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9r2 Feature Candidate Discussion Upstream

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1 9r2 Feature Candidate Discussion Upstream
CS 9r2 Feature Candidate Discussion Upstream Jason Brown, Director, Solutions Management - On-Premise Dave Morel, Sr. Manager, Solutions Management - Upstream © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.

2 Current Approved and Nominated Enhancement Requests
SP Approved / Delivered Nominated SP19 Collaborative Requisitioning: Quick Enablement Invoice Reconciliation via Approvals SP20 Ability to Cancel PCO if Pcard Expired Better Pcard Composition Support Word 2010 for Contracts Browser Certifications: FF7, IE9 (32-bit), Safari 5 Custom date Configuration SP21 Support Office 2010 Browser Certifications: IE9 (64-bit) Database Certification: Oracle 11gR2 Database Certification: DB2 9.7 existing platforms SP22 Websphere 8 on AIX 6 (Java 6) SP23 Websphere 8 on existing Platforms Weblogic 10mp3 on existing Platforms SP24 Websphere 8 on RHEL Note: New recent requests: AIX 7, Peoplesoft 9.1 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.

3 Recent Candidate Enhancement Requests Upstream
Upstream Suite Supplier Information Management Contracts Enhanced Contract Workspace Search Sourcing NDA Conditional RFPs Suppliers who have accepted cannot decline Enhanced Optimization with Excel Japanese Auction © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.

4 Recent Candidate Enhancement Requests Suite / Infrastructure
Websphere 8 / RHEL 6 Websphere 7 / DB2 9.6 Better Handling of Failed Durables Enhanced Permissions and Groups Suite Enhanced Search – Keyword Performance Enhanced Notification Ad-hoc Approver Functionality © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.

5 Existing Candidate Features Suite
Description Requestor Usability - Data Entry Ability to check information submitted in the form before it is submitted. Includes the capability to have better hover help, indication of what is required, populating with default values, only allowing acceptable, valid selection in selection tool, configurable selection widget, better selection controller such as AJAX search Various Usability - Workflow Ability to walk the user through the screen in a methodical manner so that they only need to enter smaller amounts / basic of data at a time with default values; have advanced version of information so the advanced user can add more detail; error checking validation on each field as well as each "wizard step" (all information on the step); confirmation page at the end; Mobile Safari Support Support the ability to use Ariba on Apple iPad Mobile Capabilities for Approvals, Tasks, Notifications Ability to support via web services (and possibly and application) for receiving notifications, approval approvals, tasks on a mobile device so no need to log into Ariba; This is more secure than HTML s and more user friendly and would increase adoption; Additional use case would be to create a Requisition Various and Ariba Hybrid - Sourcing Seamless support for Ariba Buyer installed and Ariba Sourcing (Pro, Basic) On Demand Hybrid - Spend Visibility Seamless support for Ariba Buyer installed and Ariba Spend Visibility On Demand Hybrid - Reporting Seamless support for integrated reporting regardless of applications On Premise or On Demand. Would prefer if the synchronized data is On Premise. © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.

6 Existing Candidate Requested Features Infrastructure
Description Requestor Archiving Ability to archive all data from a certain date for both upstream and downstream. Archiving means to extract all the records from a certain period onto an external media in a specified format and delete them from the system. The user can then take this external media and load it into a non-Ariba system for reporting. Once deleted out of the system, the information cannot be re-loaded back into Ariba. This includes all objects, attachments, history, etc. Requested by >5 customers Automated Testing Framework Include Ariba's automated testing framework to decrease time for Service Pack and Point Release adoption. Would include the ability for IT users to create automated tests that can be run against a new SP or PR; This is the same ATF that Ariba uses today for its On-Demand Solutions. Various and Ariba More Safe Customizations Inventory On-Premise customers unsafe customizations and make as many of the common ones as possible safe. The purpose is to decrease time for Service Pack and Point Release adoption. © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.

7 Future Upstream On-Demand Features
Product Feature Description Analytics New Supplier/Customer Fact A new supplier/customer reporting fact table now allows reporting of supplier/customer organizations across projects, events, and contracts. Sourcing Grading and Scoring Usability Enhancements The enhanced grading and scoring process allows graders to score participant responses in a quick and efficient manner. Graders can choose to grade participants by their response to a particular question or they can review all questions for one or two participants. In addition, graders now have the ability to export gradable content to Microsoft Excel, grade the content, and then import the graded content back in to Ariba Sourcing™. Savings Form Approvals and Prototyping This set of features provides more control over savings form processing in projects.  For example, a user can force an approval before publishing, set a prototype to be used for ad hoc form creation, control whether or not draft versions of forms are available in reports, and control whether or not projects can have more than one savings form. Resend Event Invitations to Suppliers Users now have the ability to resend invitations to participants with a single click when monitoring events and surveys. Supplier Management New Webservices Enhancements This feature extends existing web services for the Ariba Contract Management™ solution by allowing you to automatically send contract header data when a contract workspace is created or published. Spend Visibility Enhanced Invoice and Purchase Order Fact This feature segregates invoice and purchase order data for the Ariba Procurement and Invoicing solutions from the invoice and purchase order data for the Ariba Spend Visibility™ solution and stores it in separate, solution-specific fact tables for improved data load and reporting performance. © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.

8 Selected On-Demand Upstream Features
Upstream Suite Multi-fact Reporting Reporting Workspace Message Board Workspace Audit Trail Advanced Approval Rules UI Dynamic Team Member Rules Sourcing Advanced Discovery Integration Event Pre-requisites Enable/Disable Bidder Agreement Conditional Content (in events and profiles) Buyer-created Offline Excel Bid Sheet © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.

9 Q&A © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.

10 Don’t Miss the General Session Panel Today at 5:15 p.m.
Sustainable Supply Chains through Vested Trading Partner Relationships Long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships between buyers and suppliers are increasingly being described as vested relationships, defined by a shared vision, agreed-upon desired outcomes, transparency, trust, and win-win. Developing such trading partner relationships pays dividends in many ways, particularly when your goal is ensuring a sustainable supply chain. Join Tim Minahan, chief marketing officer for Ariba, as he explores the concept with Kate Vitasek, author of Vested Outsourcing, and Tim McBride, general manager for global finance shared services at Microsoft. Mr. Minahan and his guests will engage with Ariba customers who will talk about such investments at their companies, and the impact they have on their comprehensive sustainability programs. 5:15 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. – Florentine III and IV © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.

11 Appendix © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.

12 Pre-11s Key Upstream Cross-Product
Feature Description Multi-fact Reporting The new multi-fact feature will allow reporting users to create more meaningful detail level reports by allowing content from multiple tables to be joined together based on defined keys. Additional features include, new intelligent UI to improve usability when creating multi-fact reports and left-outer join support. Documentation: 11s1 Release Guide: p ; Each individual solution’s reporting guide: separate chapter (e.g., Appendix A in the Procurement Reporting Guide) Reporting Allows the user to schedule reports to run in background. Results from the background execution can also be ed to multiple users. Documentation: Each individual solution’s reporting guide (e.g., Contract Reporting Guide: Chapter 5, p.52-54) Workspace Message Board Ability to send an from outlook, yahoo, etc directly to the workspace/project (all project types, contracts, sourcing, SIPM). We will scrape the contents and log in the workspace including documents. This is useful for tracking offline activity and storing in the project Documentation: Contract Process Management Guide : Ch. 7 p Workspace Audit Trail Provides an audit trail of all activities in the projects (Contract, sourcing, SIPM) such as a task being added, project being changed/edited, team member being deleted..etc Documentation: Contract Process Management Guide: Ch. 7 p.42-43 Advanced Approval Rules UI Configurable approval rules provide an easy-to-use, graphical, browser-based management of all aspects of approval process creation and deployment. For each type of approvable document (also referred to as an approvable), you can build a flow diagram of approval rules, defining the conditions and actions for each rule. You can then test the approval process by previewing approval flows generated for selected test approvables. Documentation: Project Template Guide: p.48-69 Dynamic Team Member Rules The feature allows the administrator to dynamically assign team members to a project based upon rules. Documentation: Project Template Guide: p.71-78 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.

13 Pre-11s Key Upstream Sourcing
Feature Description Advanced Discovery Integration Automatic creation and monitoring of Discovery Posts from within an event. Ability to find and include in your Sourcing event Discovery Suppliers that meet event criterion. Documentation: Event Management Guide; Chapter 9 Event Prerequisites Prerequisite questions can prevent participants from accessing the event data or submitting a response until they have provide satisfactory answers. Buyer can control what information is hidden until the prerequisite questions have been cleared. Documentation: Event Management Guide; Chapter 6, page 74 Enable/Disable Bidder Agreement This feature provides the ability in the template to disable the Bidder Agreement so suppliers would not have to agree to it prior to participating in the event. Documentation: Event Management Guide; Chapter 3, page 60 Conditional Content (in events and profiles) This feature allows the buyer to define content to be hidden until responses to other questions meet a certain condition. The condition could be simple, based upon only one other content question, or complex, based upon responses to multiple questions. Documentation: Event Management Guide; Chapter 6, page 120 Buyer-created offline Excel Bid Sheet Custom offline response sheets enable you to create your own customized version of the Ariba Sourcing offline bid sheet. You have complete control over the customized offline response sheets you create and can utilize all the functionality available in Microsoft Excel. You only have to map cell values from your custom offline response sheet into the standard Ariba Sourcing offline bid sheet. Documentation: Event Management Guide; Chapter 17, page 291 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.

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