submitted to athletic director prior to day of contest. Picked up in office or downloaded from district web site.

13  Equipment/Uniforms – financially responsible for lost, misplaced, damaged or stolen equipment or uniforms.  Athletes will not be issued equipment for following seasons until equipment or uniforms are returned or paid for.

14  Bullying – not allowed: physical, verbal, indirect (cyber bullying). School district policy AC provides further details. If you are bullied, report it!  Hazing – not allowed: athletes are never required to pass or perform any initiation or ritual to become part of or retain membership on an athletic team.

15  Technology/Social Media – cell phones cannot be used on a team bench, sideline, during team meeting, or during athletic contest or practice unless instructed to do so. Never permitted to be used in a locker room at any time.  Images appearing on the Internet or other social media sites may be used to trigger code violations.


17  Athletes and parents sign a pledge to uphold (follow) the code 24/7, 365 in- season and out-of-season.  Your integrity is on the line – what you stand for, what kind of a person you are.

18  Minor Code Violation  Up to two practices and/or games  Apply only during current season  No carry over from season to season  Not cumulative  Not subject to appeal

19  Minor Code violation examples  Conduct disruptive to learning environment  Vulgar or inappropriate language  Unexcused absences  Excessive tardies or truancies  Office detention  Academic dishonesty  Fighting  Disrespecting school personnel

20  Major Code Violation  Rule One: Use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, PES ( P erformance E nhancing S ubstances)  List of WIAA banned substances at:  EnhancingSubstances.aspx

21  Cannot:  Use, possess, distribute, sell  Be in bar, tavern, at party any other gathering where alcohol or drugs are present.  Self-report : within one school day (or work day in summer) to athletic director or administrator – penalty cut in half.

22  Major Code Violation  Rule Two: Conduct  Examples  Vandalism/Theft  Hazing  Bullying/cyber bullying/harassment  Immoral conduct  Threating/intimidating staff  Criminal behavior

23  Penalties for Major violations:  First offense – 25%  Second offense – 50%  Third offense – one calendar year  More than three – permanent suspension from athletics

24  Reporting  Nature of the violation  Names of participants  Dates violations occurred  Within 30 days of violation – Internet violations need not be supported by date.  Athletic director will investigate all alleged violations.

25  Appeal Procedure – Due Process  Must be requested in writing within seven (7) days of when ineligibility takes place.  Within five (5) days appeal hearing will be scheduled.  Athlete remains ineligible until committee ( three coaches, teacher, administrator ) rules.  Committee decision not appealable.


27  A performance has priority over practice  Share time if two practices conflict  Student chooses if two performances/contests conflict  Miss “without penalty” means team membership not status on team.


29  Risk of injury when competing in sports  LAT on staff to help manage risk  Students returning from an injury must have clearance from athletic trainer or attending physician (if evaluated by the physician) before returning to play.  Laura Ramm, LAT – Aurora Sports Medicine

30  Concussions – When In Doubt, Sit Them Out  Must come out of contest  Evaluated by trainer or other certified healthcare provider daily  Symptom free before return to play  up?v=zCCD52Pty4A&vq=medium#t=6 1 up?v=zCCD52Pty4A&vq=medium#t=6 1

31  Concussion Symptoms Headache or “pressure” in head Nausea or vomiting Dizziness Double or blurry vision Sensitivity to light Confusion Sluggish, hazy, foggy, groggy

32  Concussion Evaluation  Daily evaluation by athletic trainer  DAILY EVALUATION BY ATHLETIC TRAINER!!  Totally symptom free  N O EXCEPTIONS

33  Gradual Return to play progression  1. No physical activity  2. Low level of physical activity  3. Moderate levels of physical activity  4. Heavy non-contact physical activity  5. Full contact in controlled practice  6. Full contact  Acute Concussion Care Plan at end of Parent/Athlete Handbook


35  Coaches expected to provide rules, regulations, policies, expectations for the team and maintain and keep open line of communication with all parents.  Athletes should be able to discuss team and/or personal issues with coach.

36  Acceptable Parent to Coach Communication  Concerns about athlete’s welfare  Concerns about treatment of athlete  Request for ideas on how to help athlete improve skills or performance  Concerns about athlete’s behavior

37  Unacceptable parent to coach communication  Athlete’s playing time  Team strategy  Play calling  Other athletes on team  Roster spots or positions  Never acceptable to come to bench or sideline to talk to athlete or coach during a contest!  24 hour rule before discussions with coach

38  Steps for addressing concerns 1. Athlete/coach discussion 2. Coach/athlete/parent discussion 3. Athletic director/coach/athlete/parent meeting 4. Building principal/athletic director/coach/athlete/parent meeting  Decision of principal is final

39  Rick Majerus on “Helicopter Parents”  “Parents today want to take all the pain, all the heartache, and all the sadness out of their kids’ lives. All the things that make you a better person, a better coach, a better teacher – all the things that are so much the fabric of life. I’m so much better for every loss I’ve had. You become so much better a person for all the bad things that happen to you. But all these helicopter parents, they just hover there, and they want to take all that away from their kids. The don’t want them to fight through it.”

40 - select Cudahy from menu at right Checking schedules

41 The Cudahy Calendar Window appears. Click on any calendar date to see the scheduled events. Use “View” option to select a specific schedule which is printable. Or you can use “Go to Advanced View” to customize a schedule for printing.

42 Receive email or text notifications about athletic events of interest to you by clicking on the “Notify Me” button and selecting your sports of interest.

43 Enter the required information and click save. You will receive notifications of upcoming contests and will be notified if a contest is cancelled or rescheduled.

44  Purchase customizable apparel from by clicking on Shop the Packer Store hoodie.

45  2014-15 High School Athletic Eligibility Information Bulletin  Synopsis of rules and regulations pertaining to WIAA eligibility  Attendance  Residency  Transfer policy  Training and Conduct  Amateur status  Sport activities outside of school

46 Phone : 294-2712 Email: hemphillc@cudahy Christina Bender – athletic secretary/bookkeeper Phone: 294-2803 Email: benderc@cudahy Schedules 

47 Girls Tennis  TONIGHT, RM. Girls Volleyball  TONIGHT, RM. Boys Soccer  TONIGHT, RM. Girls Swim  Monday August 25 th 6:00PM Football  Tuesday August 12 th 6:30PM, LGI Cross Country  Tuesday August 12 th 6:30PM, RM. 136

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