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SV8100 Desktop Suite Release 4 October 2011. NEC Confidential What is NEC Desktop Suite? ▐Desktop Suite – Is a conduit between your NEC SV8100 telephone.

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1 SV8100 Desktop Suite Release 4 October 2011

2 NEC Confidential What is NEC Desktop Suite? ▐Desktop Suite – Is a conduit between your NEC SV8100 telephone and your personal computer.  Desktop telephony control  Integrates with MS Outlook and other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications  Presence – a virtual in/out board  System-wide Busy Lamp Field  Shared Directories  Softphone

3 NEC Confidential NEC Desktop Suite ▐ Why should you propose Desktop Suite?  Applications close deals  Win more deals against ShoreTel, Cisco, Mitel - everyone  Become more of a solution provider to your customers by providing tools to help increase their productivity  Getting new customers is difficult. Sell more to the ones you win!  Compliments SV8100 components such as InMail and InACD

4 NEC Confidential Call Charlie Desktop Manages Your Deskset  Initiate calls from Desktop client, Outlook, ACT!, Goldmine, Salesforce, and more!  Set your call forwarding from Desktop client, Presence, Outlook, mobile device  Log in/out of your Call Center group

5 NEC Confidential Charlie’s Calling Send Telephony Information to Your Desktop  Open contact records based on Caller ID  Open forms based on number dialed  Display:  Phone status of others  Others Presence  Call Center Information

6 NEC Confidential Must be an “always on” PC Attendant / Receptionist Workstation User / Callcenter Agent Desktop Suite Shared Services IP Softphone Home Office Windows XP Pro/Vista/Win7 (32 & 64) Server 2003/2008 Hosts Desktop Suite’s Shared Services including: - Presence Status - Site wide BLF - Quick Message - Phone Message - Call Forward for other extensions - Shared Directory and Contacts - Mobile Presence Module Outlook Add-in What Components are there in Desktop Suite?

7 NEC Confidential Desktop Suite (Toolbar View) Minimize desktop screen real estate Last Number dialed list Call Status indicators User defined Speed Dial List Access to Preferences, Call Log, Directory, etc. Telephony feature icons Presence Setting  User Interface docks at the top of the display and does not cover other applications. Can be set to auto hide  Access telephony features including Transfer, Conference, Call Pickup, Park, CFWD, DND, Page, etc  Individual Speed Dial list & Redial your last 20 calls Access to InACD Features (new in R4)

8 NEC Confidential Desktop Suite (Window View) Modern look and feel My Presence setting Enhanced Busy Lamp Field with Presence Show only the tool buttons you use Retrieve names from the SV8100 Animated Presence Changes

9 NEC Confidential Call Transfer Options Simplify Call Transfer Drag active calls onto an extension. Desktop responds with color changing feedback. Blind or monitored transfer. With a call in the Active Call window, click the destination extension to initiate a blind or monitored transfer. Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Right click an extension to transfer to alternate numbers – including numbers off- site! Blind or monitored transfer.

10 NEC Confidential Hover For Call Information More Information Hover over another users BLF to get current call information. (This is a class of service enabled feature to view and/or be viewed).

11 NEC Confidential Call Divert Simplify Call Transfer Redirect calls, divert them to voice mail, or if they are in your contacts – get more information.

12 NEC Confidential Dial Alternate Numbers More Productive Dial alternate numbers from the Busy Lamp Field

13 NEC Confidential Transfer to Speed Dial More Productive Transfer to Speed Dials, including ACD queues

14 NEC Confidential InACD Features from Desktop InACD Integration Access InACD features New Agent Monitor* New Queue Monitor* *SV8100 must be licensed for ACD/MIS

15 NEC Confidential Outlook Calendar Integration Presence Scheduling Schedule Presence events either from Outlook Calendar or through Desktop Suite’s Presence Scheduler.

16 NEC Confidential Presence for Mobile Users Desktop Suite on the GO! Desktop Users NEC Phone System Shared Services Company A Red Phoenix Web Services iPhone/ Android BlackBerryWeb Browser Set your Presence state and call forwarding options remotely! Requires an Additional license Cloud-based Presence Server

17 NEC Confidential Answering Center Module Multi-tenant Application Vertical market application for Operator Services and Executive Suites! - Manage incoming calls for a large number of different customers - Automatically display a customized greeting for the company being called - Requires Desktop Suite to be running - Easily transfer the caller to appropriate party Requires Desktop Suite CRM Integration License

18 NEC Confidential Message Co-Workers Message the Desktop or… Send it to the LCD display!

19 NEC Confidential Collaboration Support in Windows More Productive Application Area Menu Bar Video Area Chat Area Requires an Additional license

20 NEC Confidential SV8100 Application Blade Simplified Installation  Shared Services and ACD MIS Server pre- installed  Browser-based configuration  Pre-loaded with all client applications

21 NEC Confidential Download from Application Blade

22 Thank You

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