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Introducing Confluence 3.0 Customer Exclusive Webinar.

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1 Introducing Confluence 3.0 Customer Exclusive Webinar

2 Introductions Bill Arconati Product Marketing Manager Per Fragemann Sr Manager, Development Boots Wang Sales Engineer Kevin Williams Sales Engineer

3 Agenda Past Present Future

4 Asking Questions Type questions into the GoToWebinar panel

5 It’s been a while...

6 But the mission remains the same

7 Over 9,000 customers 7,500+ paying customers in 93 countries 1,500+ non-profit customers 20,000 personal wikis Wide spectrum of: Industries Organization Sizes Deployment Sizes Business Problems

8 Dozens of Use Cases

9 Hundreds of Developers

10 Release Momentum Confluence 2.9 (AUG 2008): Office Connector SharePoint Connector Confluence 2.10 (DEC 2008): Widget Connector Search Improvements Quick Navigation

11 Search: From Good to Great

12 2008: UI & Quick Navigation Quick Navigation: Real Time Search 75%

13 2008: Widget Connector Connect anything Web 2.0

14 2008: Widget Connector Connect anything Web 2.0

15 Office Connector: Edit in Word

16 Documents at your fingertips DOC,PPT, PDF&XLS

17 Confluence 3.0

18 Richer Pages, Faster

19 The Macro Browser Useful Task lists Charts Widgets More! Easy Point and Click Anyone can do it Vast 80+ bundled macros

20 The Plugin Exchange Great for Customers Hundreds of plugins Evaluate Rate Good for Developers Get Discovered - 9000 custs Customer Feedback Earn $$$

21 Discover People

22 Hover Profile People at the forefront Learn more anywhere in the app Profile Photo Current Status Personal Space Follow Email

23 Hover Profile

24 Richer Profiles User Activity See your recent activity More Information Fields Phone & IM Position Department Location

25 Richer Profiles

26 Connect With People

27 Build Your Network Follow people Relevant, Important, Interesting… View Their Activity Pages, Comments, Blogs, Status Updates Subscribe View in personal profile or RSS reader

28 Build your network

29 Share Your Status EfficientShare bits of info without wiki pages or blogsSmartSupports links and wiki markupIntegratedDisplayed alongside your other activities

30 Share your status

31 Enhanced Personal Spaces New Profile Panel gives more detail: Current Status Recent activity Network

32 Enhanced Personal Spaces

33 Tons of Improvements

34 Lightning Fast 50% faster page rendering 20% higher, more constant throughput Better hardware utilization for vertical scaling Improved client-side caching 100% faster page rendering in Cluster through improved horizontal scaling

35 Lightning Fast

36 PDF Overhaul 2x to 3x faster Beautiful and optimized for PDF and print Headers, footers, cover pages, table of content Everything customizable using CSS

37 PDF Overhaul Fonts Header Table Style

38 Better and focused page comparisons... and email notifications!

39 Vastly improved table editing

40 New Pricing


42 Future Directions

43 Integration & OpenSocial Gadgets Expose Confluence content Include other content into Confluence Dashboards Configurable Dashboard Import gadgets from other systems

44 Enterprise Focus Performance Clustering & Availability Administration Usability Supportability

45 Better! Faster! Easier! Innovation Rich Text Editor Supportability Usability Availability Performance Page Ordering Cluster storage model Security Editor dialogs UI sexiness Macrobrowser Supercharge Linking dialog Media dialog Usage statistics Quality Plugin system REST API Extended profiles Status replies I18N Space selector Clustering Powertools AJAX

46 From the labs: “Based on 3.0” Shipping soon at

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