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SPECIALS BY: S COTT W ESTERFELD By: Shannon Smith 6 th hour Mrs. Cummins’s Class.

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1 SPECIALS BY: S COTT W ESTERFELD By: Shannon Smith 6 th hour Mrs. Cummins’s Class

2 T HE S ERIES The “Uglies Series” is made up of 4 books. (Uglies, Pretties, Specials, Extras) “A world where everyone’s ugly. And than there not.” “What if perfection isn't good enough?” “Frighteningly beautiful, Dangerously strong, Breathtakingly fast.” “Where fame, popularity, and celebrity rule.”

3 THE SETTING: The setting occurs in many places throughout the book. One place is the city. This is where the littlies, uglies, pretties, and crumblies live. This is also where the Special Circumstance Headquarters is. Another setting in this book is the wild. This is the land that is uncharted and out-of-bounds to the citizens. The Specials get to live in the wild because they are suppose to keep people out of the wild and keep the pretties from destroying it. The run-away uglies called the Smokies, have lost there home because of Tally. To Tally, who is a special; the Smokies are dangerous because they bring deadly nanos into the city. They also live in the wild.

4 O LD S ETTINGS : THE RUSTY RUINS: The Rusty Ruins is a setting that occurred multiple times in the book, “Uglies”. This setting is remnants of our world after a massive nuclear bomb. The Rusty Ruins are a way of telling people that Rusties made a big mistake by making violence to its fullest extent. - THE SMOKE: The Smoke is a civilization of ugly-runaways. The Smoke is a vast area of land that has buildings that are similar to camp cabins and mess halls. There are hover paths so the Smokies can ride around on hover boards. But, that was the Old Smoke. Now, the Smoke is on the move to find a new location, if there is one. - THE SPEACIAL CIRCUMSTANCE HEADQUATERS: This is where the Specials are made and where new operations are tested and invented. This is also where Tally first met a Special. This is also where David’s father, Az, died.

5 T HE H ISTORY O F T ALLY -W A - Tally is the main character in the “Uglies” series. - In the book, “Uglies”, Tally Youngblood is a 15- year- old ugly. She is eagerly waiting for her 16 th birthday to join her friend Perris, in New Pretty Town. When you turn 16, you go through an operation, that turns you beautiful in every way. But, Tally has a new friend named Shay. Shay does not want to become pretty and wants to run away to the Smoke.(An outside of the city Civilization) When she turns 16, Shay has already ran away. The Specials, who rule the city give her a choice, to stay Ugly forever, or track down Shay, turn her in, and she gets to become pretty. Tally had no choice but to betray this “Smoke” and her friend. While at the Smoke, she falls in love with David, whose parents tells her about lesions, a tiny tumor in a pretty’s brain. After the Smoke gets destroyed, Maddy, David’s mom comes up with a cure for lesions that Tally promises to take as soon as she turns pretty. - In the 2 nd book,” Pretties”, Tally has everything she has ever wanted. She is part of a popular clique, called the Crims. At her first party, she comes in touch with one of the Smokies who tells her about the cure and where to find them. Zane, the leader of the Crims; falls in love with Tally. After there first kiss, Zane forces Tally to remember her ugly past and tell him EVERYTHING. Then, Tally and Zane go and find this “cure”. They are 2 tiny white pills. They each take one pill. There is a backfire with these pills. One of them carries deadly nanos that wipe out the lesions. The other carries the cure for nanos. Without the cure for the nanos, the nanos could tear your brain apart. That is what happened to Zane. When Zane started having these headaches, they ran away to the New Smoke with other Crims in hope that Maddie could cure Zane. They left Shay behind with her group, called, the “Cutters”. When, they run away trying to get to the Rusty Ruins with a hot-air-balloon; Tally stays on to long and ends up in a testing area of violence. She learns that the lesions are a way that stops violence from occurring. She also learns that this testing area is where the operation was invented. Blinded by love, she goes to the New Smoke anyway to see if Zane is ok or not. There is a catch, when Zane and Tally were still in New Pretty Town, Zane broke his wrist and had to be unconscious while the doctors fixed his hand. They found that Zane had nanos and took the chance to put a tracker in his tooth. So, the Specials caught Tally and Zane in the New Smoke while the others escaped because Tally didn’t want to leave poor Zane behind. Shay had already became Special and took Tally back to the city to become a Special.

6 P LOT The plot includes rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.

7 R ISING A CTION : Tally and the Cutters crash an ugly bash. They are looking for Smokies that give out highly dangerous nanos to uglies and pretties. Tally finds the Smokie and tries to knock her out but comes up with a better idea. She chases the Smokie girl to find she is David’s new girlfriend. The Cutters end up in a fight that loses Fausto, almost kills Shay, and Tachs is left unconscious. Tally finds out that Zane is still alive and wants to see him. She is still madly in love with him. Shay wants to differ and says Tally should go out to the wild and look for Fuasto. Tally makes Shay promise to take her to Zane. When Tally sees Zane, she feels disgusted. She wanted to have the feeling she use to have when Zane was around, not disgusted. After her visit with Zane, Tally is determined for Zane to become a special so she can love him. Shay and Tally come up with a plan, help Zane escape his bubblehead prison, track him to the New Smoke, and end the Smokies forever. There is a problem; Zane has a collar that is made out of orbital-alloy, and for him to escape Tally and Shay have to steal from the Armory. The armory is the city’s military database. Tally and Shay end up destroying the armory to get the orbital alloy cutting tool.

8 Tally and Shay set Zane free with the cutting tool. The Crims put the necklace and interface rings on animal balloons so the city can’t track them. The Crims run away. Shay and Tally start tracking the Crims. On the way, the Crims meet with a person who gives them a position finder for there next destination. Tally decides to see if she can get a position finder herself while Shay is still tracking the Crims. She runs into Andrew Simpson Smith. He is a villager and holly man of the violence testing site village. He gives Tally a position finder also. Half-way from home, Shay gives up on Tally and decides to find the Smoke herself. Tally stays with the Crims.

9 C LIMAX When the Crims and Tally get to the position-finder destination, Tally is extremely bored. She has helped the Crims out of danger once before and wants to do it again. The Crim’s hover boards are necessary to get to the New Smoke. Tally realizes they might blow away while the Crims are sleeping. She goes over to the camp to “help”. She gets caught! Zane wants to desperately talk to Tally and wants to convince her that he is still her true love. Zane and Tally kiss. While they are kissing, Tally sees all of Zane’s body and she sees the effects from brain loss in a major way. Tally is disgusted when she even looks at him; but to kiss him! Tally runs away from Zane because she pities Zane so much as if he would die right in front of her. (Hint, Hint) I made an image myself to represent the climax.

10 F ALLING A CTION : A helicopter arrives. The helicopter is there to take the Crims to the New Smoke. After the helicopter left, Tally jumps from a cliff in midair, and succeeds a landing on the landing bars below the helicopter. The helicopter takes her to another city. The smokies had gotten a whole city to join them! A city called, Diego. Once on the ground, Tally notices the costume surges and pretty surges are as wild as her sharp as needle teeth, and razor sharp finger nails. She could fit in. When she spotted out where the run-a-ways were, she met with Fuasto who was a long lost Cutter. Something was different about him; Tally could see it in his eyes. He was cured. Tally new right away that it was a trap. She ran away from Fuasto by jumping of a cliff, and nearly died. The wardens found Tally and took her to the city hospital. When Tally, awoke from unconsciousness, she found out she was a “Violation of Morphology”. She was about to be de-specialized when Shay came to rescue her. They fought there way out of the hospital with ease, but, something was different about Shay too. Shay was cured. Tally tried to escape but the other cutters already had her pinned to the ground. They were all cured too. The cutters told Tally that because of her little trick in destroying the armory; Dr. Cable was going to have a full out attack on Diego. A war was about to start. The bombs came pounding on Diego. The Town Hall was destroyed and the hospital was badly damaged after the bombardment. The patients were evacuated out of the hospital a split second before the bombs started. So, all the Cutters had to do was a search through the hospital. Half-way through the search, Shay found Zane.

11 Zane was in a operation tank, barley breathing. The doctors said that Zane was going to die if he was removed from the tank. They needed that tank desperately for a unconscious crumblie. Tally already new Zane was dead. She bade him a kiss goodbye, and ran off. Tally was now on her way home. When she reached the Rusty Ruins, she realized how close Diego had come to the same fate. Then a ping came into her skintenna system. A cutter couldn’t have followed her? When she found where the ping had came from, David, was waiting for her. David told her how they had taken over Diego, and there plans for the “Revolution”. He gave her the injector for the cure. A cure, Tally could never take. In the city, she contacted Dr. Cable at once. Instead of Dr. Cable, it was Maxamilla Feaster; one of Cable’s sub commanders. Feaster gave Tally coordinates to where Dr. Cable was. ( Level J, Operating Theater) As soon as she got to there, she was cornered by 10 specials and Dr. Cable herself. Dr. Cable already new and told Tally who she really was to special circumstances; a use. Tally threatened Dr. Cable by saying that her whole body was a satellite done by a crazy surgery in Diego. The whole city would know who Dr. Cable really was and Cable’s little secrets too. Dr. Cable was frightened by this. All Tally said was, “Oops, I forgot to send it.”; and plunged the injector into Dr. Cable’s skin. She was captured with ease. After Tally was locked up in her cell, Diego started sending detailed pictures of Tally’s body. A warning, that specials were dangerous. The cure started to take a change in Dr. Cable too. And with in a month, one by one, all the specials were turned into average, normal pretties. Except Tally. Her cell suddenly started to leak out knock-out gas, one specially made just for Tally. A voice said, “ Don’t just stand there, act like your passing out.”. Tally was carried out of the cell, stripped of her clothes, and was put into an operating tank. A liquid filled up the tank, a liquid that was suppose to keep you alive while the doctors shredded you into pieces. Except this time, Tally would feel it, all. Tally started to panic. She yanked out breathing tube and started to shake the tank to the floor. She new someone had to rescue her. The voice kept saying, “ Stay still, I’m coming.”. When the tank came crashing down to the floor, she crawled out of the tank. Dr. Cable was waiting for her.

12 The cure had taken full effect on Cable now. She had black soft eyes and a voice soft and calm. Not the sharpness of a special’s voice. She still had special abilities and physical appearances, but Dr. Cable, was changed. Tally was in a ball, hiding her naked body. Tally said, “Why”. Dr. Cable explained. Cable said that Tally was the last true special and that in order for Tally to go out into the wild, she had to promise to stay a cutter, forever. Dr. Cable handed Tally a sneak-suit. At least, she wasn’t naked anymore. She left Special Circumstances and went to the rusty ruins, where she last met with David. She got messages in her skintenna system the next day. They were from Maddie, Perris, and Shay. They explained what was up with the world, and if Tally would join each revolution band. That afternoon, David arrived. This image signifies that Tally is the only true special left, and has to stay like that, forever.

13 T HEME AND R ESOLUTION The moral of the story with an example from the book. The resolution of the story.

14 Tally told David what messages she got that morning. She said, “I love you, that is what Maddie told me to say to you for her.” David and Tally talked about there opinions on this “revolution” and sent out this Manifesto the next day to Maddie, Perris, and Shay. “I don’t need to be cured. Just like I don’t need to cut myself to feel, or think. From now on, no one rewires my mind but me. Back in Diego, the doctors said that I could learn to control my behavior, ad I have. You all helped, in one way or another. But you know what? It’s not my behavior I’m worried about anymore. It’s yours. That’s why you won’t be seeing me for a while, maybe a long time. David and I are staying out here in the wild. You all say you need us. Well, maybe you do, but do not to help you. You have enough help, with the millions of bubbly new minds about to be unleashed, with al the cities coming awake at last. Together, you’re more than enough change to the world without us. So from now on, David and I are here to stand in your way. You see, freedom has a way of destroying things. You have your New Smokes, your new ideas, whole New Cities and New Systems. Well… we’re the new Special Circumstances. Whenever you push to far into the wild, we’ll be here waiting, ready to push back. Remember us every time you decide to dig a new foundation, dam a river, or cut down a tree. Worry about us. However hungry the human race becomes now that the pretties are waking up, the wild still has teeth. Special teeth, Ugly teeth. Us. We’ll be out here somewhere-watching. Ready to remind you of the price the Rusties paid for going too far. I love you all. But it’s time to say good-bye, for now. Be careful with the world, or the next time we meet, it might get ugly. - Tally Youngblood” pg 349-350

15 T HEME The moral of the story is, “Think twice before you act. What might happen if you do this, and how will other people react?” Tally and Shay destroy the armory while stealing a tool. They do it for Tally’s happiness. They don’t think on how it would effect the city. “Their exploits at the Armory now seemed like a practical joke- one that had gotten a little out of hand, maybe…. Her skintenna was crackling with the city’s high alert; wardens and regular Specials out in force, the newsfeeds openly wondering if the city was at war. Half of Crumblyville had seen the inferno on the horizon, and the giant pile of black foam where the Armory had once stood was hard to explain away. There were military hovercraft visible over the center of town, stationed to protect the city government from any further attacks. The nightly fireworks displays had been canceled until further notice, leaving the skyline strangely dark.” pg. 129-130

16 C HARACTERS There are many characters in this book and all of them have different traits; minor, major, static, dynamic, antagonist, and protagonist.

17 TALLY YOUNGBLOOD/ T ALLY -W A : M AJOR, D YNAMIC, P ROTAGONIST Tally is a fighting machine, like all Cutters; she has finger nails sharp as chainsaws, teeth; pointy as needles, airplane-ceramic bones, and muscles that never sore. She has scars from previous cuttings, and flash tattoos that spin with every heartbeat. Tally is the main character in this book. Tally is a Special. A special is someone who keeps the civilians from breaking the laws and going out into the wild. She is part of a group called the “Cutters”. To make her mind clear, she cuts herself with a knife. When the pain ceases from her arm/hand, it makes her icy so she can see in any situation and hear things that are to soft for an average human to hear. She is very cautious and very clever. She is very stubborn when she doesn’t get her way. She is also in love with her 2 nd boyfriend, Zane. Even if she is in love, her body is engineered to be disgusted when she sees an average, or below average like Zane. There are so many drawings of Tally on the internet. I thought this one portrayed her the most.

18 S HAY -L A /B OSS : M AJOR, S TATIC, P ROTAGONIST Shay is the leader of the Cutters. She is cautious like Tally but, she never misses out on a capture or fight. Even when she was half-drowned, she still proceeded to finish her task. She is some what of a baad girl. She doesn’t like taking orders from anyone, even from her best friend, Tally. When she does make a promise to Tally, she goes of alone and leaves her behind. Shay has the same cruel beauty that any special might have. She has the most scars and the most flash tattoos. I couldn’t find a picture of Shay, so I made one myself.

19 Z ANE : M AJOR, S TATIC, P ROTAGONIST Zane is the leader of the Crims and Tally’s 2 nd boyfriend. He fell in love with Tally in the 2 nd book. In the 2 nd book, Zane had brain loss that made him loose his motor abilities. So, in the third book, “Specials”, he is crippled and still is suffering from brain loss. He still loves Tally and can’t understand why she can’t love him until he is a Special. He doesn’t want to become a Special. Zane is skinny to the bone because of a extreme make- up surges he does for parties. He is crippled and has shakes and tremors. He has ink black hair and soft red lips. He wears a dorm jacket. This is one of the million versions of Zane.

20 D AVID : M AJOR, A NTAGONIST /P ROTAGONIST, S TATIC David is the son of the founders of the smoke.(Maddy and Az) Maddy created the cure for pretties that David, being the leader of the Smoke, has to deliver to the cities. David is also Tally’s X-boyfriend. So Tally has hatred towards him as an enemy to the city, and towards him being her friend. David is a cheater. He goes from favorite to favorite. David is trustworthy while you’re his favorite. He is kind to an extent. He is very sneaky and is a huge risk-taker. David has a scar on his right eyebrow and imperfections of living out in the wild for his whole life. He wears a t-shirt and leather pants. He wears a jacket made out of animal skins sewn together. I couldn’t find a picture of David, so I just got a picture of what he wears.

21 THE CUTTERS: M INOR, S TATIC The Cutter tries things that no other Specials have tried before. The Cutters push beyond Special limits and abilities. They cut or brand themselves to make there minds clear and don’t report back until a task is succeeded. Even when they are on the brink of death, they never call for help. This is also the clique Tally is in. Tally, is leading the Cutters into the wild where they will capture the Smokies.

22 F IGURATIVE L ANGUAGE There are many examples of Figurative Language throughout any book. These examples include; imagery, foreshadowing, similes, metaphors, personification, onomatopoeia.

23 Imagery: A. “ The uglies just stood there, so shy and self-conscious that any one actually dancing looked like they were trying to hard. ” pg.8 B. “He was bearded and dirty-faced, his clothing nothing but strips of animal skins crudely sewn together.” pg.143 C. He felt like the flowers were waving him a hello. (online example) Foreshadowing: A. “In the beginning, all it took was a kiss.” pg.180 B. “ Who ever it was could move as silently as David” pg. 141 Simile: A. “ …grippy shoes squeaked like panicked mice…” pg. 113 Metaphor: A. “ Instead of cutting her into ribbons…” pg. 198 Alliteration: A. Becky’s beagle barked and bayed, becoming bothersome for Billy. (online example) Personification: A. “ Tiny icicles shaken from the pine needles” pg. 3 B. The stars danced playfully in the moonlit sky. (online example) Onomatopoeia: A. “Ping!” pg. 13 B. “Buzzz” pg. 142 C. “Boom” pg. 117

24 C ONFLICTS There are many types of conflicts that occur in a book. These include man vs. man, man vs. nature, man vs. society, and man vs. self.

25 Tally vs. Shay: Shay and Tally get in an argument when they follow Zane and the other Crims to the New Smoke. They are arguing if they should go ahead of the Crims with the position finder, or lack behind the Crims and try not to get seen. Tally vs. Herself: Tally struggles to control her behavior while she waits to see Zane alive one last time. Tally vs. Society: Tally and Shay fight against Wardens in Diego to get out of the hospital before Tally is despecialized.

26 C REDITS Images: - Clip Art - Paint - chicago-keeps-books-close/5155 chicago-keeps-books-close/5155 - - - - wish-list.html wish-list.html - - 166434295?q=gallery%3AElglin%2F112163&qo=11 166434295?q=gallery%3AElglin%2F112163&qo=11 - &format=&page=2 &format=&page=2

27 C REDITS C ON. Figurative Language imagery.html examples.html personification.html

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