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Address Updates in El Dorado County (EDC) A guide to retrieving critical data. This short presentation will introduce you to GOTNET. GOTNET will allow.

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1 Address Updates in El Dorado County (EDC) A guide to retrieving critical data. This short presentation will introduce you to GOTNET. GOTNET will allow you to retrieve important updates to address data in El Dorado County along with other related information vital to your agency’s needs.

2 Where we came from…. In the past, the EDC Surveyor’s Office sent out exhibits when a new address was assigned to a residential or commercial structure. This exhibit would identify these items for the parcel in question: Assessor’s Parcel Number Situs Addresses Road Names USPS Zip Codes Fire Protection Districts Most Recent Retired Address Secondary Addresses

3 Where we are now! The Geographic Information System (GIS) staff at the County Surveyor’s Office has introduced a new research application where you can find information on parcels including address information. This application is called GOTNET. G0TNET can be accessed from any web browser with Flash Player enabled. We will be presenting a series of tutorials demonstrating easy ways to access information, such as: Search using Assessor’s Parcel Number. Search by area (i.e. Zip Codes, Fire Protection Districts). Search entire County for new addresses by date. The first step will always be navigating to the GOTNET website..

4 When GOTNET opens you will see a disclaimer screen. If you wish to use the application you will need to select I AGREE. You can use your cursor to navigate by grabbing the PAN tool that looks like a hand or by using any of the Zoom features in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Lesson One Got Net Basics and Searching by APN

5 Search using Assessor’s Parcel Number To Search by APN: * Select the binocular icon on the top of the page. * Type in the 8 digit APN. Do not add dashes or spaces. * Select SEARCH. 88888888 Parcel Data Search

6 We will identify the boxes as: Parcel Data Search Parcel Display Zoom To We will discuss each box and some of their basic functions as related to identifying the address data that you have been receiving. Once you learn to access your addressing data, be sure to investigate all of the other information that GOTNET has to offer ! When you select Search, GOTNET will zoom to the selected parcel and 3 boxes will populate with information. The Zoom To box pops up as soon as you hover over Parcel Data Search. Even then, it is often hidden behind Parcel Display, but it’s there and will appear!

7 Three boxes will populate with the same information. However, each one will help you perform different tasks and will allow you to focus your attention where you need it. Zoom To: This box has a button in the lower left corner that, when clicked, will zoom in on the selected parcel. If you close this box, it will reopen the next time you hover over Parcel Data Search. Parcel Data Search: This box has several icons at the top that will allow you to fine tune your search. You can also start a New Search or select Zoom to take a closer look at your parcel. Parcel Display: This box will allow you to export the data as text or a CSV file. Don’t forget to scroll all the way over to find the Fire Protection District! Each box has a scroll bar to help you view the information not currently displayed.

8 Now let’s take a look at some of the other features that you may find helpful. At the top of the page, within the GOTNET menu bar, you will find a group of icons like these. We’ve already talked about the binoculars that help us search, and we are all familiar with the Print icon next to it. So lets focus on the Layers List that is between the printer and the paint palette. When you select the Layers List you will get a box like the one to the left. Make sure that all of the following items are selected: EDC Zip Codes EDC Parcels EDC Road Names Aerials 2011 (you may have to scroll to the end to see this) You may want to unselect EDCdata if it is selected. Now, you can close the Layers List box and view all the great information in an exhibit like the one on the next slide! Layers List

9 Now you have a great exhibit! The exhibit is populated with lots of information. Next, we will look at some ways to view that information. If I want print a copy of it, I will usually close the boxes that I don’t need and use my computer’s snipping tool or take a screenshot with WORD and save it in the format that works best for my office..

10 When the EDC Parcels layer is turned on, GOTNET populates the 3 boxes we discussed earlier with information about the selected parcel. Take time to scroll through one of them and notice that it displays: * Fire Protection District * Owner Mailing Address * Situs Address (Situs is labeled with the word STREET, instead of Situs.) In a future lesson we will discuss how to determine if there are multiple addresses on the parcel. Mailing Address Situs Address Fire District In order to see all of the data in the Parcel Data Search box at the same time, use your mouse to grab the lower right hand corner of the box, and expand it.

11 When you turned on the EDC Zip Codes layer, GOTNET placed the USPS Zip Code in the center of the subject parcel. It may be hard to read with the Aerial 2011 layer on, so the example below shows it without the aerial layer.. PLEASE NOTE: The Zip Code may not reflect the most current USPS data. The USPS is the only authoritative source of Zip Code data. Regretfully, we will no longer be able to provide a “City” designation with the Zip Code data. What about the Zip Codes? No problem, they are here!

12 Then, if you would like to see the information for only one other parcel at a time, you can choose: Select by Point. Place the dot on the parcel that interests you and select Search. The information on the new parcel will display. If you would like to see the information on several adjoining parcels, you can choose: Select By Rectangle. Click and draw a square that touches all of the parcels that interest you and select Search. The information will display on all of the parcels that the square touched. Select by Point First, click the Graphical Search icon Select by Rectangle What if you wanted to see the information for other parcels in the area? We will discuss two different ways to do this using the menu bar at the top of the Parcel Data Search box as displayed below.

13 If you want to start a new search for a different parcel…. Select Text Search. It is always best to select New Search before you enter another APN. Select New Search. …. and the Parcel Data Search screen looks like this. …. and the Parcel Data Search screen looks like this. This will clear out old data and give you a fresh start. Then you will have your original Search box back on your screen. New SearchText Search

14 Congratulations! You have made it to the end of this tutorial. There is much more to learn about GOTNET and we encourage you to investigate everything it has to offer ! The GIS staff at the El Dorado County Surveyor’s Office is constantly improving GOTNET. From time to time you might notice a new layer or method of search. Please join us in looking forward to the new and exciting ways this tool will benefit the residents and businesses of El Dorado County !

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