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Syngo Imaging and the Radiology Information System (RIS) for EMERGENCY PHYSICIANS and RADIOLOGISTS.

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1 Syngo Imaging and the Radiology Information System (RIS) for EMERGENCY PHYSICIANS and RADIOLOGISTS

2 What is syngo Imaging?  syngo Imaging is a digital imaging system for radiographic images.  Will allow physicians to view radiographic images inside MedCentral at identified clinical workstations.

3 Click on the Start syngo Imaging icon.

4 Enter your User name (Employee ID or 5- digit physician/dictation number) Enter your Password. The first time the password will be your ID number plus the first three letters of your last name i.e., 12345JOH. Click on OK. You will be prompted to change your password.

5 The Read Exam screen opens. If this screen does not appear contact the IS Help Desk at 526-8786. Click on Worklist on the menu bar. Select Worklist Manager. Or, click on the Worklist button.

6 Confidential information. The Interpretation Work List Manager screen opens for the selected patient. ED patients will appear. Select the study and double click or click on the select button.

7 Reports from 1997 will appear here. Images from October 2007 to today are also online. When reading the report you are bringing up today’s study – the report may be of a previous study. Verify the report date matches the study date.

8 Use these buttons to create, edit, delete, or print notes. This will be where you place notes for the radiologist for any pertinent findings. Create/Edit Notes

9 Read Notes Read notes allows you to see notes from the tech or ED docs that were made for the radiologists.

10 RIS Tools

11  Opens Worklist  Create a Note  Read a Note  Patient Inquiry  Find a Patient if not on the work list  Exit Read Screen Place the pointer on a icon for hover help Place the pointer on a icon for hover help

12 Patient Inquiry Patient Inquiry brings up information regarding the current orders and images for a patient.

13 Find Patient A patient may be found by name, medical record number, or any links from above. Click Select.

14 Viewing Images in the RIS Click on the view button to load images.

15 Syngo Imaging VIEW AN IMAGE

16 Viewing and Evaluating Images in the Studio  In the Studio, you view, edit, and evaluate images. For many functions, an icon is provided so that you can handle your tasks with just a few mouse clicks.

17 Functions of the Studio Functions of the Studio  Usually, you select the images in the work list of the RIS Browser and load them into the Studio.

18 The Studio main functions: Arranging images  You can choose between different screen layouts and display modes. You can even display the images dynamically in movie or cine mode. The Cross reference function allows you to visualize the images from CT and MR series as cut lines in a reference image.  You can also sort the images according to certain criteria.

19 Editing and evaluating images  The menus and tool cards contain all the functions you need for evaluating images (for example, zooming, and windowing).

20 Want more images in the viewing screens? Select an image, hold the left mouse button down, and drag it to one of the empty squares. Click on the Tokens bar to see thumbnail images of selected procedures.

21 Click in the light blue to close the token window. Left click will activate the image. (Blue line around image.) Right click shows the short cut menu.

22 The Tool Window Click on the Tool bar.

23 #1 There are three levels of tool sets. The active tool set will be in white. #2 The user also has hover help. Just lay your arrow on a tool icon and get the yellow pop up. This tells you what the icon does.

24 Icons in X-ray Tools Fit to segment--returns the image to its viewable size. Acquisition size—the best possible size for ROI. Magnifying glass – allows a small bit of the image to temporarily magnify.

25 CT tools provide the user with the ability to segment the image, return it to its normal size, flip, rotate.

26 MRI Tools allows the user to move through the series using icons in this tool box.

27 Options  Toolbox From the Main Menu click on Options, Toolbox. Note the eight (8) tabs. This allows you to customize all tool boxes to fit the way you work!

28 Toolbox Click on a tool, hold the left mouse button down and drag it to the tool box area. Then let go of the mouse button

29 Remove A Tool Icon  Open the Toolbox Options  Toolbox Options  Toolbox  Click on the Tool in your Toolbox that you wish to delete.  Drag it to the Toolbox options screen and release.

30 Return to the RIS Browser by clicking on the RIS browser icon.

31 Click in the light blue area to close the tool bar.

32 Log Out #1 Click on Options #2 Click on End Session

33 The End session box opens. Select the correct logout. This will either close the program, or allow a different user to log on. This is also where you may change your password.

34 Notes  When the RIS down for patch upgrades use the PACs browser button to search for your patients.  Trauma patients that have not been registered or orders have not been placed must be looked up using the PACs browser.  If your patient is a Jr., or Sr., you must enter your search in the following manner: Jr Smith John Jr Smith John Sr Smith John Sr Smith John

35 Notes  Patients will not be removed from your work list until a note is made to the radiologist or you have selected the study and manually deleted it from your list.  If a patient is not on your list someone may have already entered a note on the patient and deleted their name from the list.

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