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Instructional Tools for Teachers: Accessing Materials & Using the Lesson Planner Copyright © 2012 Schoolnet, Inc. All rights reserved.

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1 Instructional Tools for Teachers: Accessing Materials & Using the Lesson Planner Copyright © 2012 Schoolnet, Inc. All rights reserved.

2 What is Classrooms? Classrooms is a module of Schoolnet that: Provides teachers with standards-based instructional tools, lessons and best practices Delivers class and student level data to the teacher’s desktop Provides teachers the information they need anytime and anywhere 24/7 2


4 Instructional Materials In Classrooms, ‘Instructional Materials’ refers to: Curriculum Curricular Units Instructional Units Lesson Resources Assessments 4

5 Accessing Instructional Materials In Classrooms Materials Search Throughout Classrooms On Classrooms Home Page (for selected section only, once district maps curriculum to courses) 5

6 Search for Any Curriculum Click Filter by grade and subject 6

7 Suggested Materials Even before you search… the “Materials Search” home page pushes suggested materials to eligible users, without any search function being performed. Displays additional materials aligned to the same standards as upcoming scheduled lessons Displays materials aligned to same standards that students struggled with on a recent assessment Filter by course 7

8 Logic for Suggested Materials Suggestions will be based on aligned standards for: Upcoming assessments (materials aligned to standards on upcoming tests that had lowest mastery rate) Upcoming instruction (materials aligned to standards that have been scheduled on teacher’s lesson planner) Recent assessment results (materials aligned to standards on recent test that had the lowest mastery rate) Lesson Plans will be suggested over Instructional Units System will randomly choose five materials from all available institution banks If the user has no sections assigned or there are no suggestions available, Most Popular will appear 8

9 Materials Smart Search: Pre- Search Quick Filters Before searching, filter your search by Subject (multiple subjects can be selected) and/or Grade Level For teachers, subject/grade will be pre- filtered based on the courses they teach 9

10 Materials Smart Search: Post-Search Filters Can view by: Subject Grade Institution Material type, etc. 10

11 Materials Detail Page View aligned standards and other materials tied to the same standards Create PDF Recommend Save in My Materials for later Build an Express Test (jump to Assessment Admin module, create test from standards aligned to selected material) 11

12 Recommended Materials View # of recommendations on materials search results page Click into material to recommend it to others Can only recommend – no negative counterpart Materials with more recommendations will be considered more “popular” and will be suggested over less popular materials 12

13 Standards Search Search for standards that contain a specific keyword Locate all materials aligned to a particular standard Schedule standard on the planner 13

14 Navigating to My Materials Add items to my materials from the overview or detail view 14

15 My Materials My Materials is a combination of materials you have created and those you have saved from the Materials Search Default suggestions pushed to users Same browsing/filter options as with Materials Search Sorting options 15

16 Try It Out: Locating Instructional Materials Questions for Understanding What material types are searchable? What are the two ways a material gets into My Materials? Practice Search for all resources across grade levels for a particular subject. Browse for a resource by standard Apply Your Knowledge Locate some materials of interest and save them to My Materials. 16


18 Lesson Planner Teachers can schedule lessons, add notes, files, events, etc. Personal and section views are available 18

19 Filter calendars by section or material type Day, Week or Month view Click drop-down arrow to open selector boxes – click arrow again to close them Hover actions (such as over year to view past planners) Drag and drop Navigating in Your Planner 19

20 Schedule a Lesson or Unit Choose materials from District-wide Materials Bank, School Bank, My Materials or Available Curriculum. Must pick grade & subject ‘Hover’ to reveal schedule icon, then drag & drop. 20

21 Schedule Material from within Detail Screen Access detail screen by clicking title in Materials Search or My Materials Click Schedule to view mini calendar ‘Save and Go to Planner’ or ‘Save and Close’ 21

22 Add Standards Coverage Use to keep track of standards covered without actually posting a lesson in Classrooms. 22

23 Add Events Drag and drop desired event to day square. Enter details. Click to close detail window. 23

24 Attach Files to Any Day Roll cursor over bottom of day square. Click paperclip icon that appears. Choose and attach file. Paperclip visible to indicate available file. 24

25 Add a Note to Any Day Roll cursor over bottom of day square. Click note icon that appears. Enter title and content Click Save ( )icon. Note icon is visible to indicate added note. 25

26 Embedded Standards Mastery On the standards to be covered today, how have my students done so far this year on those standards? 26

27 Copy Items To copy a lesson (or other item) from one section to another, click and hold on the Copy icon. Drag and drop to the additional location. 27

28 Create a New Lesson or Unit Teachers can create their own instructional units and lessons by linking directly from the planner 28

29 Print Materials for the Week Select material type(s) Select day(s) Choose section Hint: Click arrow again to close pop-up window 29

30 In the Planner, click ‘Search other calendars.’ Slowly type the teacher’s last name. Click the teacher’s name in the ‘type-ahead’ menu. Accessing Planners as an Administrator 30

31 Try It Out: Lesson Planner Scheduling Questions for Understanding What sorts of files might be useful to attach to a day in your lesson planner? How do you attach a note to a day? What is the fastest way to schedule a lesson to multiple periods of the same course? Practice Select a lesson to schedule to your Lesson Planner. View your planner in day view. Schedule an event and copy it to another section. 31

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