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Space suit. Oxygen Making Machine Shuttles #1 Shuttles #2 Cockpit with windows.

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1 Space suit

2 Oxygen Making Machine

3 Shuttles #1

4 Shuttles #2 Cockpit with windows

5 Shuttles #3 This is the FM. FM stands for fast mover. You get into it by coming through the bottom of it. You control it by using the joystick. You stick your head up through the control center at the top of the FM.

6 Rovers This is a hover craft. They will use this to go to different places faster then any other machine on the moon. It’s light weight and can only be used for transportation. #1

7 Rovers #2

8 Our Structures


10 For the outside of our house on the moon we have decided to make it into the shape of and igloo. There are solar panels for energy around the outside of the house. There will also be a system with a sensor, and the sensor will tell you when a meteor is coming. Then a big shield will cover the house and it will be safe from the meteors. The inside has all of the rooms that we need to live. There are two bedrooms, one for the males and another one for the females. The astronauts will sleep on hammocks that are stacked on top of each other. There will be 2 bathrooms. One is by the Gym, incase we need to go the bathroom, and one is by the bedroom because there is always one by the bedrooms. There is one big gym, and it will mostly be used for fun and recreation. There is also a greenhouse that will be used to make food and oxygen for the astronauts. There is an Animal Testing Lab and a Science Lab. Next to those we have made a Clinic just incase somebody gets hurt in the labs. In the middle of the living room there is a skylight that goes into the air so that we can see what's going us above the house. There is also a kitchen so they can eat. There will also be an Artic Entry where they will take off their space suites and all the air from outside will be forced out and they can go into the house and breath normal oxygen. We made it round so that when a rock hits it unexpectedly, it will bounce off into another direction. We picked the solar panels for energy because then we won ’ t have to bring up any batteries.

11 The runway will be 400 yards long and 17 yards wide. It must be 30 yards away from the shop. 1 inch = 10 feet Runway Spot Lights  BobbiLou Burbank

12 Runway The run way must be 400 yards long and 17 yards wide because the ship is 90 feet long and 40 feet wide. The ship will land like a plane, so the runway must be very long. The runway will be used for both the landing and the take off.   BobbiLou Burbank

13 Key1 in. = 20 ft. Man door Window Vehicle door Entryway 1/4 bath General Repair Shop Parts/Tools room Records Room Vehicle Entry Tool Bench Lockers  BobbiLou Burbank

14 Repair Shop The shop has two different secluded entries so when people enter, the moons air will be sucked out, and replaced with oxygen. The Shop will be used for fixing the vehicles and will have a larger selection of advanced tools. The ceiling must be 45 feet high so the ships can enter the Repair Shop. The Parts/Tools room will hold the tools and parts that aren’t being used. The Records room is used to hold papers that state what parts we need, parts that aren’t working correctly, etc.   BobbiLou Burbank

15 Table for work Rover Storage Repairs for Rovers Space for the repairs on other space craft BR Drive test area ’ 20’40’ Doors Second repair shop Doors The Space Station Garage 80’x90’ width

16 Space Station Garage The garage is for the rovers and the equipment for the rovers etc. The garage has a bathroom with a sink and a toilet and a small bath tub. It has four doors for the rovers to go in and out, or the space ship that we are traveling in. The space ship will be parked at the nearest entrance of the garage in case of an emergency. There is a workshop for the rovers and a test driving room in the garage. So basically the garage is for storing all the stuff that the boy’s and girls need to do work on, including the rovers. It is also for working, such as maintenance on all of the space craft. We also have space to move large equipment from one place to another place in the garage.

17 Walk in area Veggies Energy/Electric Berries Fruit Trees Trees/air Scale: 1 in= 10ft Greenhouse Our greenhouse is in the center of the main dome structure. The way we will get the plants and trees to space is to first plant them. Then once they have grown to a reasonable size we will fly them to the moon. The way we will power our greenhouse is from the part of our housing unit that makes electricity will send it to the greenhouse. We will use fans and we will import butterflies to pollinate the plants. The plants take the CO 2 that we breathe out and then convert it into oxygen that we breathe. It also provides food for us. Each section is a different type of plant. Each little line that sticks out from the wall is the door. The air/tree section, where the oxygen is produce, will provide the oxygen that will be transferred from the garden into the other parts of the building. The electric section is where we can control the lights and the water dispersing. That is how our garden works.

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