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Welcome! Please move to the center of your row. We are expecting a full house.  THANKS!

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1 Welcome! Please move to the center of your row. We are expecting a full house.  THANKS!

2 Standley Middle School Orientation Meeting
Principal: Heidi Lyon Interim Vice Principal: Marco Curiel

3 Meet Some of our Staff Phyllis Meredith - Counselor
Sue Brantley - ELST Ray Conseur – 6th Grade English/Social Studies Kay Sinnock - PE Coach Phyllis Meredith – Counselor Brenda Wilson - Counselor

4 PrimeTime Provider is SAY, San Diego Hours:
Open at 7:00 a.m.* Close at 6:50 p.m.* Application must be submitted Morning spots fill early (possible pay program will be offered) Pay Program available as needed *Subject to change

5 English Learners Identification (CELDT testing) Appropriate placement
Supports and Services provided via SEI/MEC classrooms All teachers have necessary certification

6 English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC)
Advisory committee to the School Site Council that ensures the needs of English Learners are addressed Meets monthly Accepting nominations for committee with elections in the fall

7 Counseling Center Counselors play multiple roles on campus
student advocate teacher advocate parent advocate good listener helps student see the whole picture guides student in making good choices disciplinarian supervision

8 Counseling Supports Offered
Individual Counseling Group Counseling anger management skills grief building leadership skills and more to offer Classroom lessons bullying organizational skills High school planning

9 Standley Vision We are committed to being the best we can be academically, socially and personally. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, challenging, supportive learning environment in which we all assume responsibility.

10 Starting Out on the Right Foot!
Mr. Conseur will shed light on the path to middle school

11 Demographics 6th – 8th Grade Expect between 1000 – 1050 students
General Education / Special Education Prgms 50.47% neighborhood students, 49.53% CHOICE and VEEP students 9% of our students are English Learners, 6% Special Education, and 51% GATE Highly qualified teachers and staff who are committed to our students

12 Ways to be Involved Have a positive attitude Establish a study space
Organization 11 is the new 16 but it is still the old 2 Check in on homework and tests, but don’t hover Circle back and check on them Stay connected

13 Volunteer Opportunities
Changes in middle school Classroom options Parents on Campus (dads especially) Front Office Library Science Olympiad Thursday, Sept 6 – Monday, Sept 10 high need

14 School Hours Regular Day: 9:05 a.m. – 3:50 p.m. Modified Day:
Total of 15 days Most on Wednesdays Modified Day: 9:05 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.

15 Safety and Security School open daily at 8:45 a.m.
Leave campus immediately at end of day All students to wear their provided school ID around their necks at all times We provide a lanyard to each student

16 Sample Bell Schedule Period 1 9:05 – 10:02 Period 2 10:06 – 10:58
First Lunch/Academic Prep 11:58 – 12:28 Second Lunch/Academic Prep 12: :02 Period :06 – 1:58 Period :02 – 2:54 Period :58 – 3:50

17 6th grade Electives 18 weeks of Exploring Computers, Art, or AVID Study Skills Full year of Band or Orchestra

18 Science and Physical Education
Every 6th grade student will have the equivalent of 18 weeks of Science and Physical Education A/B week

19 Lunch 6th grade paired with reduced amount of 7th/8th graders
PIN numbers change when you enter middle school Encourage to use PayPams! Money is transferred, if balance at end of year Four options: Power Up! Line BBQ Cart Ala Cart line Snack Bar line or carts Recommend bringing lunch first week of school

20 Student Store/Financial Office
Many items available for purchase during lunch and before school PE Clothes (optional) Cinch Bag for stinky PE clothes School Spirit Wear School Supplies Dance Tickets Must have student ID to purchase

21 Communication Be proactive and make contact please
A priority at Standley is to communicate with parents on an on-going basis Conferences Connect Ed (calls from administration) Parent Connect (automated calls sent by teachers) Voice mail Standley Website (homework assignments, too) Stay Connected s (through PTSA) Always start with the teacher

22 Dressed To Learn

23 Dressed To Learn Students are required to wear clothes appropriate for school and that do not distract learning or other students. Half-shirts, crop tops, low necklines, spaghetti straps, tank/tube tops, or pants with holes, rips, tears and short shorts are inappropriate and should not be worn to school. Short and long sleeved shirts, blouses and tops are acceptable. Clothes must cover the midriff area of the body. Shorts, skirts, walking shorts, and/or skorts must be no shorter than 4” above the knees with or without leggings underneath. Pajamas are not appropriate for school. P.E. clothing is for P.E. only and may not be worn throughout the school day. Clothing must fit neatly at the waist without sagging or having an excessively tight fit (this includes leggings worn alone as “pants”). Pants may be loose fitting but not extremely baggy. Hoop earrings may be no larger than a quarter. Hats, sunglasses, or gloves are not to be worn inside buildings. Anything distracting such as extreme attire or accessories is not allowed.

24 Organization If students know how to plan their time, they do better!
Each student provided with a daily planner Please review first pages with your student during first week of school Encourage you to check in backpacks and assist with keeping it organized…this is the best way to keep in touch with your student’s school day as well

25 Monday Muster – Supplied for Success
Backpack Lined Paper – Loose Leaf Three-Ring Binder Dividers for each subject 70 page spiral notebook (4) Reading Book Pens (blue or black) Pencils ID card on Lanyard* Daily Planner* Today Ruler from Planner* *Provided by Standley

26 Bullying Tell US immediately…don’t wait
Encourage your child to tell us too Check their FB, texts, s… Warning signs: withdrawal, crying, unusual sadness, unexplained cuts/bruises, fear of walking home/riding the bus, decline in grades

27 Textbooks Textbooks - distributed during first few days of school
Send with Sturdy Bag Kept at home Only exception would be students in PrimeTime program

28 Physical Education Purchase clothes/lock in August
Co-Ed classes by grade level Required to change clothes Showers are optional Highly recommend purchase of lock for locker! Don’t share combination! More information at

29 Cut the Cord Kay Sinnock speaks about giving 6th graders some tough love…leave the instrument at home. Do not bring it to them. They will learn.

30 Grade Reports Distributed through Academic Prep classes
Progress reports issued approximately every 6 weeks Semester report cards mailed home by district and distributed in Academic Prep

31 Cell Phones Our preference is that they are not brought to school; however, we are realists so, District policy requires turned OFF during school hours and out of sight Confiscated if used or seen out between 9:00 and 3:50 (or 1:15 if modified day) Not allowed at dances, school events Thefts happen, we don’t investigate!

32 Transportation – if available
Provided only to those enrolled through VEEP (only within certain boundary areas) Not all eligible students in the area will receive transportation It is a privilege not a right Arrive 10 minutes before pick-up time

33 Tutoring/Late Busses–if available
Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:55 p.m. – 4:55 p.m. Additionally, many teachers offer tutoring after school on Wednesdays or before school (Tuesday thru Thursday) beginning at 8:15 a.m.

34 PTSA Extremely active and involved! Yearly membership drive
Direct Donation – no selling items eScript membership Programs for student body Support classroom instruction Shares information weekly Volunteer Opportunities

35 School Site Council/SGT
We are taking nominations for the term. Please complete the nomination form in the packet going home on Tuesday. Elections to be held in September, 2012

36 Nonprofit Foundation founded in 1993 to provide supplemental materials to the five public schools in UC. Has provided > $950,000 in supplemental materials and equipment to the schools over the years. Current major focus is iPod Touch in every elementary classroom Main campaigns: Dollar a Day Honor A Teacher Main Events: Oktoberfest – October 6, 2012 Taste of the Triangle – April 19, 2013 Website is

37 First Day of School Tuesday, September 4, 2012
School begins at 9:05 a.m. Pick up schedules at 8:30 a.m. in the Lunch Court Parent Homework sent home for return on Wednesday

38 Questions?

39 Students Share Chloe Meng and Hannah Moore will share their 6th grade experience with you.

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