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Larry Grey President Grey Sparling Solutions, Inc Patrick Roche VP Engineering Noetix Corporation NoetixViews for PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Resources.

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1 Larry Grey President Grey Sparling Solutions, Inc Patrick Roche VP Engineering Noetix Corporation NoetixViews for PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Resources with Grey Sparling Hoverboards

2 Agenda Noetix Overview Grey Sparling Introduction The State of PeopleSoft Reporting Solution Overview Product Demonstrations

3 About Noetix BI solutions experts since 1994 Offices in North America, Europe and South Asia Certified with all leading BI Platforms 2007 Product Awards: KMWorld, eWEEK, DMReview 1400+ customers globally PARTNERSHIPS

4 Noetix Customer List

5 Grey Sparling – Introduction Founded in April 2005 Founded by the people who ran PeopleTools 25 Customers on 2 continents 11 Products The PeopleSoft Experts – Top ranked PeopleSoft weblog on the internet – Asked by Oracle to present at major conferences and user groups

6 Easy to Use and Deploy Easy to Use and Deploy Grey Sparling – Product Approach Powerful Low Adoption Risk Low Adoption Risk Easy to Support Easy to Support No Modification Of Application Code Re-Use ERP APIs and Logic Built-in Diagnostics and management Highly Configurable Core ERP Functionality Core ERP Functionality

7 ERP / BI Infrastructure ERP / BI Infrastructure Architecture Client Tier Client Tier Client Plug-in Framework Web Server Plug-in Framework Business Logic Plug-in Framework Hover Boards ERP Firewall Single Signon Report Explorer Report Security and Dist Security Workbench Tree Alignment Assistant Excel Add-in Context Helper Version Control PSIDE Helper We Plug into your ERP or BI Infrastructure Client Tier Web Server Tier Application Tier

8 The State of PeopleSoft Reporting

9 StageOverview Client/Server PeopleTools 1 – PeopleTools 3 Client-based Reporting tools  Report design using fat client tools  Processing of reports using fat client tools No integrated product suites available to meet different reporting needs  lots of different tools Built when systems had much simpler data models History of PeopleSoft Reporting

10 StageOverview Multi-Tier PeopleTools 5 – PeopleTools 7.5 Introduction of batch reporting features  Production reports scheduled on server  Output placed in file system for end user access  Design using fat client tools History of PeopleSoft Reporting

11 StageOverview Web PeopleTools 8+ Browser access for PeopleSoft pages Web features for running and accessing reports  Scheduling from web pages  Report Repository and Report Manager  Web drilling from nVision

12 Challenges with PeopleSoft Reporting Root CauseChallenge Too many reporting tools with limited or no integration  Administration of the reporting infrastructure is difficult Complexity of PeopleSoft data models  Reporting is difficult and error-prone Limited features for designing reports on the web  The number of people who can participate in reporting is limited

13 What PeopleSoft Users Need for Better Reporting Ease of use Knowledge of data Drill down capabilities to the transaction level Ad hoc Capabilities Graphical view of data

14 Solution Overview

15 BI Content Generation Experts Oracle E-Business Suite Siebel CRM PeopleSoft NoetixViews NoetixAnswers Oracle Database Oracle Discoverer Cognos BI Business Objects Oracle Business Intelligence EE

16 What is a Noetix view? PeopleSoft database tables Noetix view of the database Emp_Sal_Analysis Date Effect. Emp. Name Grade Jurisdiction Organization Pay Basis Payroll Name Tax Amount Tax Type Code Your report Emp Name Tax Type Code Organization Tax Amount Payroll Name Pay Basis Date Effect. Salary Info [same view] [doesn’t break] [new database structure] HR_LOCATIONS_ALL_TL HR_ALL_ORG_UNITS PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F PER_ALL_ASSIGNMENTS PAY_US_TAX_BALANCES PAY_PAYROLL_ACTIONS PAY_PEOPLE_GROUP HR_ADDRESS_HOME PER_ASST_HIST PAY_US_TAX

17 NoetixViews leverages existing investments Cognos 8 BI Business Objects Web Intelligence Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise NoetixViews Noetix WebQuery Noetix Dashboard Other Third-party BI Tools Crystal SQR PeopleSoft Query Metadata Layer Virtual tables Models / Packages Universe Other data models Records and View

18 Noetix Help File Demonstration

19 NoetixViews for PeopleSoft 1.0 Human Resources - Human Capital Management – Workforce Administration – Base Compensation – Position Management – Base Benefits Supports 8.9 – Can schedule 9.0 Oracle Database only Currently developing Payroll for North America Aggressive discounts until the end of June!

20 NoetixViews Configuration-Specific Features Custom fields detected Security logic applied to views Effective Dates intuitively supported Current row easily identified People Trees supported (Department) Position Management detected and applied Translate values detected and applied PeopleSoft terminology throughout Confidential

21 Security Data Access Security – Row level security as defined in the PeopleSoft tables SJT - security join tables – Column level security as defined by Noetix Roles including: HR User, HR Manager, HR Salary Manager, Benefits User, Benefits Manager Authentication via the PeopleSoft UserID and Password – Noetix Platform initially Confidential

22 Human Resources What were the 1-year and 3-year and 5-year historical headcounts for a specific department? What is the number of transfers out of a specific department in a specific period? What are the compensation details for employees in a specific department? Immediate Answers to Questions NoetixAnswers Automatically generate more than 100+ reports custom to your PeopleSoft implementation Provide end users with immediate answers to common business questions Benefits What dependents are over the dependent age limit for health coverage as of today What are the plans for a specific provider? What is the current amount of vacation an employee may carry over? What are the current vacation accrual balances for the employees in a specific company? Salary Manager Which active employees have current salaries below the minimum of their salary grade? Who are the active employees with the comparison ratio less than a specific percentage?

23 Noetix WebQuery Web Based Internal/External Access Ad hoc Query Pre-defined Reports Parameterized Reports User-defined Reports Drill Down/Across Pivot

24 Noetix Excel Integration Author in Noetix WebQuery Pre-defined Spreadsheets User-defined Spreadsheets Refreshable Multiple Queries in a Workbook Log into the Noetix report server with PeopleSoft credentials Execute reports all from within Excel

25 Noetix Dashboard Let executives manage the business with the right data Make decisions with real-time data Author in Noetix WebQuery Receive secure, scheduled delivery of updates Use a common data source for all dashboards & reports

26 Noetix Platform Siebel PeopleSoftLegacy Other ERP or CRM DM/DW NoetixViews Oracle ERP Noetix QueryServer Query Mgmt Services Performance Manager Delivery Server Metadata Repository NOETIX WEBQUERY NOETIX / EXCEL NOETIX DASHBOARD THIRD PARTY BI TOOL

27 Noetix Solution — Components Business views of the underlying data structures organized by functional area NoetixViews NoetixAnswers Oracle Discoverer, Cognos, and Business Objects, Oracle BI Suite EE Plus Integrates disparate data sources into a secure query routing and management platform Web-based query tool for report creation and modification without IT involvement KPIs for various functional areas presented via a graphical display — Help file guides users in report creation by documenting your Oracle Applications configuration Help File Noetix Generator Noetix QueryServer Noetix WebQuery Noetix Dashboard — Pre-built reports out-of-the-box easily modified by end users

28 Grey Sparling Hoverboards

29 HoverBoards

30 Blurs the lines between BI and your ERP application Show relevant BI content inside your ERP application – Meaningful dashboards and reports are available with 0 mouse-clicks – Information is contextual and relevant  No searching to find information Snaps in without requiring modification of – Pages in your ERP system – Reports that you’ve already built Also snaps into BI Portal

31 HoverBoard Features Context menus – Allows unique menus to be attached to each field on each page (or each field on each report) – Menu content is maintained without code and without modification of your existing reports – Understands the context of the ERP and BI application as part of accessing content Content can be accessed – By embedding the content directly into the menu as a popup – By navigating to the content in a new browser window or the current browser window Leverages the security that already exists in your ERP and BI solutions

32 Product Demonstrations

33 Noetix WebQuery NoetixViews NoetixAnswers Excel Integration Grey Sparling HoverBoards

34 Noetix Differentiators Automatically Generated BI Content – Configuration specific views and reports End User Independence – Enable adhoc query and report creation Faster Time to Benefit – Easy to deploy, use and maintain Open Architecture – Use with BI tool of choice Simplified access to operational data – Real-time information Upgrade Protection – Low Total Cost of Ownership      

35 Q & A Email:

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