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Welcome! The webinar will begin at 2:00 Eastern/11:00 Pacific.

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1 Welcome! The webinar will begin at 2:00 Eastern/11:00 Pacific

2 Today’s audio is streaming to your computer’s speakers or headphones. Too loud or soft? Adjust volume level in the Audio broadcast box: Lost all sound? Hear an echo? At the top of the screen, go to the Communicate menu and select Audio Broadcast to refresh your connection. Audio Tips

3 Need Help? Please post technical support questions into the Q&A Panel. Step 1: Type the problem in the dialog box. Step 2: Click Send.

4 Use Chat to talk with attendees and presenters about the topic. Do not post technical questions to Chat. Chat Etiquette And if you’re tweeting, use this hashtag: #wjwebinar

5 Customize your experience Panels can be opened or closed by clicking on the panel name at the top of the column, or by using the X in the individual panel. Hover over edge of panels to drag and resize.

6 Step 1: Click on Phone Icon under the Participants list. Step 2: Call the toll-free number provided. Step 3: Enter the Access Code and Attendee ID provided. Telephone Access If you not able to listen via your computer, you may join by phone.

7 Remember to post to Q&A panel if you need technical assistance. Other Technical problems? Contact WebEx support Event Number: 711 626 360 Phone: 1-866-229-3239 Co-Produced by: Jennifer Peterson WebJunction Community Manager Produced by: Kendra Morgan WebJunction Senior Programs Manager

8 Thanks to the generous support of the following state library agencies, WebJunction offers webinar programs for free to all who wish to attend: Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records Connecticut State Library Florida Department of State’s Division of Library and Information Services Georgia Public Library Service Idaho Commission for Libraries Illinois State Library Indiana State Library State Library of Kansas Maine State Library Minnesota State Library Agency & Minitex Missouri State Library State Library of North Carolina State Library of Ohio Access Pennsylvania Texas State Library & Archives Commission Library of Virginia Washington State Library

9 Today’s Presenters Randy Merrell Tech Trainer, Salina Public Library, Kansas Melanie Hedgespeth Technology Manager, Salina Public Library, Kansas


11 QR Codes What is a QR Code?

12 QR Codes What does the code do?

13 QR Codes What can I use a QR code for ? View the Youth Activities @ Your Library Scan the QR code on your smartphone to activate the item listed. Suggest a Library Purchase

14 QR Codes How do users scan QR Codes?

15 QR Codes How do users scan QR Codes?

16 QR Codes How can I make my own QR Codes?


18 Google Plus Things to have ready. 1. A Google+ personal account Aliases are not allowed 2. Your Libraries webpage address. 3. Your Library’s Logo

19 Google Plus Goto Click the Create your Google+ Page button.


21 I converted our logo to 300 x 300 pixels before adding it.

22 Google Plus Here is a Google+ trick that you might find useful in your account. If you don’t have one already. Setup a free Evernote account. In Google+ create a Evernote Circle and put in one member, Evernote again. Assign it the upload email from your Evernote account. You can find it underTools, Account info. Right click to copy it to the clip board. Now you can “share” anything from your Google+ to Evernote. Just check the box labeled “Also email 1 person not yet using Google+”.

23 Google Plus Links Shorten any url - Add a Google +1 button to your site - Google+ Pages for business - Setting up a Google Plus Page for your Library is Easy - Evernote “Remember Everything”


25 Pinterest a virtual pinboard What is Pinterest?

26 Pinterest How does it work?

27 Pinterest How does it work? 1 2 3 4

28 Pinterest What would my library use it for? Staff


30 Pinterest Salina Public Library:

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