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BT Wholesale Ethernet Roadmap Release Update 6 th September 2012 Agenda: Re le ase AD – Shaun Harrison Release AE – Shaun Harrison eCo Plus enhancements.

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1 BT Wholesale Ethernet Roadmap Release Update 6 th September 2012 Agenda: Re le ase AD – Shaun Harrison Release AE – Shaun Harrison eCo Plus enhancements & improvements (Release AE) – Sarah Jones Roadmap specific - Etherway Superfast GEA – Shaun Harrison / Angela Fidler

2 Confidentiality & legal statement The information contained in this Presentation slide-pack is confidential information for discussion purposes only and should not be disclosed without British Telecommunications plc (BT's) permission. Please treat it accordingly and do not forward, republish or permit unauthorised access. Please note that BT has taken reasonable care to check that the information contained in this Presentation slide-pack is accurate at the time of issue, however, it is subject to change. In relation to any products/services referred to in this document which are currently under development and/or trial, BT gives no undertaking or other commitment that the product/service will be made commercially available. References to any such service and time scales contained within this document are indicative and estimates for information purposes only and these and other information do not constitute any contractual or other obligation. Applicable BT standard terms and conditions apply. © British Telecommunications plc, 2012 British Telecommunications plc Registered office: 81 Newgate Street London EC1A 7AJ Registered in England no: 1800000

3 AreaDetailsProduct Position & BenefitsLaunch Date Product GEA -Day 3 requirements – Changes to KCIs Changes to KCIs to ensure all communication with customers is clear and unambiguous. Oct 2012 L2C Secondary site contact information field Offers customers the ability to add a second site access contact details to avoid EAD order delays due to OR Engineer abortive visits and site access issues. * only visible via EST 20 Aug 2012 Product VPLS - ELAN Co-ordinated Handover KCI Improvements To improve the content & presentation of information with KCI messages for ELAN Coordinated Handover Capability so that the information provided to customers in the KCIs is more accurate in terms of dates for co-ordinated deliveries and easier to understand when there are multiple staged deliveries being offered Oct 2012 Release AD roadmap update

4 AreaDetailsProduct Position & BenefitsLaunch Date L2C Cycle Time improvements: Front end portal improvements / Enhancements to eCoPlus Portal Making portal navigation easier & simpler to use for order placement. Oct 2012 L2C Cycle time improvements: Batphone Allows easy contact if further contact details / other queries are required / need to be resolved “on the day” to help avoid delays Oct 2012 T2R Portal changes & PEWs To provide a warning message of possible charges being levied if/when a they have run a diagnostic test which has given a pass or if the defect is found to be within their domain and they proceed to raise this as a fault into BT. Simpler PEW notifications providing a single notification of all their impacted services rather than currently receiving multiple notifications. Oct 2012 L2C VPLS - ELAN Co-ordinated Handover KCI Improvements Improved content and presentation of information within KCI messages for ELAN co-ordinated handover: Improved accuracy in terms of date for co-ordinated deliveries Simpler information when there are multiple staged deliveries being offered Q4 Operat- ional testing to be completed before- hand Release AE roadmap update

5 Dec 2011Jan- March 2012 April– June 2012 July – Sept 2012 Oct – Dec 2012 Jan- March 2013 April – June 2013 Dec. 10GB EEC Launched BT Wholesale Ethernet Product Roadmap Dec. Etherway upgrade 10Mb – 100Mb launched Dec. 35Mb EFM Launched Dec. Auto negotiate off launched Feb. Low cost 1Gb SLT reduction from 93 to 33 days March Default & Multi-CoS Etherflow connected Mar ELAN Coordinated handover April Etherway 1G modify to low cost (5y) April 2012 – March 2013 Superfast GEA roll-out June 2012 Etherway shared access July /Aug 2012 EEC Resilient May 2012 Superfast GEA. London & Manchester Jan. Etherway External Shift Feb. Performance SLA Apr. Bespoke Access - Telehouse Feb address matching upgrade launched. Feb Automated abortive visit charges Aug: Secondary site contact information April 2012 Front end portal enhancement June 2012 Front end portal enhancement June Automated Port/VLAN modify June/July 2012 Shared Access Reporting Aug. Error codes/guidance Aug. GEA FTTP Launch: 80/20, 330/20, 330/30 Oct: Openreach Batphone Oct: Front end portal enhancement May: Managed Install Phase 2 (EFM) Jan: eCo+ usability improvements May: Managed Install Phase 1 (EAD) May. Bespoke Access – I.O.M, Hull Apr. Bespoke Access – Associated orders (EAD+Radio etc) Feb. eCo B2B Gateway Phase 1 Oct: 1Gb Etherway price reduction Apr. Pricing Tool & eCo linkage

6 6 Release Roadmap Q&A

7 eCo Plus Enhancements Sarah Jones

8 eCo Plus Usability: Key Benefits Make it simpler and easier to use Enable more orders to be placed by eCo Plus To reduce the time taken to complete the order entry journey Improve order accuracy to reduce delivery delays Reduce the number of abandoned/cancelled orders

9 Pain PointsWhat we are doing Double entry of network ID and billing account Once entered, this data will now be pre-populated in subsequent fields Unclear about what information is required Adding hover text to provide help on filling out complex data fields Simplify wording in Service Catalogue/Bundles Remove clicks by pre-populating data from Etherway to Etherflow order Adding post codes to A and B end VLAN Delayed OrdersAdding Hover text to provide guidance on what information is required to stop delays later Missing out critical information on orders Making Third Party Name mandatory, and bringing it onto the main order screen Address MatchingAdding the address key to the returned list of addresses within the pick applet. Order Entry Pain Points

10 Usability Improvements screen shots For bundles containing a network product, the Network ID field will be filtered down to the associated order lines Once the Etherway order is created, the common data e.g. Network ID, Billing Account will be auto-populated for the Etherflow order When adding a spoke to an existing network/bundle, the Network ID will be blank and once entered, will be pre-populated in all related order line items Once the Billing account is selected, it will be pre-populated on all relevant subsequent pages. If the Billing account is edited, the change will flow to the associated order lines

11 Change wording to - ‘If Network ID blank, please select an existing network, if pre- filled, a new network ID has been created’ Adding Hover Text – ‘Where you want your circuit installed within the selected site. We need this information to ensure our engineer installs the circuit in the correct location’. Adding Hover Text - ‘Your onsite contact will need to be aware of What product has been ordered. Who placed the order with BTW on their behalf. That the visiting engineer will be from BT Openreach. Whether the site is ready, or which date it will be ready. The power requirements of the product ordered, and whether available now, or the date it will be available. The location where the equipment is to be sited, ensuring that access is available. If the equipment should be rack mounted etc, and whether the rack is available with sufficient space on it. The point of entry of the BT network into the building and ensure is access available. Potential internal routes through the building and the ability to agree these routes. Landlord/ Wayleave Grantor’s details for any internal routes or new duct entries if required. Provide details of site restrictions, safety requests, induction courses, out of hours working, parking or security restrictions. Details of a secondary contact in case they are off at time of survey, or when any work to be completed at site ‘ Usability Improvements screen shots For every save message on a page, add a hover message indicating the order will be saved for 48hours for editing

12 Adding Hover Text – ‘Is there a password we would need to know to gain access to site?’ Adding Hover Text - ‘Are there any dangers accessing this site that we should be aware of?’ Adding Hover Text – ‘e.g Power Station or Electricity Generating Site.’ Third Party Name will be moved to the front page under Site contact and will be made mandatory and we are adding hover text to say – ‘What is the name over the door of the site where service is to be provided?’ Usability Improvements screen shots

13 Add Hover text to Save and Close to say ‘The draft message will be saved for 90 days’ Usability Improvements screen shots

14 Adding Address Keys, and Easting and Northing Information to the returned address information,

15 KCI Improvements Following your feedback we are changing the wording of the cancellation KCI that is sent to you if BT have cancelled an order due to non acceptance of the excess construction charge after 30 working days. The wording is being changed to - Customer name Your Order Reference: xxxx BT Order Reference: 1-xxxxxxxxxxx Your Description: xxxxx Name of person who submitted the order BT have cancelled Service Id ETHAxxxxxx being supplied under Order No 1- xxxxxxxx on date xx/xx/xx due to non acceptance of ECC's after 30 days.

16 16 Portal enhancements Q&A

17 17 Etherway Superfast GEA Update

18 18 Etherway Superfast GEA - Update FTTC Speed Options 40:2 – Launched 40:10 – Launched 80:20 – Launched FTTP Speed Options 40:2 – Launched 40:10 – Launched 80:20 – Launched 100:30 – Launched 300:20 – Launched 300:30 - Launched Note: Current FTTP connectivity will be reactive. Future plan to consume ‘FTTP on Demand’ once available.

19 19 Etherway Superfast GEA rollout Original rollout programme of 545 GEA cablelinks / 450 sites in FY 12/13 Programme increased in order to aggressively rollout to an increased number of FTTC enabled exchanges this year – 1200 GEA cablelinks / 1000 sites Currently there are 322 GEA cablelinks Ready For Customer Order

20 20 Etherway Superfast GEA rollout Initial enabled sites are concentrated around Manchester and London, further phases will give greater geographical coverage.

21 21 Etherway Superfast GEA Q&A

22 22 Thank you for joining the call today

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